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Speed Seduction newsletter, Ross Jeffries:

Ok. This is a perfect approach to use with women who are in a group, although students have used it on women sitting alone as well. It works with or without initial eye contact too! What you do is carry around a pen and a small spiral-note pad. Catch the eye of the lady you fancy IF YOU CAN, but if not, don't worry about it. If you DO catch her eye, make a big show of pretending to sketch her. Furrow your brow and act as if you are in deep concentration.(It works even if you CAN'T catch her eye, but do make the effort!)

Now, what you are doing here is a PARODY of the old, shopworn, trite, "May I sketch you, beautiful lady gig?". Because what you are actually doing on that pad of paper, Buckwheat, is sketching the crappiest, STICK FIGURE drawing of her that would embarrass a dyslexic five year old! Draw her friends in very tiny, no bigger than the size of dimes [Warning! This could result in her friends becoming obstacles and cock-blockers, see "Group tactics" for more information]. Label it accordingly, such as, "Beautiful Woman At Dinner With Friends". Then with a flourish, sign it, date it, and fold it two.

Walk up to her at the table and say, "Excuse me...but your beauty has inspired me to high art." At this point, you can work it two ways. You can simply walk away and return to your seat as she opens and unfolds it. What will happen is she will pause... then burst out laughing and show it to her friends. After you've returned to your seat, wave with a flourish and take a bow, like you are proud of your work. About 50% of the time they will wave you over to the table and play along.

Explain that it is an ABSTRACT rendition that emphasizes the underlying ephemeral aspects of the counterpointing metaphorical structure as super-imposed on the physical apsects of the rendition of the work. Ham it up good!

Above all, understand that this approach is a TEST. It is a test to see if these women are open, friendly and have good, fun personalities and it is also, primarily a way to GET YOURSELF INTRODUCED TO THE TABLE!

Now, a good way to get the conversation going once you've been introduced to the table is to ask a simple question:

"I'm curious about something. Which one of you has the most curious and adventurous mind?"

They will usually volunteer a girl and ask why. You then say, "Because I just took this really funky self-improvement seminar and they were talking about all sorts of cool ways things really work in your mind. Who wants to see something REALLY cool?"

You are then, my friend, off to the races. You have also pre-qualified TO SELECT THE MOST RESPONSIVE PROSPECT. Sometimes the most responsive will be the most physically attractive and sometimes not. But YOU are letting THEM do all the work by finding the right prospect FOR YOU!

The other way is to work this is to wait for her to laugh and THEN say, "I'm glad you laughed because you guys all look like you have open and fun personalities, and I wanted to find some way to introduce myself. My name is..."

Then simply hit them with the question about who has the most open and curious mind.

Another alternative is to say, "I'm glad you laughed because I noticed you here with your friends and I wanted to get a glimpse of the personality inside of the beauty [or "... a glimpse of your personality as well" for a less supplicative approach] before I introduced myself. My name is..." Then offer to do her hand-writing by saying, "Well, look if you're open and adventurous enough for it I analyze handwriting. You'll learn secrets about yourself your best friends don't know and I'll get to find out if you're the kind of person I'd like to get to know better".

This "Crappy Artist" approach also works wonders for waitresses, hostesses, flight-attendants, etc. etc. etc. It works for girls sitting alone or with friends. It's the perfect way to get the attention of women lying face down, asleep in the sun at the beach or by the pool. It's fun, easy and really quite effective but it does take some balls and every once in a while, some women won't appreciate it. I even once had a woman rip the drawing in half and glare at me [at which point you should be glad that you found out so quickly, what a nasty personality she has]."

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