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Don Diebel would suggest using these to win the girl you can't seem to get otherwise. This might be the route to take if you are fixated on just one girl alone. And sometimes, you might even get results with these. Most of the time though, you'll probably just be wasting your time, money and effort. So rather than trying to win a girl over with these, use them as a reward to a girl that has already have proven her worth by getting down with you:) Don Diebel:

Update. From time to time it is good to switch off your usual "I'm an uncontrollable bad-boy and I never supplicate" mode and communicate something really special to her. One excellent idea originated by Rod and presented in Clifford's Seduction newsletter is the following: if you've had something which is generally accepted as bad or miserable happen to you, call her, e-mail her or just plain tell her the following: "I may have lost a lot of money at the horse track yesterday / I may have had my car stolen the day before / I may have had some other miserable sh_t happen to me quite recently, but I still consider myself damn lucky for knowing you." She'll have tears of joy and endearment bursting out of her eyes and you can expect her rushing to you in no time to "thank you" for that special thought;) Of course, this will be most effective if she already has some affection for you (after all, this is the "Handling the girls" section, which assumes that you already "have" the girl in one form or another), but this could start the melting of the heart of a more distant female acquintance of yours just as well:)

You can switch back your "no-supplication" mode later on. But through all your dealings with the opposite sex, remember what Jennifer Lopez said in anwser to a question of what kind of a man she wanted: "I want a tough guy, with a soft heart". I'm no Lopez-fan, but seems like she has figured out the desires of the most beautiful of girls pretty good (then again, being one herself, shouldn't be that hard to do:).

Update. More romantic things to do. But remember - most of the advice here, especially the money-spending dating-based kind, is meant to be used with a woman (or women:) you are already romantically involved with (or in some cases, to put it bluntly - sleeping with:) in order to thank her / show her you care / keep the feelings vibrant and well / make her feel good etc. If however she feels nothing for you yet, you better not hold your breath when trying out the advice in this article to make the initial approach - she _might_ become intrigued, but more likely than not she won't and you'll have her considering your romantic moves only "cute" at best (which is why you should look elsewhere in this guide for information on how to approach and initiate, because after all, this is the "Handling the girls", not "Approaching the girls" section:).

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