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Like when you used the 3s rule and now have her attention… but haven't said anything yet and cannot think of anything to say. If you just have to use a pick-up line, introduce it like this: "Hi, I wanna try a pick-up line on you / my friend gave me this crazy collection of pick-up lines, tell me what you think about this one / some of them", then pick one of the following. If she responds (doesn't matter whether its good or bad, just as long as she doesn't completely ignore you), say "Well, here's another one, how 'bout this", then pick another one. At least one of them should get a laugh. Then you can ask what other lines has she heard recently and what's the sleaziest she's ever heard or what's the best she's ever heard. But on the whole, pick-up lines are lame (don't mention that aloud though, you used them to start a conversation with her, remember?:), so change the subject and move onto using a technique of your preference (be it patterns, negging, eliciting values, whatever). So here are some pick-up lines to use as a last-ditch resource (or if you're using the GM technique, to integrate with your style):

Update. Remember - most of these can only be used as "examples" of pick-up lines because the lameness, supplication or dirtyness aspects of them are sure to backfire in a majority of cases should you make the mistaken judgement of using them seriously. In certain situations however, some of them are applicable by themselves as well (for example, as part of GM-style or neghits) - but which ones? Well, you be the judge:)

One redeeming quality of most of these pick-up lines however is that they can be used much more effectively to close, not to approach and initiate. Imagine saying "Wanna fuck?" as a first thing to a woman you just met. Now imagine saying "Wanna fuck?" to a woman, who you've been talking to for a while already, getting her intrigued, interested, feeling pleasurable, safe, happy and horny. See the difference:)? So although the general consent among women and pick-up artists alike is that pick-up lines suck - they suck as pick-up lines, but when it comes to closing, you might find yourself using the very same pick-up line you snared at when reading these examples:) Have fun:)

And now, for your enjoyment, some rebuttals women might use on you if you make the mistake of using the above pick-up lines the AFC way - trying to win her graces with the supplicative ones while actually making her just plain bored and sick, or trying to get her to have sex with you on the spot with the dirty ones while actually earning a slap in the face. See "Dealing with rejection" on how to cope with situations like these from the male perspective:)

He: I'd like to call you. What's your number?
She: It's in the phone book.
He: But I don't know your name.
She: That's in the phone book too.

Q: Wha'dya say to a little fuck?
A: Go away, little fuck.

He: So what do you do for a living?
She: Female impersonator.

Her, after hearing a pick-up line:
"I liked your approach. Now let's see your departure."

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