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Example 1 of using a neghit
ASF: "When you see a HB and she snuffs you ... tell her you think her dress is very nice (something she has heard before) and then tell her you remember seeing her at a club before and she was wearing the same dress. It IS nice though. :) Whether or not you ever saw her before, you can ASSUME she HAS been social before and that she was wearing the dress before. This deflates her INSTANTLY and puts you in control."

Example 2 of using a neghit
Guy: What do you do?
Gal: Oh, I'm a model.
Guy: Oh yeah, your hair looks kinda nice... / Oh, like a hand model or something?

Example 3 of using a neghit
Mystery: "If you are in a bar and you approach a girl, she basically KNOWS you want to fuck her. You have to somehow convey that you didn't come for sex but because you are talkative about some even MORE interesting than HER. The only thing from you that can make a 10 NOTICE you is if you show her she doesn't matter to you in the slightest... that is a NEG"

Update. Negging before kissing. Daniel, ASF: "I love the little gem by mystery where he said to neg a girl before kissing her, now how devious is that? You make her feel self conscious and then you relieve the very feelings you caused:)"

Update. Examples of negging a beauty. (Only for use with 10s or 9s who simply HAVE to know they ARE beautiful, any less beautiful girls can easily be destroyed by these!) After you've negged her looks in some manner, follow up with:
Update. More neghits
Dan Scorpio, ASF: Mystery, ASF: ASF:
Update. Challenge
Mystery, ASF:
YOU: "I don't think we should get to know each other."
HER: "Why?"
YOU: "I think you are just too much of a NICE GIRL for me."
HER: (whatever, it doesn't matter because she will try for you now)

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