"I like…" game as an opener

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You can use this as either a continuation of a conversation or as an opener. It has the two of you say what you like in turn with you directing the "conversation" from things and known concepts (movies, music, food) to situations which create different feelings and states (standing in a warm summer rain, experiencing the thrills in an amusement park) to actual descriptions of states and feelings (feeling the excitement yet safety of a joy-ride:).

For example, seeing a girl in a record store in the dance music department, idly looking at records, you can start with "I like Prodigy". She'll look at you in confusion, as if trying to ask "…what?" or "…were you talking to me?". Never mind that, continue. "I like Prodigy, but I also like The Orb. Your turn:)". By now she has understood the point and will answer something like "Ok, well, I like The Chemical Brothers". Now you continue with another band, or switch to food or movies. If you say "I like The Matrix" after she said she liked the Chemical Brothers, this is obviously going to sound a little strange, so make it known to her by using a humorous tone that you know very well the switch was a little weird, but hey, you're just having fun and you're only inviting her to join:) She in turn might switch to food, follow her:)

But remember - you want to end up with describing feelings and states. With the "I like" game that is, not with the girl in general:) The "I like" game is not a means to an end, what you really want to end up with is getting her excited about you, getting her phone number, having a cup of coffee, doing a *close, showing her the heaven of complete sexual satisfaction - just take your pick:)

More things to contribute to an "I like" game. Yianni, ASF:

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