Estonian translations

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You're probably wondering, what the heck is an Estonian translation:) Well, I've just translated a few patterning dialogues into Estonian, my native language, so that they'd be a little more useful for me (no use talking in English to an Estonian girl is there?:). If however you're a fellow Estonian as well and would like to get your hands on them, here are the terms (the following is in Estonian).

Selleks, et saada endale m6ningaid juba minu poolt t6lgitud monolooge/dialooge, pead natuke vaeva n2gema. T2psemalt siis - t6lkima 2ra m6ne senimaani veel t6lkimata monoloogi/dialoogi, saatma selle mulle ja lisama, millist t6lgitud monoloogi/dialoogi sa vastu tahad. Ning kui t6lkimise kvaliteet on talutav, siis... oma tahtmise sa ka saad:) Lihtne:)

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