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"Always two there are... a master... and an apprentice"

(Yoda; Star Wars: Episode One - The Phantom Menace)

Well, not this time. For I certainly am no master and even if I were, I probably wouldn't have the time nor the patience needed to train someone to become a PUA wingman of mine.

But for the reason of educating any present or future wingmen of mine nevertheless, and also for my own personal reference purposes, I started the "How to Lay Girls Guide" in January '99. It all came to be when I read an article of a journalistic experiment of the journalist trying to seduce Madonna during her press-conference. The journalist noted, that he went to the press-conference virtually unprepared, not even having read the book "Speed Seduction" by some Ross Jeffries. I noted that and added it to my list of books to check out. The journalist failed miserably by the way:) He weighed all sorts of seductive questions in his mind and how to continue from that, but once it was his turn to ask a question, all he could mutter was "So.. um... er.. is it nice to receive awards?", to which Madonna answered "Yes", the microphone was given the next journalist and that was the end of that:) The journalist passed out at his hotel after the press-conference - one of the greatest field-reports I've ever read:)

Of course, turned out that there was no specific book by the name "Speed Seduction", but what a world opened before my eyes after doing a few net-searches on the subject:) I just couldn't simply read and hope I'll remember, so the guide originated as a Word document file, into which I pasted any useful information I happened to stumble upon. After a while I decided to convert it to basic HTML to allow easier and faster access to the information in it. And now - I present it to you, as part of my contribution to our collective effort of "doing the girls right":)

If my writing seems odd, then it probably is. First of all, I am not a native speaker and secondly, when I do speak (or write), then British English is my language of preference. That's why "capitalize" is actually "capitalise", "humor" "humour" and so forth, don't worry, you'll get used to it:)

From having its origins as a document intended only for my personal use stems one of its greatest downfalls - the lack of due credits. I tried to rectify the situation as best I could before putting this guide online, but credits are still missing in various parts of the guide. Should you find ideas or even exact wordings here that were originally published by you on your website or on ASF and you would like credit for them, please contact me so I can correct the omission.

© And, this goes without saying - all texts not falling under the copyright of others (Ross, Diebel, etc) are copyrighted by me and no part of it may be republished, reprinted or reproduced in any written media without my express written approval. But should you choose to "lift" something from this site to put on your site or print out for your own purposes (like I have so elegantly done with Ross' and Diebel's stuff without ever even consulting them:), I'd be grateful if you let me know about it - you'll find contact information below.

DISCLAIMER. One more thing, and I know you all know this, but just in case - this material is provided only for educational purposes and any use of this material by the reader (that's you:) is done solely at his own risk while the author (that's me:) does not accept any legal responsibility for such use. All'righty, now go get'em:)

[A moot point being discussed here - banner ads have been removed for the moment]. Concerns have been raised whether I'm trying to make money with the banner ads on my site. To make it short - NO! I don't know anything about making money with banners, I don't want to know anything about making money with banners - and I am not making money with these banners:) They are there in exchange for a free web statistics tracking service (hourly/daily/monthly hits and visitors for all the pages plus browsers, platforms, countries etc) provided by Superstats. I could lose the banners by paying for the stats service or by foregoing the service altogehter - neither of which I really want to do. So I hope the banners won't annoy you too much - they are only at the end of each page and you can view the rest of the page freely even if they are still loading. And hopefully any inconveniences will be far outweighed by the use you'll find of this guide:) So once again - I am not making cheap-ass rip-off beggar-pennies using material contributed by others in the name of a common cause, the banners just do statistics.

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