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NYC on realizing your OWN value!

From: mrsex4unyc@aol.comedr4d (MrSex4uNYC)
Date: 02 Jan 2001 18:58:11 GMT
Subject: NYC: response to rejection

In article <92k30l$qbj$>, writes:

>basically, rule is that when a chick rejects something (and it is not
>first date/first time.. ) and ESPECIALLY if she did it with you already
> before.. then RAISE the STAKES.. that if she doesnt SHAPE UP now, then
>this will be the last time you see her, and you will get another girl,
>you need her less than she needs you 

this is the next level up from realizing that YOU have something to offer the
chicks and not the other way around.  first level, you are buying from them
because they look good or whatever.  second level, they are buying from you,
because YOU KNOW you have something good and you are just selling it to them. 
on this level, you are COMPLETELY INTOLERANT of dummies that can't understand
your sales pitch.  it is your job to demonstrate what you are offering them and
their job to buy it.  if they don't, and you are SURE that you pitched it
correctly so ANY chick could understand the BENEFITS of being with you, you
know the fault lies with them and they FAIL your screen for intelligence and
get LJBF'd or NEXTed.

once I came to understand my MLTR (which is REALLY a LTR on MY TERMS ONLY) I
was able to seperate certain elements that I thought were integral to a chick
that really are not.  for instance... since I have a chick to go to movies with
WHENEVER I want to, that is NOT something that could get a NEW chick any credit
with me.  if our compatability is going to movies, she is LJBF and in the event
that I can't go with MLTR and still want to go with a chick, THEN I will call
LJBF up.  this assumes, of course that I am WILLING to go to the movies with
this chick AT ALL since she failed the screen for sexuality... which probably I
would not.  in your case, you have met enough girls that act the way you WANT
them to act that you have become INTOLERANT of bullshitters and girls that are
not interested in you.  you can still fuck them, but the WORK that you have to
do to get them is not worth it in the long run.  look at your reports.  you
sarge chicks relatively quickly.  IMAGINE meeting a girl that says she will
fuck a guy after talking to him on the phone for a month!  are you going to do
it? no.  why?  because pussy is pussy and you are not going to waste a month to
get something you can get in ONE DAY from a bitch you meet in a bar OR
something you can get within ONE HOUR from one of your REGULAR chicks that are
already with the program :)

her rejecting you is REALLY rejecting herself, because there are MANY girls
that have benefitted sexually AND as far as companionship and fun with YOU. 
you picked her because of her looks or sexuality and CHOSE her to receive these
benefits as well.  you came to her with the "publisher's clearing house" check,
showed her how much she had won... and she slammed the door in your face!  you
know what?  you STILL have the MILLION-DOLLAR CHECK in your hands! :)  give it
to some OTHER fine bitch!