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Word Game PU!

Date Posted: 2000/02/26 06:56:38 PM EST
Author: identity_x 
Subject: Comments and report

It’s been a while since I last posted here. I see Ray is still around,
and Vince is still kicking about as much ass as anyone could! GO
VINCE!!! :)

First of all, I just wanted to comment on a few things that I’ve seen
posted in the group:

#1) Height. Anyone who says height doesn’t matter probably doesn’t have
height that matters.
I’m 6’3” (6’4” in shoes) and I know it helps me a lot. Just being able
to smooth talk a girl while looking at her eyes from above is bonus. It
creates a sense of submission for them.

#2) Dick size. I think this is the same thing as height. People who say
dick size doesn’t matter probably don’t have a dick size that matters.
I’m packing around 7 ½ to 8 inches. Girls ALWAYS tell me how much they
like it. It also seems that this is one of the first things to come up
in conversation when girls get together and start talking about their
sexual episodes. They always want to know how big the guy’s dick was.
 I don’t think it HURTS your appeal if you are on the short side, but
it sure as hell helps if you’re on the BIGGER side.

Anyway, on to a report:

A few weeks ago I met a girl on campus and we just started talking
fluff. Most guys would think she’s a solid 8 (blonde hair, blue eyes,
and nice body) but I’d give her a 7 cause I’m just not into the blonde
babe thing.
So we start talking about school and all that shit. She asks what I do
– and that’s always my golden ticket. I’m a visual arts and
communications major so it always seems normal when I start talking
about crazy shit.
She seemed interested, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Since I was working on a project at the time, I asked her to help me
out by describing they way she felt about certain words. I said “close
your eyes and listen to the words I say. Tell me how you feel when you
hear them”. We went through a few words – mostly positive and only one
or two negative. I didn’t want to seem like a smiley-happy-homo or
At this point I could tell she was a bit intrigued because I was
different, but she wasn’t anywhere near the point of WANTING me.
So I started a conversation (so that we could SHARE IDEAS) about those
One of the words was “joy” – so we talked about that. I described the
state of joy and how I felt about it. How it feels, how I could see it,
and how I could hear it. I asked her to close her eyes once again and
describe to me how she felt and see if anything I said matched her own
Then I did “unity”. I followed the same routine as “joy”.  The idea
here was to lead her imagination but draw similarities between her
thoughts, feelings, emotions and my own. It started working at this
point so I would do stuff like put my hands over her ears (but cup them
like I was caressing her face) and ask her to tell me how she felt. I
gently put my fingers over her eyes (but made sure to lightly brush her
eyebrow), and did the same thing. I was trying to create an anchor –
although it was in odd places on her body.

Finally, I wrapped up everything she said in a few words and told her
to imagine how those words would look while being visually represented
in my project (trying to lead her imagination). I did this while
touching her eyebrows to cover her eyes.
Basically I fed back her auditory, visual, and kinesthetic thoughts in
a VASTLY AMPLIFIED way. I represented her description of joy as nothing
short of utopia. The thing was, I did it while interjecting portions of
the conversation we had about OUR THOUGHTS IN COMMON as well.
So we had: her thoughts, my thoughts, and OUR COLLECTIVE thoughts (and
those collective thoughts are what I emotionally amplified for her).

At this point she DEFINITELY had doggy-dinner-bowl action going on. The
hell of it was, I couldn’t go anywhere else with her at the moment. I
REALLY had to be somewhere. But she gave me her number (I never asked)
and just looked at me. I knew she wanted to kiss. Well, she probably
wanted to fuck, but that wasn’t going to happen right then
unfortunately. So I smiled at her mischievously and kissed her lightly
on the lips while I caressed her face (and touched her ears).

I called her two days later and we got together at her place. We talked
for a while, but it was pretty obvious that there was no need for
fluffing or bullshitting. Actually, it was almost weird because she
seemed flushed and just kept staring at me. I’ve had girls in trances
before, but this was a little more than I’ve ever seen. Anyway, we
started making out, and I talked into her ear. Not too long after that
we really went at it. :)Heh heh…

I still say that every guy should have SOMETHING that lets him
effortlessly segue into these types of SS conversations or patterns.
You can’t just walk up to a stranger and go “shut your eyes and tell me
about love”. It won’t work. But if you have a purpose or reason, then
the girls WILL WANT TO do it.

Also, there has to be a point of connection. Leading a girl’s
imagination is good, but unless she understands that YOU lead it, that
YOU control it, that YOU are the ticket to more of the same, it won’t
matter. She’ll love what she felt, but she’ll just think it was all on
her own. YOU have to be the key for her feeling that way again.

Lastly, I’ve never read any SS material, but I a lot of my success came
from reading Ross’s site and newsletters. So I just want to give credit
where credit is due: to Ross and SS. I don’t want to be one of these
guys that steals his work and claim it as my own. I’d rather say thanks
and mean it. So, thanks. :)

Beyond Ross, I have to say that Vince has been quite an inspiration. He
shows a lot of character and intelligence and actually creates
something with women rather than manipulating them from their
insecurities. I hope you stick around for a while, man!!