This is Maniac High's website. Maniac lives in Tokyo, 
Japan and likes to pick up chicks. This site is 
devoted to that endeavor. It you are a "nice guy",
and have not been successful with women up to now,
then prepare to be awakened, as the solutions await 
you in these pages!

This site, and others like it, listed in the linkspage
is mens' answer to "The Rules", and other guy jerk 
around guides that have been the rage with chicks
of the 90s. contains some of Maniac's experiences, 
as well as the very very best of posts, commentary and 
guides from Internet USENET's "" 
newsgroup, which is one of the leaders at the forefront 
of the seduction and pick up girls technology scene worldwide 

However be warned, this site is not for the faint of
heart. Information here nuclear weapons strength..
ruthlessly direct and to the point, because here is 
where the rubber hits the road, and where the results 
(ie. lays) count. You will likely be shocked by some 
of the techniques you learn about here, but they 
DO work and they WILL get results.

You will learn how to find out what chicks REALLY 
want (rather than what they say they want), how to be
that man they want, and how to make them dying for you to 
fuck them. Sound incredible? Well it is, but it is a 
fact, as you will soon see, so read on.. and learn how 
to APPLY in REAL LIFE the tools that successful
pickup artists use to seduce chicks and lay them.

As for the operation of this site.. Everything here is 
free. I am not selling anything, so don't go looking 
for that here and don't go writing to me asking to
put phone sex ad banners on my webpage..I'm not 

This site has only real information that is USEFUL, 
and WORKS. So don't expect flashy graphics, Java, 
and all that stuff... its not here...just information! 

Updates are always at this website:

For more information, read USENET,
Maniac hangs out there. To read the newsgroup, if you 
dont have USENET, go visit and go to 
newsgroup '' there..

Re: Why I made this site..

Its because there are lots of purported "professionals"
and "experts" out there trying to provide/sell "advice" 
that is often useless, and many times even damaging. 
Well, fuck that! The good stuff is *here*, and its free!

And then there are also the chicks out there, that like to
take advantage of guys, their money, and give nothing
in return! Well, now they have met their match! Gentlemen
read on, and arm yourselves appropriately! 

And finally, there are the wonderful women who want to be 
seduced, but can't find a man who is able to show them that 
pleasure! This site is especially for them. Because
now *YOU* can be that man!

Tons of useful stuff is gathered *here* So put it to

Learn, enjoy, and give happiness to a lady out there!


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