From the archives at Maniac High's Seduction Website:

Maniac introduces "The Wall and the Forest", a PU game.

Subject: Game: The wall and the forest
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 16:18:24 GMT

Another one of those mindfuck games like 4 questions or the cube:

"The Wall and the Forest"

-You are walking in a field, you see a wall, how high is it, and
how do you get by it? [wall = pride, and also how you get past

-you continue walking, and you see a house [kind of house you dream
to have later in life]

-you see a key on the ground, you go to the house, does the key
open the door? [if yes, means you can get married]

-you go in the house (if you were able to open with the key), and
 on the first floor you see a table and chairs, how many chairs are
 there? [means how many people in your future family]

-now you go outside, and see to one direction a dense dark forest, and
 the other way, a less dense/brighter wooded area. Which way do you
 go? (dark forest=expect something, but unknown, take a chance)
     (bright wooded area=easygoing style/way)

-as you walk you then see a lake nearby. How big is it, and how deep
 is it? (big=size of your heart, depth=depth of your heart)


This game could be lethal for chicks who want to get married or
something like that. Make sure you answer the right answers when
you tell her "what your answers were" after you finish her turn!

Maniac High