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More Wisdom from HB Vamp!

Subject: Chick report: More HB Vamp Wisdom..
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2000 08:48:28 GMT

Chick report: More HB Vamp Wisdom..

Cleaning out my harddisk, here are some more notes about HB Vamp
I made after laying her the first time.. provides good insight
into chick thinking:

She had had a playboy boyfriend before (ie. a guy seeing lots of
She was OK with fucking him though because just she wanted to be treated
nice and that was the only thing that was important to her, so
that is why she was interested in him..

She has two types of guys she likes. Type (1) is an ideal guy and close
relationship. But if she cannot get that (because its hard), she will
want type (2) instead, which is casual sex with NO relationship.

Funny thing is that re: #2, HB ass also said the exact same thing today.
Chicks want relationships, but if they cannot get that, a no strings
attached (ie. not lots of "I love you" and phone calls) friendship +
sex is also desireable.

Interesting.. comments anyone?

Maniac High