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Lay Report, bagging chicks who want casual sex!

From Wed Apr 26 08:37:02 2000
From: "maniac_high" 
Subject: Lay Report! HB Vamp wants casual sex!

Lay Report! HB Vamp wants casual sex!

Hi All,

This is the first installment of a lay report double feature this 
week! HB Vamp is a gorgeous super thin J-chick I met in a 
Tokyo disco several months ago (picture going in Nathan's 
lounge soon), before my Rio trip.  Weighs 40Kg (100lbs or something?),
5"2, and really thin/sexy. Now she is 36, but looks 22 
(common actually with fat, no wrinkles.just 
hot hot, thin and ultra sexy, and at that age, know what to do in 
bed.). She always wears these really tight 
jeans (size 2)? , which showed the perfect curves of her little 
sassy ass.. 
HB vamp it turns out, likes getting bitten on the side of her 
neck during sex..

This lay was interesting, because she overtly wanted casual 
sex, and this time, thanks to NYC's help with my Ms. Tubby 
and Ms. Sparkles fuckups (see stories on my website), I got it 
right this time, and did the chick, and not only that, said to 
call whenever I wanted a fuck, and she didn't care who else I 

Okay, lets do this story from the beginning and she what I did 
right & wrong..

I met HB Vamp and got her number back in February 
sometime, and then went out with her for drinks back in 
February. The goal then was to elicit values, and try to get 
some patterns on her, and see what the results where.

I found out the first drinks session, that she didn't like her 
job, and wanted to quit (she was an office lady). When I tried 
to talk about romantic things (L-vs-A pattern, fascination, 
IC..etc), I was just getting nowhere, she said that she didn't 
want a BF now, and was wary of all the complications, and 
wasnt ready for a relationship. She just wanted friends she 
said.. This sounded pretty grim, (reminded me of Ms. 
Tubby's convo during supper). and then I remembered what 
NYC said, that maybe she doesnt want a relationship, but she 
wants sex (since hey, she is sitting here with me, isnt she!). 
So I started with lots of Mr. Smooth style kino (which was 
easy, because now I always choose bars that I sit NEXT to the 
chick, and not face to face with a table between us where no 
kino is possible). She didn't resist this at all.. (touching 
shoulder, wisde of waist in authortative manner).

We did have a problem though that it was a weeknight, and 
getting late, and we both had to work.. so no sex tonight I am 

The next time I see her in another bar in Shibuya area of 
Tokyo, near my house (the idea is to get her back to my place 
after a drink or two). I find out she likes drinking, as she says 
she has wines sometimes at her place. This time, I brought 
that tiny PC I have with all the pictures and show her the 
same ones I showed HB Brains the time before I fucked her as 
well.. That worked well, and she was getting used to me. 
Now the funny thing I noticed with this chick, is that she 
didnt do any of the non verbal signs like reciprocating Kino, 
or anything, but she would let me touch her..this was good, 
and I start touching her a bit more aggressively, legs, arms, 
hands.this is still ok. 

I ask her if she is romantic, and she laughs, and says not at 
all.. I ask her about her old BFs and she doesnt have much 
experience (she says, but not sure I believe her).. I am at a 
loss a bit for talking, because none of the regular RJ/romantic 
patterns are working, and neither are the "adventure" ones. I 
am really having trouble hooking into things she likes to talk 
about, but find she likes plants and gardening, and dancing.. 
that is good, so I start talking about the passion of dance with 
that dance pattern I posted last year. THAT gets results..I 
can see her imagining that.

But the thing is she is still not showing any signs of liking me 
in any particular way besides casual friend (except she lets me 
do kino). This is odd I figure, but then I remember Ms. 
Tubby, and it was this way as well.

I decide to go for it, and ask her to stop by my place on the 
way home (excuse I used was to see my house). She didn't 
resist..that was cool, but it was nearing 10pm, and last train is 
11:30. Not much time, but lets see what I can do I figure. We 
get to my place, and we do some Kino, but time is really 
short, so I show her around, and we have to go back soon 
(really lame, but cabs are expensive to her place, so out of the
question) to the station.. 

When at the station, I hug her, and she accepts, and then say 
"Do you want to kiss me" a-la Mystery style.. She says "sure", 
PLOP..on the lips. I get one, and she goes.

Now, fast forward 2 months to tonight. I keep all this in 
mind, and plan a strategy how to lay a chick (if I dont make a 
plan how to lay the chick before I meet her, I have a lot of 
trouble). Well, I elicited her values, and I know she likes: 
dance, gardening, serious work (and not easy job), friends, 
and simple/uncomplicated things and drinking wine. She 
hates complex relationships. So I kept that in mind, and made 
a plan and wrote up a few notes to review before meeting her. 
I also noticed, that except for her talk, she made NO kino/kiss 
resistance WHATSOEVER, EVER. I keep this in mind 
when I make my plan..

My notes said:
-As Taro says, immediately on meeting her, hug and kiss her 
to set the evening tone (ie. our world routine)
-Go to bar, drink, and get really kino..
-Talk about friendship (basically the plan was do to Smooth, 
talk how we are friends, and close, but touch, and kino her as 
if she was my GF)
-Talk sex story stuff, get her sexually thinking (I would tell 
her about the fuck party I went too (see next lay report 
coming tomorrow)), stuff about old GF's who I fucked and 
how it felt, and see her reactions for each type of girl I went 
out with
-Pour on the Kino
-Get her to my place (use excuse of plant I got to show her).
-Fuck her

Basically, it went like clockwork, though I did trip up slightly 
at my house, but recovered quickly:
Lets look at exactly what happened, and where things went 
off the plan..

I met her, but couldnt find her in the station, then she found 
me.. this tripped me up, because I got surprised, but I did hug 
her, though I didn't kiss her (bad.). Secondly, it was 
POURING rain tonight, and she already had her umbrella, so 
taking her hand to walk was not really possible, fuckup #2.

I lead her to the drinking place (one I can sit next to her, and 
kino her), which I do. We order our drinks, and I start on my 
routine. Since romance stuff got nowhere last time, I totally 
dropped this, and first fluffed (what did you do today (she 
slept till noon, as she's quit her job now and not working yet), 
had coffee, slept more, and did some work around the house.

Then I told her about "my friend who is a play girl, and tried 
to sleep with an investment banker guy living in this rich 
house in Shibuya area of Tokyo, but he got drunk, and 
couldnt fuck her" (this was a true story BTW..because the 
chick is HB Ass, who I also fuck.but  I let her play around 
as I do, and she tells me all the stories of the guys she meets 
and fucks. interesting really, amazing all the AFCs out 
there ;-) ). Then I asked HB Vamp if she ever had a one night 
stand. She said `nono, and shaking her head'.

I ask her what she wants, and she said, that she doesnt want a 
casual relationship, but she doesn't want to get fucked, and 
then instantly dumped either (good to know). Then she talked 
about this guy she knew who was playboy, and she liked him, 
and wanted to sleep with him even though he had like 5 other 
GFs or something, but she was afraid to get instantly dumped 
so she didnt fuck him. I talked to her about how that is kind 
of sad..etc. 

Then according to my plan, I talk about my previous GFs, 
(Ms. Kinky, HB Ass, Hb Brains, the chick I fucked in the 
train station a while back)..etc, and paid close attention to her 
reaction. She was surprised when I said I had never been 
dumped by a girl, rather I broke up with them, and how a girl 
will never dump you if you pay close attention to what a girl 
wants, and what pleases her in bed as well as outside, rather 
than just yourself. 

She laughed and smile.. I am doing lots of kino (hand on 
arm, leg, shoulder).constantly at this point. We talk about SM 
a bit, and I tell her about an evening I was at a party with 
coworkers and the chicks got drunk and I asked them who did 
a 3P (group sex), and how one chick raised her hand. Then I 
asked the other chicks how many wanted to, and they ALL 
raised their hand. and then another chick said how she got 
into costume, and would whip her BF.

I finish the above story with HB Vamp, and she said she is 
not SM type, but "normal" (also good to know). I tell her that 
probably 30 % of chicks are into weird shit like that in Japan, 
but only 15% are brave enough to actually try. She laughs and 
smiles. She tells me that she is so small and cute looking like 
a child, that no one would ever talk to her like I do 
(cool.Maniac is getting into this chick's head now!). She is 
clearly enjoying this, and wants to hear more of my stories. I 
tell her more about the fuck party, and what that was like (I 
told her I went to it last year, not last Saturday though). 

 I see its 9:20. I dont want to run out of time before the fuck 
this time, so I say "want to see my new plant I got (since she 
likes gardening). She says "ok", and we walk to my house (it 
stopped raining fortunately), but I fuck up, and didnt get an 
opportunity to take her hand, as she was blabbing stupid shit, 
and I couldnt (didnt?) interrupt her. I wait for her to finish, 
and want to get the hand so the kino mood isnt lost on the 
walk back to the house (I purposefully met her at a bar near 
my place so I could take her back with me, which she didnt 
resist), and say, well, we are not walking romantically, and 
put my hand in front of her.she takes it with her hand. 

We get to my place..I fuck up here a bit, and didn't kiss her 
on the way in, as she was waiting behind me after seeing the 
plant outside, and wasnt sure to come in.I open the door and 
get her in before she changes her mind, and get her on the 
couch (my couch is modular, has 3 sections.I took out the 
middle one, so now there is only 2 sections, so now the girl 
always has to sit close to me).

I put on some music, She sees my Japanese study papers on 
the table and goes "impressive". Now here is where I usually 
seize up (I have trouble with the makeout in the house for 
some reason often), and almost do this time too. But after she 
says my study was good, I joke with her, and say, oh you're 
impressed, and gesture her to kiss my cheek with my finger 
(whimpy, but I fix this the next time). Then I talk to her about 
some pictures in a magazine on the table, and about womans 
clothes. I remark I am very picky to dress a woman, and often 
shop with my chicks. She asks me about her clothes. She is 
wearing the super tight jeans, and a sweatrunner top. sexy, 
but shitty looking, but I dont say that. I tell her how I like her 
jeans, and that her kind of shape, tight jeans is better than 
skirt unless the skirt is really tight and short. Of course I am 
touching her legs as I describe where the shape is best for 
skirts -vs- shorts, and I get no resistance..this is good. I talk 
about the top too, and have her stand up, and rub her ass, as I 
tell her her jeans fit really well, and in a skirt, you wouldnt 
see that shape, so she is a better as a jeans kind of girl. She 
says I am really serious about dress, and I say I just want a 
girl to look her best.  She says that I am good to pay attention 
such things. I tell her yes, I am good am I, and gesture 
another cheek kiss (I get it). Then I say "a real one.", she 
looks at me odd for half a second, then gives it to me..

She mentionned how that she sometimes wore tight short 
skirt in the office, and that guys would look at her. I asked 
her how it felt, and she said it felt good, and was like a 

Now I drift and fuckup a bit, and she picks up this book about 
Japanese culture on the table and starts talking about 
Japanese old things and stuff (uh oh, losing the sexy kino 
mood). This goes for 3 minutes, and I just interrupt and say 
"Excuse me, I have a strange question. I want to kiss you 

Her mood is very casual looking, but she goes "OK" in a very 
casual way, like in the way someone would reply to "can I 
grab a beer out of the fridge" and INSTANTLY breaks down 
into passionate necking and moaning as I head for the neck 
with my tongue. My hands go to her tits (no resistance 
whatsoever), and down to her cunt, (no resistance 
whatsoever), and start fingering her (no resistance 
whatsoever). I keep going, (she loves getting bitten on the 
neck), and pop off the bra, top, and she is topless, and I go for
her right on the floor of the living room. I pull of the pants 
and panties, and finger her good. 

I havent said a word to her since she said "OK" to the 
kiss..just I am doing. I stop the fingering, and take her 
upstairs (I just take her hand, and lead her up to the 
bedroom/tatami room). We get there, I finger her some more, 
lick/bite her neck, and stop to put the condom on, and then I 
start drilling her for the next hour or two.

I always try lots of stuff to see what she likes/doesnt care. She 
likes front style, slow sex, while getting licked/bitten on the 
neck. She also has an AWESOME body. I love J-chicks..

She is really casual to talk though, and half way, stops to joke 
"just friends right". I say "of course" (remembering Ms. 
Kinky, who always did opposite from what she said) and 
continue drilling her as her face expression fades into 
outerspaceland as I fuck HB vamp the rest of the evening.

Afterwards, I walk her back to the station to go home, and I 
have an interesting chat. She says that she wont tell any of 
our mutual friends (turns out we have some), about this, that 
she just wants casual sex now and again, with no hassle for 

She says she doesnt care if I fuck any other girl I want 
anytime. She says she wants to be just friends when we are 
out in public, and wants no relationship bullshit. Ie. she just 
wants to be friends on good fucking term when we feel like a 
good shag and are in the mood for it.. with no 
commitment/attachment or strings attached. 

I tell her that it is exactly what I am looking for too. I give 
her a kiss, and bid her goodnight.

Things I learned from this lay. Firstly, my mood before 
meeting her was not nervous at all. I was prepared, made 
some notes, executed my plan, and recovered when I fucked 

I also realized (due to the Ms. Tubby fuckup before), that 
some chicks want just sex, and DONT want a relationship (in 
spite of what most guys might believe!).  It is important to 
recognize this early, and adjust the plan.. Had I talked about 
commitment and serious stuff, HB Vamp would have RUN, 
not walked, away from me. I recognized this, and made it 
clear I wanted what she wanted,..  casual no strings attached 
fucking on an "on demand basis".. .. Turns out it suits her 
fine, suits me fine. 

HB vamp also said in one of our talks, that she never calls the 
guy, she always waits (anxiously she says), as its too scary to 
be rejected. That told me that I must do everything., which I 
did, and which she let me. And also, to ignore any resistance 
that she SAYS (versus does). She said she only wanted 
friends, and to a point she was truthful.she wanted friends 
who will fuck her..hard. Had I not caught on to this, I might 
have missed my chance..

RELATIONSHIPS! They have jobs, lives, hobbies, and some 
just want an independent life, but their body still makes them 
want to fuck. These chicks exist, and will want casual 

Shes a keeper.

Constructive comments/opinions welcome, as usual!

Maniac High