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TokyoPUA does a latenight streetpickup which becomes a lay!

From Sun Oct  8 01:49:58 2000
Subject: Re: HB Small Mouth PU  (Was Re: Calling all Tokyo PUA's)
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 19:07:55 +0900
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Hey Maniac,

I didnt really intend that last post of mine as a field report, since it
wasnt too detailed.  But yeah, things have been going well on the PU despite
my severely limited time. So I will attempt a bit of a field report on the
initial PU here.  My PU efficiency factor has been really high recently,
maybe because I am only trying to PU when I feel really confident and often
times when I wasnt planning on it, so was really relaxed. I did a PU on a 19
year old HB college student in the train the other night and got her home
phone number.  It was easy cause she was reading Tokyo Classified, and I
asked her about it. I was really confident, and in only 2 stops got her to
really dig me.  In fact, when I asked her why she had studied English, she
said "So I could meet a guy like you!"  The only problem is finding time to
meet her again before I leave.

The PU I did on HB Small Mouth was not planned either, I just saw her
walking back home around my place at midnight, and somehow knew that despite
my frazled appearance after 2 hours of Jujitsu practice and carrying 40
pounds of luggage, I could do the PU on her.  My opening line was "I like
your hair" which I knew was lame and she must have heard often, but hey,
thats the price of using the 3 second rule sometimes.  I immediately
followed with asking her if she was a student, what kind of work she did,
etc.  Oddly, I didnt use my standard opener "Do you speak english" in the
whole conversation.  I will post my personal notes on the rest of the PU at
the end of this post just for reference, but they arent too coherent.  They
were the basis though for the plans I laid for the successful next date that
got me laid 3 days later.  (If I have time someday I will write up full
notes on that too.) Total time to lay in terms of time invested was
approximately 3.5 hours, about the same as HB Physics, my other recent
street PU who I did that same day.  This efficiency is possible if the
progression is done just right, I think.

 wrote in message news:8qfler$o1r$
> Tokyo PUA,
> This is an excellent report.. You really rock!
> Where / how did you originally
> PU this chick though? Also, taking the chick over to see your
> weight training stuff is a clever idea.. liked that..!
> BTW, I thought you left already to the USA, how long are you still
> there for?

Right near my house in a dark alley at midnight on her way home!  She told
me later (post lay) that she was scared at first, but I had a really relaxed
attitude so she got comfortable with me afterwards.  As for the weight
training stuff later, it was great kino as I had her bend over slightly and
got right behind her to "help her with her form" while simultaneously
letting her slightly feel the form of my stiff wood pressed against her, and
other such intimate situations.

Still here till Oct 14 or so, with a trip to Taiwan and maybe Hawaii too
thrown in.

> ALso, do you usually go out alone, or with a wing. I noticed that
> you knew quite a few people in Roppongi, I guess you get out there
> quite a bit?

Been out there a lot since last February, maybe 10 times or so.  I guess
predominantly I go with a wing, but sometimes felt it screwed up my game.
Of course, my wings didnt know anything about seduction a la ASF, thats
probably why.  Of course, neither did I till June... I know Im much better
at street PU when alone though, thats for sure!  OTOH, when I went out to
clubs with you and Rio, I think my game was really improved and I was
learning all the time.
BTW, I have heard that someplace called club Earth near hamamatucho has
really hot babes, (bitch shield too, but who cares, right;-), so you guys
might want to check that out.  3000 Yen cover charge.  May be the new
alternative to Fura?

> > I managed to lay that HB Small Mouth
> >Ganbatte!  Im seeting HB Bi this weekend again (tonight), and HB
> >small the next day, and my ex-GF the next.  Im starting to feel like
> >Maniac juggling girls, but nothing will happen w/ my ex, so its not
> >so bad.
> Yes, I did that ALOT last year, and fucked a shitload of chicks that
> I cant even count now..
> but its really tiring and you do get sick of it after a while..
> so finally I just MLTR'd a few that I really liked, who also accepted
> that I fuck other chicks, and left it at that.. guess I got to get out
> more ;-)
> not sure if its the right way yet, but been doing it that way
> the last few months now.. We'll see ;-)

I think it goes in cycles.  Eventually you get tired of the MLTR's and have
to replace them.  To do that you will have to PU lotsa new chicks, lay them,
see if they dont eject when you break the news that there are others.  That
takes a lot of time, so then you want to go back to the easy life of having
a bunch of girls on call.  Then the cycle starts over.  Im just beginning to
get these girls into MLTR status, but now I have to leave.  But theres
always business trips ack here!

> If you are planning on hanging around TOkyo though, you should
> bring HB Bi and her friend to one of our fuck parties the next time..
> sounds like they'd be a good time.. maybe introduce them to Kipp or
> something since I am not there right now, before you leave.. or
> give me your departure date and see if they are interested and we
> can setup something with all the ladies, if this is your sort of thing..

Id consider it, but it will take more effort, and probably wont be anything
I can do until after Im gone and come back for business trips.  You see, I
worked it too good with HB Bi.  She is signing her letters with "Love" at
the end and is all into me now.  Made me the most awesome meal any woman has
ever made me, washed my clothes, gave me an amazing massage, etc.  When I
confronted her about our last threesome, she said that she felt jealous when
she saw me doing her friend, and claimed that was the only time she had ever
done something like that, that she isnt really Bi.
So right now I think she somehow sees a relationship in this, despite my
leaving?  I figure once Im gone I can get past that as reality sinks in and
maybe set up more stuff for any business trips I make back.

> Good post!
> Maniac

Here are those notes I was talking about, for what they are worth:

PU of HB Small:  happened in a dark alley shortcut to my house at midnight,
I approached carrying a 30 pound backpack on one shoulder and a 10 pound
bucket of protein powder in the other, and said, “Excuse me, your hair is
really beautiful.”  She reacted favorably and said thanks, but kept
walking, slightly faster.  She seemed young, so I asked if she was a
student.  She said no, I asked what she does.  She said she works for a
cable company, I fluff talked about watching TV.  She asked what I do.  I
said I know its late but you should have coffee or tea with me at Jonathans
restaurant nearby.  She said no, so I said, OK, how do we meet again.  She
said give me your number and I said, “Ah, but I know women, if I give you
my number you will get nervous and never call.”  She said “No, that wont
happen I promise.”  I knew I didn’t have enough rapport or anything to
believe that, so really what I was just doing was stalling till I could set
up a firm date.

I got a pen and wrote my number and at this point we are standing on the
corner near my place.  I play on Japanese cuteness and write my name with
hearts by it.  (None of this is stuff I would be able to do in the US.)
Then I say, OK, when are we going to meet.  Its sort of a way to pace the
ongoing reality now that she has my number,its a logical extension.  The
number is just a formality to me, I want to set up the date.  After some
negotiation, I get a date set up for 6 PM Tuesday, her day off.  I had given
her alternatives between my place and eating in Tachikawa nearby (but both
already had the presuppostion that we are meeting for a date, so I don’t
care which she chooses).  She chose Italian in Tachikawa which is perfect
cause eating carbs increases seratonin (=relaxation), so I will lay on the
patterning after a while, maybe even order a glass of wine (more seratonin
and romance) for us both.  Then its a 5 minute taxi ride back to my place!

Anyway, we keep talking.  I get that she never has met a foreigner, that she
likes Richard Gere, cause he is “Shibui”. (=quiet, simple, sober,
tasteful, austere, parsimonious, etc.)  I asked her about her ideal man
while doing the (SP) thing.  She really accessed a lot and I was awakening
her creative centers.  I touched her a lot on the arm to anchor the good
feelings.   She said she really was too ideal, but that her ideal guy was
like her father, sweet and nice.  I asked if she wanted a guy who made her
feel safe, and she said yes.  I compared our hand sizes and got kino,
remarked at how small her hands were, that my big hands could protect her.
Complemented her smile and said that it seems like her eyes smile too and
she said that she is often told that.  She said I was skillful at
complementing and I said that I really meant it.

I mirrored her body positions a lot and this seemed to have a good effect.
She seemed really into it and wasn’t trying too hard to get away despite it
being after midnight and having to work the next day, only bringing up the
time when I did.  She was rubbing her earlobe, and later playing with her
ponytail in a really sexy way, all with the doggy dinner bowl look.
I also showed kanji ability and had her write her name, and demonstrated how
we could study English together, all using the Zaurus.  (BTW, Did you buy
one yet, Maniac? A useful tool in many ways.  You can turn it into a
portable digital photo album too, albeit poor quality...) She liked that.
At one point she asked what was in the bucket, I said protein powder and she
said “nomitai!” and I said “5 fun dake areba, nomeru yo.
”(If you have 5
minutes I can give you a taste).  But she refused to go to my apartment and
I didn’t press the issue, I just reconfirmed our fun date on Tuesday, and
gave her a kiss goodnight, then took off.