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Some posts with ideas on how to set up a 
three-p encounter with two chicks!

From Tue Dec  7 00:22:28 1999
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I actually just started to talk with a swinger couple I met of the net 
in real life). I am really interested in how this lifestyle fits they 
life and how it did affect their relation. We started to talk about it, 
I had to leave. So, I'll talk with them again about it.


Daniel Gil  wrote in message
> >Anyway, over the last twenty five years I've experienced over a 
> >threesomes.  Do you think I qualify to talk about 'em?
> shit yeah!!
> >
> >From your post, it seems to me that you're looking for instant
> >guarantees, and because of your, and your girlfriend's desire to have
> >one so bady, you're going to blow it in your eagerness.
> >In real life, the best way to set up a threesome is by you meeting 
> >woman and inviting her to...
> >(pay attention)
> >meet your girlfriend who spotted her and thought she was luscious.
> >
> >This sets the whole tone of the meeting in an instant.  If she comes
> >over to meet your woman, you know she is either (a) into it, or (b) 
> >entertained the idea.  So unless you or your girlfriend say or do
> >something really stupid at this point, you're in like flint, so to
> >speak.  Also, if this particular woman isn't into the experience 
> >offerning, the word will spread like wildfire, and I guarantee you 
> >some woman will approach the two of you.  Of course you won't know 
> >she wants, right?
> >; - }
> this is the sort of 'stepping stone' that i was after, i really think 
> would be the best approach thanks for that, i have to admit thta 
> rest of this post made aware of the bad side of it, i'm not that 
> about my girlfriend finding that she likes girls, and if she does 
> just as much of a risk that she will go out and fuck some other guy.
> True though no backing of now besides she is leaving in six months and 
> only live once.
> >
> >There are some things you need to be aware of before you embark upon
> >this road.  As I previously mentioned, some, actually many women will
> >want to exclude you in their goings on.  Another risk you take is 
> >your now girlfriend discovers she likes the woman/women better then
> >you.  The third factor is jealousy: if you're girlfriend feels you 
> >the other woman better, or you pay more attention to her, or you do 
> >better then your girlfriend, there will be hell to pay.  Keep in mind
> >that this doesn't have to be true, it only has to be your 
> >peception of whatever.  Conversely, if you play down the other woman,
> >then she will get pissed for you not giving her enough attention,
> >pleasure, etc., and will somehow tearm with your present girlfriend 
> >the both of them will turn you into a loser.  Next thing you know,
> >you'll be minus two women.
> >
> >Therefore, if you're going to get into these activities you must be
> >secure within yourself, and of your manhood, and of your ability to 
> >another woman if either or both of these women give you any shit
> >whatsoever.
> >
> >One last thing.  I have discovered that once a woman has sex with
> >another woman and discovers she likes it, she will be with other 
> >from that point on.  Which means if you are looking at your present
> >girlfriend in any kind of fidelity way, you can kiss it goodbye.  She
> >discovered the pleasure of being with a woman, and you, my good man,
> >are going to be second totem for awhile.  Furthermore, damn near 
> >sexual experience she will want to have with you will include the 
> >of another woman being in the party too.  Also, every time you see 
> >girlfriend with another woman, from that point on, you will wonder if
> >she is doing her too, if the woman is her lover, etc.
> >
> >Again I say that you need a great deal of inner self confidence and
> >self security before embarking on this journey.  The joys are pretty
> >damn nice, then again, the risks you take are big too.  Still, no
> >risks, no rewards.
> >
> >There's something else you need to know at this point.  You let the
> >genie out of the bottle.  So if you back off now, from saying and 
> >what you have with your girlfriend up to this point, you're going to
> >come off looking like a loser, a coward, and a blowfart.  And trust 
> >because of all you have said and done up to now with your girlfriend
> >over this threesome issue, she will have the affair with another 
> >even if you back off now.  So go with the flow and enjoy and learn 
> >the experience.
> >
> >Have fun.
> >
> >--
> >If life's a bitch...
> >fuck her!
> >
> >  'o o'
> >Svengali

Subject: Almost a Threesome Report!
From: Craig  
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 18:39:35 -0800
NNTP-Posting-Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 18:34:16 PST

WARNING: This report only has 1 new piece of info in it.  If you
want to cut to the chase look for the +++++++++++.  And by the
way Vince Ive gotten A's on both of my English papers this
semester so dont dog my grammer!

This was at least a month ago so forgive me if I leave out some
details.  I was piss drunk at a club and I was dancing with cute
girl (Megan).  She was goin fuckin crazy...She kept rubbing up
against my leg and putting her hands all over me.  I've never
seen a white girl dance like that!  I stopped dancing and said,
"Look, this is  getting too wild!  If we're gonna keep dancing
like this, we're gonna have to start making out, or Im gonna have
to call it quits!"

"Ok.  Bye!"

I was surprized but I didnt let the rejection throw my game.  As
I was walking off the dance floor my friend comes up and says he
wants to leave.  I told him he was acting like a little bitch (it
was 12:30) and I would find my own ride home.  I went up to
Megan's friend (Stacy) and asked her if she could give me a ride
to my car when the club closed.  She said yes and started talking
about how she never sees me anymore and some other bullshit...I
wasn't really paying attention.  2:00 rolled around and the club
closed.  I jumped in the car with Megan and Stacy and closed my
eyes to try to keep from puking.  When we got to my car they
offered to follow me home because I was so trashed.  We got to my
house and as I pulled up my driveway they started to make a U
turn.  I thought to myself, "What would Mystery do in this
situation?"  I slammed it into reverse and pulled up on the side
of their car.

"Aren't you coming in?"

"Is anyone home?"

"Nope." (My dad was asleep upstairs)

"Ok, but just for a little bit."

It was on!!!  When they came inside I asked them if they wanted a
drink, and they said they didnt drink.  I remember being a little
worried without my wingman knowing my wingman Jack Daniels wasnt
around but I still had to go for it!

+++++++++++++The time had come for my patented threesome starting

"Ya know what I was thinking about that I've been wanting to


"A three way french kiss...I never ever seen one on TV before,
and I think it would be fun!  Let's try!!!" (Copyright 1998)

We all started kissing and it was a mess, but hey, who was I to
complain?  I said, "Let's try it again in my room!"

We went in my room and I sat on the bed with one girl on each
side.  I was taking turns kissing them and soon I had their
shirts off and I was alternating my efforts between 4 nice
breasts!  They took off my pants and starting arguing about who
gave better head.  Just as I was about to offer my services as a
judge, the bomb dropped.

"Holy shit!  It's 3:30 in the morning...My mom's gonna kill me!"
(They were only 17).

I pulled out all of my big SS guns to try to get them to stay but
nothing worked.  They left their numbers and insisted on getting
mine for a repeat, and after one last 3 way kiss they were gone.
 Can you say blue balls?

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