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Taro-san, a master PUA outlines his seduction guide!

From Sat Mar 25 00:03:46 2000
From: "maniac_high" 
Subject: Taro-san's Seduction Guide!

Taro-san's Seduction Guide!

I just got a snail mail letter from Taro-san, an
awesome Japanese PUA (who speaks good English) who is 
staying in Paris this year, containing a summary of 
his chick seduction guide. He is an artist or something,
and lives to PU chicks. I will post his note below as 
it is, and we can discuss it/take it apart/ask him 

I will also put it on my page during the next update.


---------Taro san's Seduction Strategy-----------

From the archives at Maniac High's Seduction Guide

Step 1)Telephone call (3..5 times), it means NO DATES

Step 2)Invite her over, (it means NO DATES)

Step 3)Achievement (ie. the lay), it means satisfaction.

The point of "1)" is to enable her to talk about 
anything with you. 

The point of "2)" is to make her want to see you. 

For "3)", you want to tell her about/describe the 
"ceremony" [this is the "Our World" routine on 
Maniac's page (]. 

The "ceremony" is she must hug/kiss you (from her
all the time, not from you..make her believe SHE's
got initiative).. actually, you control her
absolutely, but don't make her notice..make her
believe she's got a choice/decides herself.

When she comes, intercourse is a SPECIAL experience, 
and makes each other peaceful, comfortable, more 
intimate, closer..etc...whatever.

---Okay, now the details for the above steps:
Step 1)Therefore the conversation is really important.
Basically, it should be very personal, but it makes
her interested. The subject should be wide, like from 
orgasm to her favorite chocolate.

The attitude of your talking should be extremely wide
(super ridiculously funny to super philosophically 

Step 2)
a)The very first moment (VERY IMPORTANT) of the
meeting, you CAN'T MISS the "ceremony kiss" (as you
described in the phone call). Start with "kiss me"
on my cheek (like french 'bec' way), and then "on
my mouth, once more.. "slowly", "tenderly")<-- very 
important, it makes her relieve (usually) comfortable.

Its okay whatever you say, eventually, as long as you
acheive the "ceremony".

b)Sitting next to her (hopefully on the sofa, or bed..
easy to move onto the "action" after kiss there.

c)After/during Kisses & hugs... take the clothes off..
the concept is to be closer, "feel each other" <--this is
better, ..blah blah.  

[The concept is "human's body is much more comfortable
than clothes].

Step 3)
Fuck her

The essential thing in this course is:
2)Invite her+ "Ceremony"

[Another nice thing about it: Total cost to lay chick: $0.00]


I have several questions to Taro-san about the details above,
and will post more here as it comes in.

Constructive comments/opinions welcome!

Maniac High