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mrsex4unyc talks about transition phrases (normal talk to sex talk)!

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>MrSex4uNYC wrote:
>> >NYC, that is good but u also have to remember to let her know u have a
>> >too.
>> >Imagine if all the other person did was ask u questions about your life..
>> >would
>> >get the impression they have none of their own.
>> I disagree.  if all someone did was ask ME about my life, I would ASSUME
>> they are interested in me as a human being...
>Yes i would assume that too, i would also tend to think that they are
>obsessing a
>little and that their own lives are lacking in some way seeing as they dont
>want to
>tell me anything about their own lives.

the thing is that if you do it RIGHT, they don't NOTICE that they are the only
ones talking.  furthermore, they are so used to AFCs telling them about
THEMSELVES and going on and on TALKING that they are relieved and grateful to
meet someone that wants to LISTEN to them and CARES about them as human beings
in general instead of big-titted-bitches in particular.

>Sometimes when i tried question bombardment approach i would get answers like
>"whats this 20 questions or something" (perhaps i was just asking the wrong
>questions or perhaps that style just isnt suited for my behaviour and

the way you say it, I am SURE you use disconnected questions.  questions on
DIFFERENT topics.  you can't get away with that at all.  what you have to do is
STRING your topics from TANGENTS from the original topic.  make it look like a
continuous flow so that they NEVER END telling you about the first thing they
started talking about.

you:  what do you do?
her:  blah blah working with kids...
you:   the kids must be rowdy
her:  yes they are hard to control blah blah
you:   I used to be like that too... when I was a kid...
her:  I had the same thing happen to me...
you:   how old were you when that happened?
her:  I was 13 blah blah
you:   did you live with your parents?
her:  no, they had divorced when I was 10...
you:   damn... that must have been tough on you...
her:  I learned to survive on my own...
you:  my friend had that happen to her also... she likes to live alone now
her:  me too... that's why I don't have a roommate BLAH BLAH BLAH

you see how "she" NEVER got to change topics?  you keep changing topics based
on TANGENTS to the original topic and it SEEMS like you are still asking her
about the first question ALTHOUGH the topic has changed like 6 times :)

what I think YOU are doing is:

you:  what do you do?
her:  blah blah working with kids...
you:  did you live with both of your parents until college?
her:  no, they had divorced when I was 10...
you:  do you have any roommates?

>> and get them to
>> talk abou themselves and go deeper and deeper into them without divulging
>> information of my own.
>deeper and deeper.. i like the sound of that...

ha ha ha... it's funny, but you know what?  that is one of the major
differences that will get you noticed.  MOST guys go "so did you have both of
your parents" and she says "no" and they say "look... there's a movie
playing... wanna go?"   they ask questions that don't tell them ANYTHING about
the chick and then ask them out... in effect, they are fucking up their
FLUFFING because they are NOT distinguishing her from any other chick, although
they THINK they are.  learning about her as a person is much deeper than light
questioning, and the thing that turns chicks on the most is when they BELIEVE
that you are into them because of some UNIQUENESS that they have.  something
you see in them ONLY that you don't see in other women and makes them extremely
attractive to you.  they don't know that the only way they can reallt seperate
themselves out is having the better T&A than the next chick.  they think that
men that are attracted ONLY to bodies are dogs, etc.  by your deeper
questioning, you seperate yourself from the other suitors because you make them
THINK.  you make them DIG for answers.  they FEEL differently after baring
their soul to you than after telling you where they got their hair done and how
much it cost.

>> :)   anyway... I looked bad because I looked like I had no life because I
>> couldn't TELL HER what I do without giving away my game :)  before that
>> I was fine.
>Hey bro, you could make up a story.. you dont have to tell her .. you are a

yes :)  I know that :)  the point is that I was STUCK right then and there 2
feet in front of her face across a small table.  I immediately upon leaving her
DECIDED to have some bullshit stories prepared like I go to museums and other
shit that I don't do that SHE might find interesting to get around that
question :)

>> I say give out as little information about your life as you can.  chicks
>> process facts... only feelings... taking her through meta-states by asking
>> things and getting her to experience them in her mind is MUCH BETTER than
>> letting her know you own a yacht or some bullshit.
>u r right here.. i just meant that at least let her know that u have a life
>of getting girls
>(at least thats how i see it)

I don't know how it goes for you, but when I look back, MOST chicks I have had
know NOTHING about me.  then again, being a natural, they just find themselves
attracted to me and that's all they need to know.  I don't have any other data
to go on, because I have not been anyone but ME my whole life :)  I have never
been a talker... that's why I started studying this mental seduction stuff. 
What I talk about with chicks is whatever the event is I meet them at or what
they want in a man.  they always come up with TRAITS, not specific things,
except maybe height or hair color.  what they TELL ME they want is easily
demonstrated to them through stories  and I don't have to tell them
ANYTHING directly.  I would never say "I love cats myself..."  I would tell
them a story IN WHICH I demonstrated that I like cats.  I let her derive who I
am by telling her a story based on what she wants to hear in the first place :)

>> that's why when I see guys
>> talking to girls in bars for like AN HOUR and the chick NEVER looks
>> interested in them, I laugh because they are spewing FACTS to them hoping
>> that will make them interested in fucking.
>that is so true... but usually NYC its because the guys just dont know any
>or are not even sure if they really want to do a one night stand (there are
>guys in
>clubs who look for R/ships)..

trust me  :)  looking for a relationship OR NOT, guys want the fucking pussy
ASAP.  if they could figure out how to get her on her knees in the bathroom,
they would do it.  I hear what you are saying about wanting to get to know a
chick, but I swear that I see these guys YAPPING and YAPPING and YAPPING and
the girl nods every once in a while and looks at me once in a while since she
is bored :)

>Yeah keeping the mystery element alive sounds good.
>But like if a chick knows next to nothing about you, she might start asking a
>of questions later or just feel apprehensive about the situation.

later is TOO LATE FOR HER :)  later, you already fucked her.  later, she
already has an emotional investment in you.  later, she is finding out
information about her lover, NOT of some guy that wants to fuck her... so FUCK
LATER!  hehe

>> what if you tell her you are a janitor for an office building... and she
>> FANTASIZING that you were a chippendales stripper  :)
>would she do that for no reason? and u wouldnt say janitor, you would say an
>environmentally focused officer

yes she would.  I am exaggerating here, but let's say she assumed from how you
are dressed or your demeanor that you are a blue-collar working man that likes
muscle-cars AND she happens to find that extremely sexy... then YOU offer her
the information for NO REASON that you are a white-collar computer-nerd that
likes to DRESS UP like a blue-collar guy and go out on the weekends.  to add
insult to injury, what if she has already dated computer-guys and found them
ALL boring?  then you have lumped yourself in with a group that is leading you
to LJBF... NOT to pussy :)

>> OOPS!  shoulda left her to her fantasy