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Interesting story about how whitenight picks up and
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Thread: ASF: First success 
Subject: ASF: First success 
Date: 07/27/1999 
Author: whiteknight  

For all those of you gentlemen who don't read texts longer than 
five lines, there is a description of how I had sex with a 
gorgeous stripper at the end of this text. But do yourself a 
favour and read this text in full.
After many years of maintaining almost only "serious" 
relationships I felt it is now time for some of the less 
obliging type of fun.
I suppose I have been a "nice guy" most of my life. Women 
have stood me up without negative consequences, used my liking 
of them for advancing their own goals (mostly they needed my 
skills for solving problems they couldn't solve themselves), 
cancelled dates at short notice, made me look like a fool in 
front of others, and generally played with my feelings on 
numerous occasions. Many here have pointed out that women are 
light-years ahead when it comes to playing mindgames, 
manipulating and deceiving. This is true and when I came to 
realize this - admittedly rather late in life (I am now 30) - 
things started to change.
While being Mr. Nice Guy, I was not very succesful in 
approaching women unless they happened to see in me an 
attractive long-term partner. This would usually happen in a 
context where they had an opportunity to observe me and get to 
know me casually (school, workplace, seminars etc.)

[Yes, Absolutely!]

Taking this opportunity, I  would like to thank Mr Jeffries 
for his comments on the subject of nice guys. He is right. The 
first thing you've got to do is stop being one. My sudden, 
unexpected success proves the point. This does not mean that 
you have to become a jerk. I refuse to ever do so, even if it 
were the only way to achieve my goals, which it is not. But 
you have to look at the object of your desire with cold eyes. 
If you let your emotions get to your head you will not be able 
to control your actions in order to maximize the required 
effects. And these are sometimes not in accordance with being 
a nice guy. She wants to cancel 1 hour before the date? She 
will have to learn the unpleasant way to change her ways. She 
stands you up? NEVER call her back to see where she is/was. 
She plays games? Drop her like a hot potato and move on. Or 
confront her.


Next realization, thanks to this newsgroup, was that I needed 
to broaden my base of options and not to focus on one 
particular woman at a time. I had three in play when I won my 
first prize. Broadening your base makes it easier to bear 
disappointment and generally increases the likelihood of 
The red thread in the above paragraphs seems to be: you need 
to do everything for effect. I believe that this thinking alone
helped me to my first succes. Before I tell you the actual 
story of that event, let me also comment on the value of the 
"Speed Seduction" course by Mr. Jeffries. This has two main 
components as far as content goes. NLP (neurolinguistic 
programming) material and non-NLP comments. The non-NLP stuff 
was very valuable to me and is partially reflected in my above 
explanations. I do not know if the NLP material is helpful 
since I only studied it for a total of 7 hours so far. I did 
try to apply some. 
Finally, here is the story. A gorgeous stripper, I met her at 
her workplace. Long legs, big, dark eyes, black hair, small 
firm breasts, a shapely, small behind. On my personal, extremely 
picky scale of 1-10 she rates 7+ in terms of looks as well as 
personality. For your orientation: Pamela Anderson would be an 
8 on this scale, Renee Tenison and Sung-Hi Lee both a 9. I 
couldn't come up with a 10 right now. 
Let's call her Naomi. Great dancer, ex-aerobics instructor. 
She sat with me at my table (I got up to greet her), naturally 
I bought her drinks. We had an animated conversation about her 
hobby, photography. Please note: HER hobby, not mine. She 
later on told me that ALL her customers try to get her phone 
number and then a date and that she NEVER dates customers. I 
was different, she said, because I showed a real interest in 
what she does when she is not stripping. I used some NLP for
establishing "that incredible feeling of connection" but do 
not know if it worked. After half an hour, I asked her for a 
private dance. She led me to a separete room and proceeded. 
This is not the newsgroup for going into the details so let it 
suffice to say that I was aroused. I left soon after but not 
before getting her cell phone number.

[Not sure I would have done the private dance... that makes
you a customer, not a fuck prospect.. worked anyway though,
so I wont complain ;-) ]

A couple of days later I called her. Voicemail. Left a message 
saying that if she wanted to know a secret that would change 
her life she should call me. This was a mere gimmick, nothing 
behind it. Next day she called me back. This time it was my 


Now, please pay attention, my dear fellows. I deliberately DID 
NOT call her back for two days, contrary to all my natural 
instincts. Then I called.
"Wow, you are one busy guy, aren't you."
"Sorry, Naomi, I was totally swamped with work."
I asked her out for dinner at this fancy place downtown. I 
must say I was surprised that she agreed to come.
Well, I was there at the appointed time but she wasn't. I 
decided to play it the Ross Jeffries way. I refused to give in 
to my natural instinct to call her after five minutes to see 
where she was. Instead I decided to wait 15 minutes, then 
leave if she hadn't shown up. At exactly 10 minutes after the 
appointment, she called me.

[See, they play all these games guys...don't fall for it!]

"Hi, it's Naomi. Where are you now?"
"At the agreed meeting point."
"Oh really? I was in a cafe nearby but now I'm on my way. 
Sorry. I'll be there in three minutes."
"I'll see you when you get here."
She showed up five minutes later. Bumped into me, rubbed her 
breasts against me. The first thing she asked was "Why didn't 
you call me?" 
"I never call. I just go home after 15 minutes."
"You are the first guy like that I meet. I am always late on a 
first date. They always call."
We had a very pleasant dinner with growing erotic tension. 
When we had finished our main dishes and had chatted for some 
more, I said desert is waiting at my place. She said she could 
come but wouldn't have sex with me. I said that's OK, we'd 
still have good time.

[Usually I dont do dinner, I go to bars so I can kino the chick,
but sounds like you were in control...good]

At my place she sat on the couch, I put on some music, got out 
some desert wine, sat with her. After a couple of minutes I 
started kissing her. She responded passionately and soon she 
was so worked up, I've hardly ever seen a woman like that. She 
literally lost herself. After 30 minutes of ongoing foreplay, 
I carried her to the bedroom. Again she said she wouldn't have 
sex with me. I said I'd respect her limits. We kissed some 
more. I asked her if she'd ever come by oral stimulation 
alone. "No." I told her that that is a shame, removed her 
soaked panties and got to work (she had no objection to this). 
After less than five minutes she violently pulled me up and 
almost screamed at me to get my cock into her "RIGHT NOW!" I 
was happy to oblige.

[Re: "I wont have sex with you"... never listen to what a chick says,
when it is contradicted by what she does..very very good move White

She stayed the night and we had breakfast together. I haven't 
called her since then (more then a week now) and she hasn't 
called me. I am afraid she will call and ask me why I am not 
calling her. I do not want to get into anything serious with 
her and also, frankly, don't want to see her again. I'd like 
to move on to new adventures.


To sum up, merely starting to think more systematically about 
the subject of seduction, reading some Ross Jeffries and this 
newsgroup, seems to have already turned my fate around. Do I 
think Ross Jeffries is worth his money? Yes. If you are really 
cash-strapped you can probably gather enough information from 
this newsgroup by using But it will be a tiring 
process. If $200 won't hurt you, do spend them. 

[Also check out the free websites, which didnt exist yet when
this was written]

Any comments from you as to what I should tell her if she