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Report by Maniac High; commentary by mrsex4unyc

Subject: Re: Evening Report: Ms. Sparkles has coffee and comes over 
         for spaghetti...opinions/advice guys?
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Date: 8 Jun 1999 04:04:29 GMT
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>I suspect that I haven’t neutralized all the BF feelings yet. 

What BF feelings?  Can you list exactly how she feels about her BF?  Can you
also list how you attempted to neutralize every single thing good about him?
You even said you don't know the whole boyfriend destroyer pattern... not that
that would have helped you any :)

>I know she likes me, she holds my hand, lets me touch her, but I hit a
>wall here (as often happens with me with chicks that are easy at the
>start like this).. guys, how do I get around this? I get her on the
>cheek for now, and I will try again, once we get outside.

how much do you want to bet that she holds hands, gets massages and kisses on
the cheek from her GIRLFRIENDS?  none of that shit marks YOU as a desired sex
partner for her.  Yes she likes you.  She likes you because you are handsome
and GENTLE hehehe what category of people are often described as handsome and
gentle and happy and...

>My area is residential, and dark, so I walk with her back. 

see now, the night is not over until it's over.  This is why you shouldn't have
said it WAS a nice evening or whatever you said.  Now you are walking with her
on a dead night.  When she is locked in her apartment and you lock yourself in
yours is when the night is OVER... maybe :)

>She is
>looking a bit nervous now (guys, why is she nervous; what did I do

I think she realized that this fun-loving person that she likes to hang out
with WAS TRYING TO FUCK HER!   I think she really had no idea until you were
sitting on her back or whatever happened.

>so I remind her about the couch and the candles and how it
>might have been a new experience for her. She said it was, that
>although it felt strange, it was somehow really good (this was the
>first time I try to take a chick into trance like this). That is good.
>She looks more relaxed again, and we are holding hands. I try rubbing
>her hand lightly as we walk, and don’t get a reaction… except when I
>make her laugh.. when she laughts, she will rub my hand for a few
>seconds afterwards..that was interesting. I suggest that next time we
>meet she can make me supper. She says ‘yeah’, but in a half happy/half
>hesitating look. Not all bad, but not all good either..
>She lives on the other side of the train station, and we get to near a
>lit area. At this point, I try to kiss her again, and I get more

damn... what is all this try-to-kiss-her stuff?  Never try to change her
decision... change her state of mind.  Make her horny and she will come after
you.  Besides, what makes you think she wants to kiss you now, inthe street as
opposed to inside your cozy house that was set up just for her?  What were you
going to do if she kissed you?  walk her all the way back to your house?

>I joke to her about the promise she made the last time (a
>real kiss the next time we meet), and that this was the next time; but
>she gets really nervous looking. I joke about her having to keep her
>promise, and she gets agitated looking, a little. I joke that she said
>she is a good girl, and good girls keep their promises.. She replies
>that she is abad girl them, and she won’t kiss me.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA nice comeback :)  basic, but nice... and appropriate.

Sorry to say, I think that last section was really lame.  That's really some
elementary school shit.  You promised to kiss me?  Even if she had kissed you,
it would not have gone any further because it was on a dare, not from her
personal lust.  You have to keep your head together.  Play the war, not the
battle.  At least lose gracefully so next time you can approach her in a good

>Her look was agitated. I stop pressing her, and say thank you for a very nice

again?  You just thanked her again for NOT having sex with you and NOT kissing

>I had thought about walking her all the way back to her place, but I
>think this might be supplicating (why should I walk her all the way
>back to her place if she wont even kiss me?). Maybe she would have
>kissed me if I went all the way over; but I don’t think so.

No, I don't think so either.  What would you have done anyway of she kissed

>I might have been able to try some more SS on the way, and get her feeling to
>change, but I am not sure what to try..I spent my whole SS load on her
>this evening and was out of new stuff to say… opinions here on what to
>do/what I did wrong?

never got off of autopilot.  tried to talk her into sex without talking ABOUT
sex.  tried to hide the fact that you want sex, making you look like a FRIEND. 
thanked her for NOT having anything to do with you.

>When I get home, I call her to see if she got home allright (actually,
>I really wanted to know her voice tonality when I called, which is why
>I called, the intention isn’t supplicating). At that point, her voice
>was still nervous somehow, and she wanted to get rid of me off the
>phone sounding. The conversation ended, and then I wrote up this
>So; summary. I did a lot of new SS stuff. That is good, I am happy.

You did A LOT of SS this time.  really good field practice for you.

>I also didn’t lose my cool/composure/confidence when I hit the BF
>obstacle. That is good, though I don’t think I neutralized this
>completely. This chick did like me, but I wasn’t able to give her a
>good excuse to fuck me and fuck over her BF. 

now you're getting it.

>How would I do this next
>time? Also, how do I neutralize this, and get her horny, so I could
>kiss her without the bad reaction, and get more physical on her.
>Probably my setups earlier on were fucked up. I was good on
>connecting, but didn’t get the sexual accelerators going…how do I do
>this guys? Ie. Phrases and contexts would be helpful.. please be
>specific, like I write these reports; is most helpful.
>Also, I find that (my experience), chicks that are really easy early
>on, are really hard when it gets close to fuck them…how do you disarm
>this? This chick was on to me right away in the bar, and that is
>always a danger sign that it will be hard (for me) to fuck them later.
>Clues anyone on what I did wrong? Or are these chicks just really

I think that your real problem is that you emasculate yourself with your first
impression, at least when you and Smooth play that game.  For Smooth to
introduce you to girls might make you look like you can't do it yourself.  If
you can't meet them, you probably can't fuck them... according to the chicks. 
Also it shows a lack of confidence.  From the other post:  Lack of confidence =
lack of ability.  Lack of ability = lack of her being sexually interested in
you.  Also, you were STILL hiding your sexual intentions in your own house. 
Imagine how hard you hide them in the clubs!

Chicks that like you quickly like the CHUMP that you are playing as you lay in
wait for them ready to spring out and fuck them.  When you switch over from
chump to champ, all of a sudden they say "Oh shit!  HE wants to fuck me! and
back off of you"  That's what I think.  Your first impression is handsome and
gentle and friendly and happy and...

>Finally, the trance work I did seemed generally effective, it all
>seemed to go well, and I could get her in and out fairly consistantly.
>That was cool. And so was the SS practice, I just kept hitting her
>with patterns, and varients, and kept talking (or had her talking),
>all the time. I was much more focussed this time, and not letting the
>conversation wander all over. That was good. 

great focus on SS.  Horrible advancement toward desired outcome.  I don't even
know what your desired outcome was myself?

>Also, I didn’t spend a
>dime on this chick., and got much farther with her than HB Hotpants.

excellent technique on that point :)

>There was no supplication, (and she respected me the whole way
>though). That is also awesome… From now on, all dates I do will be
>structured this way (thanks NYC, and others for your extremely helpful
>suggestions after my HB hotpants disaster!).

no prob... hope you learn from this one too :)

>Still, though, I got the bad reaction at the end, and couldn’t shag
>her, so I need to improve on somethings I think. I will probably call
>her in a week, remind her/describe the nice talk and time we had, get
>her back into a good state,  and ask her over again for supper and see
>what happens (hopefully by then, I will have learned what I did wrong
>this time, and learned some sexual accelators and whatever else I
>screwed up to do it better the next time).
>Opinions guys?….okay rip it apart (in a constructive way ;-) ). !! All
>comments welcome!
>Maniac High