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Subject: Evening Report: Ms. Sparkles has coffee and comes over for spaghetti...
              opinions/advice guys?


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Evening Report: Ms. Sparkles has coffee and comes over for 

Tonight I had a "non supplication date" date with Ms. Sparkles. 
Ms. Sparkles was one of the ladies I met last weekend with 
Mr. Smooth during our 100 chick hitting night. It was 
interesting, a very nice evening, and I tried a lot of new 
techniques I learned from the group over the past couple week, 
and used a lot more SS than I ever used, but I still was not 
able to lay her (this time anyways). Lets look at it, and see 
what went right and went wrong. 

Again, your constructive comments on the good/bad/ugly 
below are most appreciated guys.

Here? the story from start to end with details.

Okay, Ms. Sparkles was one of those chicks sitting in the 
stairs of the bar when we went out. She was one of the ones 
we took to Ramen that evening. Ms. Sparkles has short hair, 
dyed dark brown and black, and sparkles almost when you 
look at it. She is 21, and a college student in translation, and a 
definite HB (9 or 10). Sparkles was with her friend (Ms. 
Lonely), who was not quite as cute as the others, but still very 
good, and Ms. Long Dress, who Smooth was hitting on that 

Sparkles took to me right away, and even said that she liked 
me that first evening I saw her (this actually concerned me, 
because I thought it was too early, and when girls are this easy 
to say such things right away, I find that they are much harder 
to lay later). Sparkles said that night she liked me because 
she liked my way of speaking Japanese was ?nteresting  and I 
was handsome. That was nice. When I did the approach on her 
in the bar, I took her had right away, and it was easy to hold on 
to it, she rubbed it a bit, and didn? try to let go or look nervous. 
I had gotten her number by the napkin game in the last post, 
and called her this Sunday. (I decided from now on to call bar 
chicks the next day, since otherwise, I found that they forget 
you too easily). We did the kiss on the cheek thing in the 
ramen shop, no problem; I tried for a real kiss, under a ?ame 
scenario  but she wouldn? go for it, always saying ?ext time .I 
decide to go for this the next time I see her, as she is starting 
to look a bit agitated (see below, when I do call her on this 
?romise tonight).

I called her, and she said she was hoping I? call, that was nice. 
I followed NYC? advice and made a ?offee date around 
7:30pm telling her that I could meet her after I had supper with 
coworkers (a lie). For a moment she hestitated, then said okay 
(I think she had another commitment, and was trying to figure 
out how to cancel it, and not that she wasn? sure she wanted 
to see me t was obvious she wanted to see me). We decide 
the time and place (a coffee shop near my/her house (we live 
really close to each other)).

I go to the coffee shop ahead of time, and work the coffee shop 
a bit before she comes to get into the mood. At 7:30, she 
shows up, and comes to my table. I get her a coffee and she 
offers to pay (good sign..compared to HB hotpants), I tell her 
she can get the next round (thanks NYC for how to work this). 
That works well, I don?
supplicate.. We go sit down, and start talking. I had prepared a 
lot of SS so now is my chance to use it.

First I start with her job. My goal here is to find something she 
is passionate about, and then get her to talk about that feeling, 
and then later move the conversation on to passion and 
relationships. Generally, this worked very well. 

So first off to do this, I ask her what she does (turns out she is 
awaitress in the Shibuya restaurant area). She writes down her
schedule, and then a map of how to get to her restaurant. (I 
thought this was coming on a bit strong, this made me a little 
nervous hen they are too anxious like this, I find big walls go 
up later, and you can? lay them hich is what happened 
tonight). There is not much passionate about waitressing, so I 
move on to hobbies. She said that she likes listening to music, 
and going out with her friends, and that she was a drummer in 
a band in high school. I pick up on the drummer bit, and modify 
my ?ance pattern to this, talking about how she can feel 
passion when she performing a song, and can feel the energy 
and passion of the beat and atmosphere in her mind and her 
body, and how it felt so good. She says ?eah and I get the 
doggie dinner
look..very good.

We talk bit about her travels (I need this for later tonight?
patterns), and what is important to her in life (core values). I 
find out she really likes discovering new things, and new 
challenges, and growing as a person (I use this later on in the 

I ask her what she found interesting about me (I want to know 
this so I can hook up these characteristics with the passion 
feeling a little later). She tells me I was gentle, interesting, 
good looking,
humourous and funny (That is okay, I guess).

I then ask her has she ever felt passion in a relationship, and 
what that could be like. Then  She starts talking about her BF (I 
didn? know she had one, cuz she sure didn? mention it on 
Saturday), and how much she loves him (uh oh, I just hit a 
mine). As soon as I can get her to quit talking about it after that 
sentence, I try a BF destroyer pattern on her to neutralize this. 

I talk about how a relationship can be half good, but somehow 
you feel something missing, and she says ?eah  I tell her how 
sometimes you want some new excitement in your life that? 
different from what you usually get, and she says yeah. So far 
this is going well. I go on to talk about maybe how what you 
have now might be getting uninteresting, and you are looking 
for something better, more exciting and if she sometimes feels 
that and she says yeah.

I don? know the whole BF destroyer pattern, so I stopped 
there, and went on to asking her, what her ideal relationship 
would be like (the feelings, and not her BF). I found that this 
chick was easy to trance like this, even later in the evening. 
You could see her visualizing as I was talking.

After that, I followed a routine much like I did with Miss Kinky 
last week. Talking about how sometimes she somehow felt 
alone (her BF is in another city for 2 weeks now), and she that 
she sometimes feels
alone/lonely. I describe those feelings to her, and then I talk 
about how it would be nice to have those ?lone feelings go 
away when something new and surprising happens in her life, 
like meeting someone new you didn? expect.. She goes yeah, 
and the doggie look again. I run the fascination/IC pattern, and 
then describe a state where she were to meet someone by 
surprise, or one evening, and how as she listened to that 
person, she felt closer and really wanted to get to know that 
person more. Still doggie dinner look..good.

I then start talking about an old GF I had, and describe the 
whole process (mostly made up), of how we met, and 
magically got closer as we talked to each other over coffee one 
evening, and went for a walk, and felt a growing connection. I 
talked about about how we could discover new things about 
each other and culture (that chick was french), and how by 
getting really close to someone from another culture, you could 
expand your understanding of yourself (all her BF? up to now 
were Japanese), {I am building on the values she told me 
before now, trying to link them to an outcome I want}. This is 
going well. 

I am being careful to steer clear of anything that could bring up 
the BF, so I am watching my ?ave you evers as I don? want 
another BF story to come up. Rather I stick to ?f you 
could  ?hat would it be like if as I run my SS and patterns and 

I go back to the evening we met, and make her recollect those 
feelings (BTW, NYC I think suggested the good cop /bad cop 
thing..I can? remember  I did actually do the ?ood cop bad 
cop thing with her that night, when Smooth was doing all the 
BJ gestures, and lets go home and fuck ctually it worked really 
well, we will do this again..I also said that I like Mr. Smooth, 
because he is always funny like this and makes me laugh t 
was good, we got a good result from the girls, and they relaxed 
and went along with it. Ms. Long Dress BTW, I found out also 
has BF (the chick Smooth was hitting on).

After I get the good feelings of Ms. Sparkles remembering the 
weekend with us, I ask her to imagine why she liked us, and 
get her thinking about my voice and how it was somehow 
seductive; she says yeah, it was funny how she did feel that. 
That is good.

(Around then, Sparkles buys the next round of coffee. That is 
nice, so this date then cost me $0.00, and I didn? supplicate at 
all this time hanks guys!).

We drink, and we talk a little bit about her trip to China, and I 
link this again, to the wonderful feelings of discovering new 
things and excitement, and how its different from the usual day 
routine. I link this to how it is like meeting someone new, and 
finding similar values but new perspective, and how that is 
wonderful..blah blah..

I describe more about how a guy from a different culture can
understand you in new ways, and talk about cultural 
differences. I do a hold hand and ?rench kiss to the 
hand action as an example, she doesn? resist at all, and I get 
to keep her hand. Soon after, I let go the hand, and take it back 
now and then as I talk, like I did with Ms. Kinky last week in the 
restaurant o resistance. Thats good. 

I move on to a massage pattern (I talked about how a guy can 
seduce you, and know all about your stresses and ways to 
make you relax, then I touched her shoulder and start 
massaging and say how it is like a guy who knows how to give 
a really good massage blah RJ massage pattern .

We talk more, and I run more patterns, and I am holding her 
hand(s) a lot at this point. No resistance. Thats good.. Then 
around now, she says she is hungry, and didn? eat (uh oh  
supplication test  but I know how to handle this now after last 
week? fuckup, so rather than offer to buy her something  I offer 
that we go to my house and eat spaghetti and talk some more). 
She smiles, and says she? love to. 

We leave the coffee shop, still holding hands, And I keep 
running the same sorts of patterns as above, describing 
various instances of meeting someone, getting closer by 
surprise. I talk to her about my like of astronomy, and how it is 
romantic to look at the stars and see things, and how it is nice 
to do that with a special person you
recently met..blah blah she seems to be taking this all in.. very 
good. All along, I am touching her back, when talking, 
shoulders, while holding her hand t is fine..

Then something strange happens.. Her BF (I think it was her 
BF.. it was a guy, and it sounded like a BF from the 
conversation) calls her on her cellphone (everyone has one 
here in Tokyo). She talks to him, but it is a little cold, but polite. 
I take it as a good sign. She let go my hand to hold the phone. 
She gets rid of him, and then
immediately takes my hand again on her own volition. That is a 
very good sign BR> 
We get home, I show her around, I put on nice romantic music, 
and we start preparing the spaghetti. The lights a little dim, a 
pleasant ambience..I prepared the house in case I thought she 
might be coming tonight.

I suggest that we try a candle light evening (as I talked about it 
at the coffee shop about those nice romantic experiences) as 
mentionned before (it was a setup ;-) ), and she says it would 
be nice. She seems a tiny bit unease at the beginning of the 
dinner, but I run more of the same patterns as above, and 
elaborate on my college french GF story and how we got 
closer, and how she taught me about romance, and 
communicating in more ways than just words. We talked about 
values, and differences in culture,
and how by getting really close to someone from a different 
culture, it was such a new feeling and how one could grow so 
much inside (this is one of her core values), and how it was 
such a positive experience (another core value). 

She was taking all this in..doggie dinner look. Very good  Then 
I ask her what she would like to be 5 years from now (I want to 
find her goals, and align them with mine, when I tell her my 
story later, so I ask this). And then the next bomb. She tells me 
that she is really in love with her BF, and she wants to marry 
him! (oops; Maniac hits another mine!). She starts babbling 
about how what a wonderful guy her BF is, how he is no nice 
and and lots of blah blah. 

I try to get her to stop as soon as I can, and I say how life is 
funny, that how sometimes it is like surprise and it is strange 
how sometimes you can meet someone new, and everything 
can change to something you dont expect, but which is even 
more wonderful. I then ask her if she ever thought about living 
abroad in her future. She says yes, and the doggie dinner look 
returns. That is good. I start talking more about how I ended up 
in Japan, and give some stories about how my life really 
changed for the better in ways by surprise even though I didn? 
plan (I am trying to neutralize her BF stuff here, by saying this). 
It seems okay, and I am getting the doggie look again..

[Now around here, is where I think I had things not go as well 
as I had to regarding my setup. I think I got the connection, but 
am having trouble getting the ?hysical pleasure patterns 
working well, to get her wet and horny. I could tell she liked 
me, but I wasn? getting the ?ust out. When I was with Ms. 
Kinky, I got this out, but not with Sparkles. How can I fix this 
guys? What should I do here? ]. 

We finish spaghetti, and talk some more, on these same points 
about connecting with new people, and getting closer to them 
(maybe I should have talked about falling in love?), and she 
starts talking about having to go home to stufy for an exam the 
next day (BS I am sure). I think quickly, and I remember she 
trances easily, so I tell her to look into the candle, and imagine 
what she sees, how it is like a crystal ball, and can be full of 
wonderful surprises you don? expect. At the same time, I go 
behind her, touch her shoulders, and start massaging. I do 
another massage pattern varient. She gets into it, that is good. 
I get her to close her eyes, and visualize being at ease, and 
relaxing completely, and feeling my touches, and how it feels 
so good [I think here, I should have connected to more sexual 
stuff, to setup the next step, but I didn? really know what to
do dvice guys?.. I think here is where I lost the lay.. opinions? 
How would I do it different next time.] I thought about kissing 
her back a bit, but she was still a bit uneasy since the ? love 
my BF bit before, thought she was trancing a bit with the 
candle and all that. 

I need to get closer to her (physically) as she is still sitting in 
the chair at the dinner table, and it is hard to do the massage, 
so I tell her, hey look at this, lets try this, and I take the candles 
to the living room, and have her lie down on the couch, and put 
the candles on the table in front of her. I tell her to look at the
candles, and see how it is interesting as she is looking at the
flames, that as I describe things, she can picture it so clearly. 
She says ?eah  as I describe a romantic walk on the beach at 
an evening sunset. 

Then I start talking about how her body feels, and start running 
the RJ beach pattern (chest goes up and down  t is good, and I 
ask her how it feels, and she says it feels really good. And then 
something funny happens he says she? cold, and goes out of 
trance. (ie. Cold, in the room, not in her trance vision on the 
beach). Then she says she has to get up and go to the 
bathroom; so I get off of her, and she goes.

Out of the bathroom, she says she really has to go, and is 
looking a little nervous. I talk about how it was a really nice 
evening, and enjoyed having her over for such an interesting 
discussion. Then she says somethign worrying, about how it is 
nice to make freinds from lots of different countries (uh oh, the 
?riend word). I try to neutralize this, and talk about how 
sometimes you can start to get really close, even if you dont 
expect it. She says yes, and the smile returns. I talk about how 
it is nice to meet someone, and feel
relaxed, and getting closer when getting new experiences that 
are really nice, and she says yeah, and the doggie look returns 
again, sort of.. That is good.. but she is gesturing to her stuff, 
and the doggie look leaves. 

At the door, (I don? want her to leave), I again say how it is 
nice she came, and how it was suprisingly a nice experience 
even though I didn? expect her to come. Here I try to kiss her, 
and I get
resistance. That is okay, but it is different from Ms. Kinky?
resistance last week. Ms. Sparkles is not into this at all, an 
there is no erotic look at all when she resists. This is a definate 
?o  not a ?o means yes kind of look.

I suspect that I haven? neutralized all the BF feelings yet. 
Because I know she likes me, she holds my hand, lets me 
touch her, but I hit a wall here (as often happens with me with 
chicks that are easy at the start like this).. guys, how do I get 
around this? I get her on the cheek for now, and I will try again, 
once we get outside.

My area is residential, and dark, so I walk with her back. She is 
looking a bit nervous now (guys, why is she nervous; what did I 
do wrong?), so I remind her about the couch and the candles 
and how it might have been a new experience for her. She said 
it was, that
although it felt strange, it was somehow really good (this was 
the first time I try to take a chick into trance like this). That is 
good. She looks more relaxed again, and we are holding 
hands. I try rubbing her hand lightly as we walk, and don? get 
a reaction except when I make her laugh.. when she laughts, 
she will rub my hand for a few seconds afterwards..that was 
interesting. I suggest that next time we meet she can make me 
supper. She says ?eah  but in a half happy/half hesitating look. 
Not all bad, but not all good either..

She lives on the other side of the train station, and we get to 
near a lit area. At this point, I try to kiss her again, and I get 
more resistance. I joke to her about the promise she made the 
last time (a real kiss the next time we meet), and that this was 
the next time; but she gets really nervous looking. I joke about 
her having to keep her promise, and she gets agitated looking, 
a little. I joke that she said she is a good girl, and good girls 
keep their promises.. She replies that she is abad girl them, 
and she won? kiss me. Her look was
agitated. I stop pressing her, and say thank you for a very nice 

I had thought about walking her all the way back to her place, 
but I think this might be supplicating (why should I walk her all 
the way back to her place if she wont even kiss me?). Maybe 
she would have kissed me if I went all the way over; but I don? 
think so. I might have been able to try some more SS on the 
way, and get her feeling to change, but I am not sure what to 
try..I spent my whole SS load on her this evening and was out 
of new stuff to say opinions here on what to do/what I did 

When I get home, I call her to see if she got home allright 
(actually, I really wanted to know her voice tonality when I 
called, which is why I called, the intention isn? supplicating). At 
that point, her voice was still nervous somehow, and she 
wanted to get rid of me off the phone sounding. The 
conversation ended, and then I wrote up this report.

So; summary. I did a lot of new SS stuff. That is good, I am 
happy. I also didn? lose my cool/composure/confidence when I 
hit the BF
obstacle. That is good, though I don? think I neutralized this
completely. This chick did like me, but I wasn? able to give her 
a good excuse to fuck me and fuck over her BF. How would I 
do this next time? Also, how do I neutralize this, and get her 
horny, so I could kiss her without the bad reaction, and get 
more physical on her. Probably my setups earlier on were 
fucked up. I was good on
connecting, but didn? get the sexual accelerators going ow do I 
do this guys? Ie. Phrases and contexts would be helpful.. 
please be specific, like I write these reports; is most helpful.

Also, I find that (my experience), chicks that are really easy 
early on, are really hard when it gets close to fuck them ow do 
you disarm this? This chick was on to me right away in the bar, 
and that is always a danger sign that it will be hard (for me) to 
fuck them later. Clues anyone on what I did wrong? Or are 
these chicks just really difficult.

Finally, the trance work I did seemed generally effective, it all 
seemed to go well, and I could get her in and out fairly 
consistantly. That was cool. And so was the SS practice, I just 
kept hitting her with patterns, and varients, and kept talking (or 
had her talking), all the time. I was much more focussed this 
time, and not letting the conversation wander all over. That 
was good. Also, I didn? spend a dime on this chick., and got 
much farther with her than HB Hotpants. There was no 
supplication, (and she respected me the whole way
though). That is also awesome From now on, all dates I do will 
be structured this way (thanks NYC, and others for your 
extremely helpful suggestions after my HB hotpants disaster!).

Still, though, I got the bad reaction at the end, and couldn? 
shag her, so I need to improve on somethings I think. I will 
probably call her in a week, remind her/describe the nice talk 
and time we had, get her back into a good state, and ask her 
over again for supper and see what happens (hopefully by 
then, I will have learned what I did wrong this time, and learned 
some sexual accelators and whatever else I screwed up to do 
it better the next time).

Opinions guys? okay rip it apart (in a constructive way ;-) ). !! 
All comments welcome!

Maniac High