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Subject: Re: Got any ideas on this??? 
Date: 1999/06/24 
Author: maniac_high  
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God, you've become a total AFC. Don't worry, there is a way out. 
I won't mention about all the mistakes you made so far, but in
spite of it all, at least you got this far, so lets go from here.. 
Looks like you are ready for serious kino (touching with this 
chick).Instructions follow...

> Later that day when I was back home we
> talked on the phone and she told me she was missing me a lot.. The next
> week she came here, and so we did had a damn beautiful day together, but
> things got a little different, we walked holding hands together all day,
> but nothing more.. 
That is good so far
>After all, she has a boyfriend.. 
So what? Obviusly she likes you right? Find out if she is in love 
with him (she'll say yes probably, but look at "how" she says it, 
if her eyes are at the floor or something like that...probably
>We kept talking on the
> phone everyday, she always told me she missed me.. And finally she told me
> that she thought she was in love with me... 
Good sign, now make her verify that with a good tongue down her
througt.. details below
>Well I went back there a week
> later, went to her place, met her family, when I was alone with her in her
> bedroom she simply gives me this huge hug, and we stayed that way for
> quite some time..
Get to a private place again, get to hugging, then look into her 
eyes, stroke her hair gently, see how she reacts. If okay, or no 
reaction, the pull her in closer by her neck, gently, keep looking 
at her eyes. If still no bad reaction, finish pulling her in and 
try to kiss her.
*NOW*, she might move away, or say something, or give you her cheek 
or something. That is okay, girls often do this the first time.Just 
hug a little more, and then repeat the process again. The 2nd time, 
(or 3rd at the most), she should let you kiss her. 
If not, then, she's got other problems, post what happens after, 
and we'll look at it.
After the kiss, kiss her again, and tongue her down. DO this for a 
while, then you can try and fuck her if you want, or play around. 
So start kissing her neck, ears, etc. while your hand wanders around 
her shoulders, back and then her chest/breasts.... If okay, do
a bit more, then put hands under her shirt, get her breasts/nipples 
excited, then kiss breasts, move hands down to legs/crotch..repeat, 
get her pants off, get her excited with your fingers/lips, 
then fuck her.
> We did hug each other again and again during the day,
> but we never really kissed, not on the lips at least.. Even though we were
> together in a place where many of her friends (and boyfriend's friends)
> could eventually see us together, we did hold hands all day..
Get her in a private place!! Then go for it like above!
> She told me
> she didn't want me to go back home.. But I really had to.. So she is
> coming back this week.. And everything is set to happen.. Anyway, I am
> really confused.. I've got a lot of unanswered questions in my mind like:
> "Why doesn't she leave her boyfriend?", 
Maybe she doesn't want to be alone, and is waiting for you to make the move, 
then she'll dump him? Or maybe she just can't deicide.. 
>"Why doesn't she kiss me?",
Because you're the boy, so you have to kiss her...that is the way it 
works... The man leads, the woman follows (flames from feminazis will 
go to /dev/null)..
> "Why
> doesn't she really tell me what she wants from me?"... 
SHe already did, just you missed all the cues...
>I am so damn
> confused... She always knew what I feel for her, with every little
> detail.. I didn't.. 
See above.. 
>I just can't kiss her because she has a boyfriend, 
Thats bullshit..Thats not a reason, kiss her, then fuck her..she is gagging 
for it..
>and  because I don't want to risk that she gets mad at me for any >reason,
Why? would you settle to just be her friend? Are you a man or a chump? 
If she doesn't want to get close to her, then fuck that, get another 
chick, she is wasting your time, and she will just hug you and you get 
to be the blanket while she fucks her BF.. fuck that shit, you are worth 
better than that..
In fact, you should be getting other chicks besides this one anyways, 
then you'll have confidence in front of this one and you won't
supplicate so much. She will see this, and like you even more..
> I
> just din't want to force anything.. 
You have to, your the man. Forget that femenazi shit they teach you in 
school. If you want something, you got to take it. Just watch her 
resistance. Like resistance is okay, severe resistance is not (ie. when 
she looks definately angry).
>And I can't ask her directly because
> almost in the beggining of this relationship between the two of us started
> I asked her if she liked me (She told me back then she simply didn't know,
She sounds confused, test her by doing the above I said. Because 
what a chick says, and does are two entirely different things 
anyways. Never listen to what a chick says she wants/doesn't 
want unless you qualify by seeing what she will/willnot do too..
> but that I attracted her a lot in a way she couldn't explain, and she also
> said that all this could get very big), but she told me she was sad
> because I asked her that.. So now I don't want to risk her being sad with
> me again... 
So don't ask her, just kiss her and get her...She wants you, 
but just she doesn't want to feel guilty, or feel she decided 
against her old BF, she wants you to do it for her so she feels 
she didn't really have the choice...classic chick logic at work 
here, just ignore that shit..
> I would appreciate any advice, tip, or ideas by anyone, if possible reply
> to my email directly, because I am having some problems with my news
> server...
> Thank you in advance
> Someone
That should be enough to get you to 1st base, and probably the
whole home run. If a chick was being like this to be, like you
described, I am sure I could lay her *that very night*! You can
do, just follow the instructions above...
THen report here what happened (success/failure/how)..
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