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"Someone" writes on his Basic Pickup Attempt with common mistakes
Subject: Got any ideas on this??? 
Date: 1999/06/23 
Author: "Someone"

Here's the my problem (I don't know if it can be called a problem :P) 
I've met this girl a few months ago in a gothic bar, and she had and 
still has a boyfriend.. Well I do not live in the same city as her, 
we live about 150 miles away from each other.. 

Well, we quickly started 
a great conversation while her boyfriend was somewhere, and we both 
were really ok talking to each other immediatly.. So we really liked 
each other.. 3 days later I got a letter from her, I replied, and so 
we did started writing each other. I told her almost immediatly I 
considered her VERY VERY beautiful (and she really is).. 

Well about 
1 month later she told me she wanted to see me again, so I got myself 
on a train and went to meet her, and we really had a great day together, 
just like we were the best friends, that is: no intimacy.. Later that 
day when I was back home we talked on the phone and she told me she was 
missing me a lot.. 

The next week she came here, and so we did had a
 damn beautiful day together, but things got a little different, we 
walked holding hands together all day, but nothing more.. After all, 
she has a boyfriend.. We kept talking on the phone everyday, she always 
told me she missed me.. And finally she told me that she thought she was 
in love with me... 

Well I went back there a week later, went to her 
place, met her family, when I was alone with her in her bedroom she 
simply gives me this huge hug, and we stayed that way for quite some 
time.. We did hug each other again and again during the day, but we 
never really kissed, not on the lips at least.. Even though we were 
together in a place where many of her friends (and boyfriend's friends) 
could eventually see us together, we did hold hands all day.. She told 
me she didn't want me to go back home.. But I really had to.. 

So she is 
coming back this week.. And everything is set to happen.. Anyway, I am 
really confused.. I've got a lot of unanswered questions in my mind 
like: "Why doesn't she leave her boyfriend?", "Why doesn't she kiss 
me?", "Why doesn't she really tell me what she wants from me?"... I 
am so damn confused... She always knew what I feel for her, with every 
little detail.. I didn't.. 

I just can't kiss her because she has a 
boyfriend, and because I don't want to risk that she gets mad at me 
for any reason, I just din't want to force anything.. And I can't ask 
her directly because almost in the beggining of this relationship 
between the two of us started I asked her if she liked me (She told me 
back then she simply didn't know, but that I attracted her a lot in a 
way she couldn't explain, and she also said that all this could get 
very big), but she told me she was sad because I asked her that.. So 
now I don't want to risk her being sad with me again... 

I would appreciate any advice, tip, or ideas by anyone, if possible 
reply to my email directly, because I am having some problems with 
my news server...

Thank you in advance