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Using SOI's (statements of intent) as a tease to attract a chick!

From: Jonathan Ashton 
Subject: Re: Clearing SOI's up
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 07:04:08 GMT

In article ,
> For example, if we were to drop an SOI on the chick, and then
> IMMEDIATELY follow up with a negative command - WE control the
> flirting so that the chick then has to work for US.
> So we can say things like "I want to kiss you"
> And then control the flirting by pulling away again with some reverse
> commands :-
> "BUT I don't really know anything about you, and I haven't known you
> for very long, and I need to feel love first"
> Sounds like the stuff that chicks tell us, right? Well chicks say it
> to flirt, as opposed to meaning what they say!

Omigod!  Rio, this is an awesome post!  Brilliant!  Genius!

"I was thinking about kissing you, but you'd probably slobber too
"I'd love to take you home, but I know you'd get all clingy."
"I'm just trying to guess if you're any good in bed.  Too bad you're
  too young/weird/conservative for me."
"I bet you'd love the way I do neck massages.  You've been acting up
  too much to deserve one, though."

This is so EASY!  Anyone can think these up on the spot!  There's no
need to think up ambiguous sentences or come up with just the right
innuendo.  Just make a Statement of Intentions, then let her know what
SHE has to offer to make it happen - by telling her that you won't do
it because she's not up to par!  I love it!  I will try it out ASAP!

Howcome I've never seen this idea explained before?  In retrospect,
it's clear that MrSex4uNYC and Mystery do similar stuff, but I've
never seen the dynamic explained this way before.  Ross talks about
setting challenges, but it's always seemed like such a delicate art
to say just the right thing at just the right time.

But this is so easy!  Thank you, Rio.


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