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POS-Andrew presents PU games: the 'snake' game, and 'shapes' game!

From: POS-Andrew 
Subject: Re: More like "4 questions" game?
Date: Sun, 05 Nov 2000 22:55:13 GMT

Here's a game from "The ABCs Of Handwriting Analysis", by Claude
Santoy, ISBN# 1-56924-889-3, starting on page 168.

You'll need a paper and pen.

Ask the girl to draw a snake.

There are 3 configurations of a "snake" that has proven to mean
something in terms of female sexuality and you're trying to determine
if there is a match.

A horizontal wavy snake
-average libido

A horizontal straight snake without any curves.
-no libido;no interest in sex

A snake that is vertically configured and has 3-4 curves.
-strong libido; possibly homosexual tendencies; fantasy

Many times there won't be a match and the "snake" is meaningless.  But
that can lead to a conversation about their sexuality.  For example, if
her "snake" is a horizontal snake that looks straight, but has a little
curves, you can just tell her that she has no libido.  Then, she'll
have to prove to you that she does ;-)

Another example on how to use this is that many women also draw a
tongue on their snakes.  Although the drawings in the book doesn't
mention anything about what a tongue means, you can give the girl some

You: "I noticed you also added a tongue on your snake."

Girl:" What does that mean?"

You: "I don't know.  The book doesn't mention anything about that.  One
can only speculate what a TONGUE ON A SNAKE means." (shrug)

You guys can probably come up with more uses with this snake drawing

Note: I usually have a rumpled copy of the drawings from the book
tucked away in my wallet so the girl can be assured that I didn't just
make it all up.  The idea is that I want to reinforce the fact that she
likes sex or that she needs to prove that she is not a frigid loser.

Here's another drawing game you can use for value elicitation from the
same book.

Show the girl a triangle, square and a circle.

Have her construct a human being using these only these 3 symbols.
They can be any size and repeated as often as she wants or even symbols

This drawing determines a person's sexual, manual, or technical and
intellectual tendencies.

Represents sexuality.

Represents materialism and technical and manual ability.

Represents imagination and intellectual ability.

After she draws the human being using those 3 symbols, count the number
of times she uses each symbol and see which one predominates.

Triangle Predominates
-a sensual and sexual person.

Squares Predominates
-a materialistic, manual or technically inclined person.

Circles Predominates
-a sensitive, intellectual person.

This way, you'll have a better idea of what her values are and one can
use a more fitting pattern.

Again, I usually have a rumpled copy of the page right out of the book
to show the girl what it means.  That way, it's not my opinion, it's
that author's expert opinion.