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From Mon May 24 22:17:13 1999
Subject: Re: Report details; 4 kiss closes, 15 phone numbers!! and a radical PU approach
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 12:51:52 GMT

Oh, yeah, one more thing about this evening.,.

The attitude we both had (me, and the PUA, SMooth) was more to
have fun with each other, seeing what we could get each of our chicks
to do, (right in front of them), so laughing and kidding, almost
paying more attention to each other, than the chicks directly, but
kind of at the same time, taking the chicks along for the ride of
the "fun" we were having. It was much less stressful that way, and
they kept their barriers down as we were doing all this to them.

In a way, they were not the direction of our fun (overtly), but just
were a part of it.

Another thing he did in the intro, is we faked like I didn't know how
to pick up women. So, he would introduce me, and then I would say the
regular 'hi'..blah blah. Then he's say (out loud to be in front of
the chick), "no, this is Japan, its differnet here.. here you take the
ladies hand and kiss it like this (and he kissed his girl's hand). ANd
then I did the same thing with mine.. That was our very first move,
and then we went on from there like in my other note...  (now,
though men never do this in Japan to the ladies, he was just using
it as a pick up ploy..but it did work...).

So there you go..

Maniac High

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From Thu Mar 23 06:30:20 2000
From: "maniac_high" 
Subject: Mr. Smooth, on "Choice"

Hi all,

A tip from Mr. Smooth I learned on my last outing, that
I found useful..

He says that one place I fuck up alot, is that I give
chicks a "choice" each step of the way, and use it to
select out chicks. 

Smooth says that this is bad, because chick's by default,
do NOT decide to do anything, which means that they will
NOT decide actively to progress things in a PU. Chicks are
like rocks, they by nature, stay in the same place/sit., and
are not in forward motion. So that means that the goal is
to make the default action (ie. what happens if the 
chick does nothing/doesn't decide) result in the chick
getting closer to you.. rather than the default action
resulting in no advancing of the PU taking place.

Some examples to clarify this:
1)When asking a chick to dance, I would offer my hand to her, and
she would/would not take it. This give a chance for the chick
to back out by doing by deciding to do nothing (ie.
not dance with me) or, to reword it, by not actively deciding to
take my hand and dance (or whatever) with me the PU fails... bad.. 
Maniac loses..

Better, is Smooth's way is to put his hand on the side of her 
waist, and  guide her gently to the dance floor with a smile. 
Now, she has no choice but to go as Smooth's hand physically
but gently moves her body to where Smooth wants her to be
(..and she will go unless she actively DECIDES to put up a 
fuss..which usually she won't because that means making a DECISION).

2)Smooth never leaves a message on a chick's phone until after
he has FUCKED her (rather than after the first date, as in RJ's
notes). Because leaving a message then gives her a choice to ignore 
the message and not call back. This game playing goes on until
after the chick has TOTALLY given up, which is only after the first

So rather, he will keep trying until he gets her in person, and not
leave any messages, that way, his pitch is far more effective.

3)Smooth will never test a chick to "qualify her". He will just
make his moves until she physically gets away from him, or until
he tongues her down (and eventually fucks her). He says he doesn't
need to "qualify her" or "test her" or giving her any small
choices (ie. seeing if she will take his hand to dance, or whatever), 
because its irrelavent to the goal, which is to fuck her. 

Rather he will continue working on any chick until he can
tongue her down, and then take her home. The results of any "tests",
or "choices", or what the girl might be irrelavent..
either she lets him tongue her down, or she physically gets out
of there.. those are her choices.. and since many chicks can't
decide as quickly as Smooth makes moves, he often gets his way.

More about Mr. Smooth is on my page..

Opinions/comments welcome.

Maniac High


From Sat Mar 25 00:02:48 2000
From: "maniac_high" 
Subject: Re: Mr. Smooth, on
Lines: 23
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 00:45:36 GMT

No, never.. Smooth never plays headgames with chicks..

He is extremely chick, get rapport, start Kino
ASAP, tongue her down..take her home.. That is the entire gameplan. 
He just goes from chick to chick in the bar/street until he
gets all the way to the end with one (probably through like 20
or 25 chicks or something before he gets one..but he moves fast
between chicks, like 5..10 minutes with each, with only like 20
seconds downtime between each). As he makes his moves, the chick
either allows it, or gets away from him, then he gets the next one.


On Fri, 24 Mar 2000 15:52:12 -0800 Craig 
> Does Mr Smooth ever play hard to get or offer challenges to
> women?
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