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David Shade does an excellent real life seduction!

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My fellow asf ng buddies.  You have not heard from me in over 2 months.
I have been very busy with my new found confidence to approach any woman
anywhere with openers that actually work, since finishing Ross' basic
home study course.

I have also been spending most of my online time reading the SS list.
There are some fantastic success stories there, especially from guys
like Bishop.  I have learned almost as much from the SS list as from the

Here is my report for last week.  As you will see, it is a lot different
from my previous reports.  This is going to sound a lot like a Bishop
post, but that is because he is my role model and I thought about what
he would do.  Don’t ask me for the patterns used.  They are from the
course and various posts in the SS list.

So I'm walking through the ladies dresses section in a fancy clothing
store at the mall and happen to see an attractive sales girl walking
towards me.  She is about an 8, late 20s, 5'7", tight slender build,
nice eyes, and reeeeel purdy lips.  She has cropped short black hair and
wire rim glasses.  The artsy creative type.  I look straight into her
eyes.  She looks.  We continue looking at each other as we approach.
Just before she passes she smiles and I smile back.  I now know she has
a good attitude.  I walk a few more steps and turn around and walk to
where she is putting clothes on a rack.  I approach and use Ross' AB
opener.  She blushes bright pink and says "Oh thank you."  I anchor that
with my left hand on the top of her right wrist and say "I did not mean
to make you blush."  Then I extend my hand and say "My name's David."
She shakes it and says "My name's Lisa."  I go for the number in the
challenging fashion that Ross instructs us to do in the course.  She
says "OK, let me get my card and give you my number here at work!"  She
starts to walk and I say "You are very busy here at work, is there a way
I might reach you when you are not so busy?"  She says "I don't want to
do that.  You can always call me here, or, you can give me your
number."  I say "I am never home and I seem to always miss calls.  Do
you have access to email?"  She says "No, but I can call you and leave a
message and you can call me back!"  I use Bishop's famous challenge line
here.  She looks at me disappointed and says "No, please don’t do that!
What do you do?"  I say "I'm an engineer at ***."  She says "Oh I used
to work there.  But I am a very creative type.  I left there to come
here and to start my own jewelry making business.  They could not
appreciate me there."  I say "I am only analytical at work, after work I
relax and enjoy being a human being."  She says "Oh I know what you
mean."  I say "In fact, I too enjoy being creative."  She says "I know,
I could see it in your eyes."  I say "Is that so?"  She says "Yes, and
you have very intense eyes."  I look very intensely at her and say "I
hope you are not intimidated by very intense eyes" and then smile.  She
says "Oh No, not at all.  In fact, I like them.  What is your creative
medium?"  I say "I like to write poetry."  She says "Oh really, I love
poetry."  I say "Well, I would love to read some of my poetry to you
sometime."  She says "I would love that."  Then I use Major Mark's
challenge line and Bishop's famous poetry invitation.  She smiles really
big and then looks disappointed and says "Oh I'm sorry, I can’t tonight,
I have plans, but let me give you my card and I will take your number,
wait here."  I take a seat next to the piano and chat up a nice lady who
is sitting next to me waiting for someone.  Lisa returns and I stand to
meet her.  She says "Here is my card.  What is your phone number?"  I
tell her as she writes it on another card.  She says "Can I call you?"
I say "Yes, that would be nice."  She shakes my hand again and I leave.

Shortly after I arrive home the phone rings.  I can tell from the caller
ID that it is her.  We start out with small talk.  Then she gets into a
long discussion about how she was so unhappy at the previous company.  I
let it go only long enough to get some of her trance words (feel,
creative, deep, understand) and values and then steered it in the
direction of her jewelry creations.  She delights in telling me all
about the shows her jewelry has been in and how she has orders that she
has to fill tonight.  I then steer it in the direction of the poetry.
When I get the chance, I say "Would you like to hear one I have
written?"  She says "Yes, but I warn you, I have not eaten dinner yet
and I don’t want to pass out on you if it is a really good poem."  I say
"OK, just this one poem."  Then I recite Bro Nick Forturne's "Two
Eyes."  She says "Wow, that was beautiful."  I say "You are so sweet, I
am so glad you liked it."  She says "I did, I am only telling the
truth."  Then the discussion starts going in the wrong direction and I
pull it back.  I say, not all of my poems have to rhyme, some of them
are more free form.  Would you like to hear one more?"  She delightfully
agrees and I recite Bishop's "The Sweetest Sound."  There is a pause,
and she says "Oh my God."  I say "I am so glad you liked it."  Then I
say "I love how you can really feel my poetry Lisa."  She says "Yes, I
really feel it.  Like it touches me so deeply.  You write about
feelings.  How do you know so much about feelings?"  I say "I am a
student of the human mind.  As electrical engineers, we looked to the
human brain as an alternative computing architecture.  While reading
neurologist's papers, they quoted papers and studies done by
psychologists.  I became fascinated by the subject.  Here is one
experiment they talked about.  Would you like to try it?"  She is game,
so I did the Blammo pattern.  She had diagonal interference patterns so
I helped her to adjust the control knob that tunes in a station to
reduce interference.  I say "But such a visual experiment just shows how
you and I are kinesthetic people, we are feeling people, we are not
visual like most other people."  She says "Yes… (pause) I knew we were a
lot alike."  I say "Yes, we communicate in a different way, we FEEL."
She says "Yes, so many people cannot understand that.  They are
intimidated by it because they do not understand it.  But you understand
it.  Who are you?  I feel as if I have known you for so long!"  I say "I
know, I feel that as well.  I understand how you feel."  She says "Do
you talk like this to all the girls?"  I say "I only say what I feel."
She says "Oh, that is good!"  Then I go into the IC pattern and she
interrupts me many times to clarify and agree.  She says "I want to give
you a big hug right now."  I say "Oh Lisa, I can feel that hug."  Then I
say "Talking about feelings, here is a poem about just that thing."  I
recite "Rose in Your Heart" from Mindlist.  There is a very very long
pause.  Finally she says "I am speechless."  I say "Good, I want you to
be.  I want you to feel understanding so deeply that not even words can
describe it."  She says "I… (pause) feel so closely to you David. Do you
do this with all the girls?"  I say "How can I Lisa?  This is so rare
what we have.  We are both feeling people and we have communicated on
such a deep level with our feelings."  (All true.)  She says "Yes… so
true… (pause) this is scary. Are you scared?"  I say "Yes Lisa, it is
scary.  I feel scared and excited at the same time."  I then go into the
Discovery Channel pattern.  She says "I know something else that is like
that."  I laugh and then there is a long pause.  She says "I don’t know
what to do?"

I can hear Bishy telling me that she is asking me to help her to agree
to meet.  I do not have an anchor to fire off, but I do have words, so I
say "I feel so closely to you Lisa.  You have made me feel so vulnerable
to you."  She says "You have made me feel so open to you, so exposed."
I say "Yes, that is it exactly.  I need to see you Lisa."  She says
"When can we get together?"  I say Monday night would be good.  She says
she has something that night, but Tuesday is good.  I say I cannot meet
Tuesday or Thursday but Wednesday is good.  She cannot meet Wednesday
but this next weekend is good.  I tell her I cannot meet on the
weekend.  Stale mate.  I feel that we have enough rapport that I can
report to her that I am divorced and have two sons who I see every
Tuesday and Thursday evening and every other weekend.  She takes it
well.  I tell her about the boys and how they enjoy going on dates with
me, and they talk the whole time to my date and I never get a word in
edgewise.  She likes it.  She tells me about her two cats who are like
her daughters.  I say "It is so special to have that, knowing that your
cats love you unconditionally."  She says "Oh yes, they love me."  Never
did we get to the age question.  She is probably 16 years younger than

I say "It is too bad it will be at least a week before we can get
together."  She says "David, you have touched me on a different plane.
It is as if you have touched me without even touching me."  I say "Lisa,
that is the nicest compliment anyone has given me in a very long time."
She says "What do you want to do?"  I know what she is asking me to do.
I say "I want to be with you."  She says "Those things you have to do
tonight, do you have to do them?"  I say "I can put them off."  She says
"I would like to meet you tonight."  I say "I would like to meet you
tonight."  She says "I would like to meet with you privately, but I
think it is best if we meet in a public place."  I say "Oh I agree.  As
much as I would love to be alone with you, we need to meet where I can
get to know who you really are, what your values are, who the real Lisa
is."  She is very happy with that.  I say "OK, let's agree on a
restaurant where you can finally have dinner."  She says "I'm not hungry
anymore."  I laugh and say "Neither am I."  She laughs. We agree on a
coffee shop near her house and agree to meet there in 45 minutes.  I
tell her "Now Lisa, when you see me, I want you to give me that big hug
you promised me."  She says "Oh I will!"

I arrive on time.  She is not there yet.  I find that it is full.  None
of the couches are available.  There are a number of very attractive
young ladies that I would love to approach, but I pass the time by
chatting with the manager.  The temperature in the late evening has
dropped and it is very cool outside, but it is warm in the coffee shop.

She arrives with a jacket and no glasses.  She smiles and blushes.  I
put out my arms like I am expecting that big hug.  She opens her arms
wide and gives me the most delicious hug.  I slide my hands under her
jacket.  I love how her slender firm body feels in my arms.  Wow.
Knowing that she is a kinesthetic person I whisper into her ear "You
feel even better then you look."  She holds me even tighter.  This goes
on for about a minute.  I notice that a couch becomes available so I let
go and take her hand and lead her to our couch.

We take a seat.  She takes off her jacket.  We are both smiling big and
I sense that she is feeling a bit awkward.  I hold her hand in mine and
say "We will just relax here and allow ourselves to get used to being
together again and allow ourselves to feel totally comfortable with each
other."  She likes it and says "It is getting warm in here."  We laugh.
I start with small talk about all we have been through so as to allow
her to relive our relationship so far, backwards in time, which makes
her feel very comfortable.  Then the waitress comes and she orders some
fancy French type of ice tea and I order a plain ice tea.

When the drinks arrive I run Bishy's Ice Tea pattern.  I am purposefully
blatant with the embedded commands.  She smiles and looks at me as if
she knows what I am up to.  We both laugh.  More small talk while we are
massaging each other's hands.  She is a little nervous and holding my
hands is her security blanket.  She apologetically says "I have big
hands for a woman."  (I thought they were very feminine actually.)  I
say "Well you know what that would mean if you were a man?"  She laughs
and says "Oh but that is not always true."  I say "Might not, but its
sheer size is not what is important, but the way each other makes the
other feel while making love."  She says "Oh so true."

She holds her hands just a fraction of an inch from either side of mine
and says "Did you know that you can feel the energy between two
people?"  I say "I can feel that Lisa."

I compliment her on her beautiful eyes.  She says "Your eyes are very
playful.  You have a playfulness about you."  I say "I think that is
what it is all about.  Why do it if it cannot be fun.  It should be

She says "Even when I first looked into your eyes, I felt as if I had
always known you."  I used this to go into the IC pattern again, but
this time to plant that famous anchor on the solar plexus.  She accepted
it and actually liked it.

She asks me where I get the inspiration to write such beautiful poetry.
I say "When I am alone, I think about how it would feel to not be alone,
what it would be like, how it would feel, what we would do."  Then I ask
her "Do you know how it feels to be alone?"  She replies "Oh yes."  I
say "Do you feel alone now?"  She says "Oh no."  I say "This feeling,
that you are feeling now, (I fire off top of wrist anchor) how would you
describe it? How would you describe the opposite of alone?"  She looks
at me for a while and says "Embraced."  I say "That is the perfect word
for it, embraced."  Then I say to her "Now, we are together, as if we
have always meant to have met, and that reminds me of a story I once
heard.  A story about soul friends."  She says "Friends? You mean soul
mates?"  She seemed kind of disappointed.  I know that I will later have
to "manage her relationship expectations."  I say "Soul friends, like we
have always known each other."  Then I go into the Soul Friends
pattern.  I anchor her childhood time with me with a touch on the inside
of her arm just above the wrist.  Then the present a little higher than
that, and the future a little higher than that.  Then I say "And now you
can feel that we have always been together" as I slide my finger from
her wrist up, and even higher as I say "And it just keeps feeling better
and better."  She closes her eyes for a moment and then looks at me and
says "I am in a trance."

I just let her look into my eyes for a while.  Then I look at her lips
and she looks at my lips.  Then I say "You know that you can feel a
first kiss even before it happens?"  I go into the first kiss pattern.
She licks her lips.  I then say "and talking about anticipation, have
you ever thought of the difference between anticipation and
compulsion?"  She disclosed that she once had a compulsion for Godiva
white chocolate clams.  They are sweet, smooth, and silky.  This was the
perfect intro to the BJ pattern.  She loved that!

Then I said "I brought with me a poem that I wanted to read to you."
She looked wide eyed at me and said "Oh no!" as if "Are you going to
make me even hotter?"  I take out of my pocket three pages that I
printed out before driving to the coffee shop.  I then look at her and
her head is rested on the back of the couch in preparation for being
read to.  I then recite Bishop's "Lover's Dance."  She sighs and says "I
saw all the visuals.  I felt as if we were really there.  Like two
lovers sharing that gift that nature has given us to share together.
David, you make me feel so deeply.  I wish that there were a way that I
could make you feel so deeply."  hmmm…  Then I say "Speaking about
gifts, I have written about just such a gift.  I would like to read it
to you now."  She looks at the ceiling and then rolls her head towards
me and says "Yes."  I recite Bishop's "Warm and fuzzy."  When I am done
she looks straight ahead and she begins to cry.  She says "I am crying.
David, you have made me feel so deeply.  Sometimes I feel so deeply that
it hurts."  I sense that this will be a problem later.  I should have
addressed it right then.  I hold her closely.  We look deeply into each
other's eyes.

I know at this time I must "manage her relationship expectations."  I
say "Lisa, as you know, we are both very busy people.  We had a hard
time finding this evening to be together.  It will be at least a week
before we see each other again.  My schedule has always served to raise
havoc with a relationship."  She says "How can you do that?  How can you
do a take away like that?"  I say "Lisa, too many times in my past, my
schedule has only served to ruin a good thing.  I want to be totally
honest with you."  She said "Well, I know that in some of my previous
relationships, I have gotten too involved with someone at the expense of
the other things in my life that I cherish, and I have ended up mad at
myself for doing that.  I am a busy person.  Yes, I do understand."  I
said "Lisa, before, I have gone into relationships and not been totally
honest before it goes too far, maybe in order that we will have sex, I
don’t know.  But I am too mature now to mess with anybody's feelings.
Feelings are just too precious."  She says "Yes, David, that is so
true.  I do thank you for being honest with me.  I guess I don’t really
want someone to be with me all the time, I just want someone who I can
share with, who I can call, someone who really cares about me."  I say
"I want nothing more than for us to be totally honest with each other."

The waitress comes by and says it is last call.  We decline.  Perfect
timing.  I say "It is late and we must go home.  I will drive you to
your car.  When we get to my car, I have a poem in my car that I want to
read to you."  She delightfully says "OK!"  pheeew, good.  I thought I
might have lost her there.

We hold hands as we walk to my car.  Her stride is as long as mine and
we are walking in step.  She wants to do the "Monkey's walk" where they
walk in front of each other's foot.  We sing the theme song from the

I unlock the passenger door and hold it as she gets in. I get in the
driver's side and find that she is sitting with her legs under her,
while facing me.  Ross tells us in the BHSC that this is a very good
sign.  She is cold so I warm up the car.  I tell her "I have even
written poetry for lady friends of mine to read to their boyfriends.
Here are two poems that I have written.  Remember, these are from a
woman's point of view."  She is wide eyed and ready.  I recite the two
poems.  She stares at me and says "David, how have you described exactly
how I feel?"  I say "Because it is how I feel.  It is how I want you to
feel."  She says "I want to take you home with me, but... it's too
soon."  I say "I completely understand and I respect your decision.
Even though we feel as if we have known each other our whole lives, we
mustn't move too fast.  We don't want to think about how incredible it
would be."  She says "You’re not helping any!"  I laugh and say "I will
drive you to your car now."  We navigate to her car in a nearby well lit
parking lot frequented by cops, so I do not want anything to happen in
the car.  We sit in my car.

She says that it is getting hot now.  I turn down the heat and she takes
off her coat.  She rests her head sideways on the head rest and looks at
me.  I look at her lips and lick my lips.  She leans forward and goes
into the actual slow sensual real life enactment of the first kiss.  I
play my part well.  It is awesome.  It gets more heated and passionate.
Next thing we are licking each other's tonsils.  Then I lick her lips as
if they were her "other" lips.  This sends her into orbit.  Then she
complains that she is hot.  I turn on the damn air conditioning.  She
complains again and says that she wants to remove her clothing.  Then
she says "No, how does this seat go back?"  I recline her seat and she
pulls me onto her. Then she says "David, I have been hurt so many
times."  Oh shit, here it comes.  I should have addressed this before.
She talks about the men in her life who dated her and dumped her and
then came back just wanting sex again.  I say "That type of behavior
makes me angry because just because I am a man, I am included in such a
group.  That is just the kind of thing I was talking about before.  It
is only human to be honest with somebody and to really care about
someone" and I slide my finger up the inside of her arm to fire off the
soul friends anchor and say "as you can feel that about me."  She says
"I know, it isn't fair, it is not you."

Then she instructs me to recline my seat.  She climbs on top of me and
more cuddling and kissing occurs.  She says breathlessly "No don’t" but
continues nonetheless.  hmmm...  She says "I want you David.  I want to
take you home with me.  But… I am on my menstrual cycle now."  I say
"Are you self conscious about that?"  She says "Well, yes, in the early
part of a relationship I am."  I say "Lisa, I love everything about you
that defines you as feminine, everything.  I am very accepting of it
all."  She says "You are so wonderful David.  I wish I could do this."
I point at her solar plexus and say "I only want you to do what you feel
inside here."  She slides her head down my stomach and onto my lap.  She
reaches for my zipper.  All I can think about is the flashlight of a
cop.  I say "Lisa, I want this, but I want this in the privacy of your
bedroom, where I can feel your body against mine.  Where I can feel all
of your skin."  She rests for a few seconds and then raises up and lies
back on her reclined seat and pulls me onto her.  She starts massaging
her breasts and says "David, look at what you do to me, you make me
fondle myself."  I say "That is very exciting for me."  (very true)  I
go for broke and I say "Lisa, what do you want me to do.  Do you want to
me just tell you 'Lisa, take me home with you now'?"  She softly says
"no."  I do not partake in anymore playtime unless she wants to play at
home.  We rest in each other's arms.  I am not going to push it any
further.  I do not want to loose any respect she already has for me now
and I do not want to mess with her feelings.  She says "I am not going
to get any sleep tonight."  I am done jumping hurtles so I say "It is
late.  We better go home."  We kiss softly and we both know the night is
over.  We set our seats up straight and we fix our clothing.  I get out
and go to her door and open her door.  A cop drives by very slowly
watching us like a hawk.  I say to her "The cops are out patrolling
lover's lane."  She laughs.  She puts her coat in her car and turns to
me.  She says "I have a feeling I will be thinking about you a lot."  I
say "And I will of you."  We embrace and kiss one last time.

Lisa and I talk on the phone each day over the next 3 days.  She
mentions in one conversation that she had an operation for
endometriosis.  She mentions that during her period it causes
intercourse to be very uncomfortable.  THAT'S WHY!  It is a good thing I
did not try to push anything.  I read to her Bishop's "Rain of Desire."
She absolutely loves it and asks for a copy of it.  I tell her I will
bring it to her when I see her again.

Our busy schedules keep us apart.  But late Thursday night we make some
time and she gives me directions to her place so I can pick her up to
take her out for a cup of coffee.  I print off Bishop's "Rain of Desire"
and head out.  It is a very warm evening this time.  When I arrive she
opens the door and opens her arms for a big hug.  I step inside and
close the door behind me. She hugs me very closely.  We say nothing.
This hug goes on for almost 5 minutes.  I finally whisper into her ear
"You feel so good."  We start grinding a little.  Then I say "I have the
feeling that you would prefer to just sit on the couch and talk here."
She says "Yes, let's do."  We take a seat on the couch.  I can tell she
is very comfortable.  I fire off the Soul Friends anchor and then I hold
my hand just a fraction of an inch from her skin and start moving my
hand up and down her arm as if to transfer energy to her, as she had
done to me.  I talk about the energy between two people.  She says "Your
voice just mesmerizes me."

She slides us along the back of the couch to rest against the arm of the
couch.  Serious kissing ensues followed by heavy petting.  Eventually we
are horizontal.  Her air conditioning is wholly inadequate and I am
starting to perspire.  She suggests that I remove my shirt.  No
problem.  Petting continues.  She complains of being hot and removes her
shirt.  ok…  In time, more articles of clothing are removed in the
interest of comfort.  She must not be on her period anymore.  I ask her
"Would it be cooler in your bedroom?"  She says "Yes, I have a fan in
there."  We make our way to her canopy bed.  Here the final articles of
clothing are removed and I spend a great deal of time adoring her lovely
soft ivory skin, flat hard stomach, and narrow hips.  This woman still
has the body of a girl.  We cuddle for a while and she says "This is too
soon."  I say "Yes, it is.  We will just enjoy holding each other."
Then she starts fondling herself and says "David, do you like watching
me?"  I say "That is very exciting for me."  She sees that it is and she
reaches into her night stand and rips open a condom and together we
"plant the big anchor."

Eventually it is very late and I have to work the next day.  Before I
leave we make plans for a date for dinner on Saturday.  Why?  Because,

David Shade