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Maniac introduces a PU game: Strawberry Fields!
[Note, this originally comes from the book 'Kokology']

Subject: Game!: Strawberry fields
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2000 08:02:40 GMT

Game!: Strawberry fields

This is a game to find out some things about how chicks
see sex. It is very popular in Japan & is a good state


Intro: Hey, lets play a game!

Imagine you are alone in a field, and see a straberry field
in front of you with tasty strawberries.

There is a fence/gate around the field. How high is it?
(= how easy is this girl/guy to take sex)

Now you are in the straberry field, how many straberries
do you take?
(=how many BFs/GFs that person wants)

Ok, after you have finished enjoying the strawberries,
how do you feel about the farmer, who's field you took them
(=how you feel to that person after fucking them)

The end

Maniac High