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Good sample pickup patterns from Vincent and Thomas

From Thu Dec 16 22:59:51 1999

From: "Vincent Runza" 
Subject: The MrSex4uNYC pattern
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 10:40:55 -0500
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To the Group:
This idea came from a post on the MindList about speaking admiringly 
about someone else and linking that admiration to yourself. Some of the text 
is from a post by the Man Himself. The idea here is to speak admiringly, 
with real emotion, while you link the things you admire to yourself:

    I was talking with a buddy of mine down in NYC. He's a real natural
charmer [sp], who just knows all the ways to get really close to you 
almost instantaneously.
     He really has all those abilities in abundance [sp]. Of course, 
he's got an edge, in that he was born charming. Women have liked him since he 
was a baby, but it's more than that. He genuinely likes women and never 
tries to bamboozle them into doing something they haven't already thought of 
doing themselves [note ambiguity]. He just gets them laughing, shows a real
interest in them as people, not just Hot Babes, and finds out what's 
going on deep inside them. He [drawing gesture] draws out their hidden 
desires, things their best friends don't even know. He really makes them feel 
all the deep feelings they may have suppressed all their lives. This is 
a real pleasure [pth] for them, so different than all the other guys [pt.
away] who showed they were just looking for a chance to get laid. Now, 
with me, creating an incredible connection with a woman like that is way 
beyond just thinking about hot, naked sex [dickpoint].
     He just demonstrates to her that he is different and that her life 
will be worse off if he is not in it. I think that knowing he doesn't need 
you, even if [pth] you need him, makes you realize he could get snapped up by
another woman who was more willing to jump his bones right now. As you 
think about it like that, feeling a passion and surrender you might have never
felt before [touch anchor], you might become anxious about losing the 
chance to express it. This guy [sp] may simply lose interest in you if you 
can't give back some of the pleasure [dickpoint] he makes you feel.
     The really great thing about this guy is, even if he only has the
chance to have a fling with a woman, she has an experience [pth] she'll
remember for the rest of her life. He gives her something to cherish and
[dickpoint] hold on to even when he's no longer there. It's like he 
reaches her [sp] deeper than any man ever has, and more important than 
physically, [pth] she has to go deep inside and bring herself out and present 
herself to him as a gift. She entrusts him with deep secrets that she hasn't shared
with anyone, ever. He pleases her [sp] so much that she wants to give 
him pleasure [dickpoint] however he derives pleasure.
     And you know, it doesn't seem to matter if he's her 'type'. As far 
as I can tell, the true wonder for a woman doesn't come when she hooks up 
with a man who is her "type" [pt. away]. A man who society [stack] or her folks
[stack] or her friends [stack] would approve of [stack], or who she's 
used to [stack], or who is typical [stack] for her to be attracted to. The 
true wonder is when she is carried beyond all that by a man [sp] who touches 
her in so many mysterious ways that she never even imagined she could be 
touched and she experiences [pth] true passion..which is not temporarily being
turned on in the's not even when she finds she gives all that 
she has..but when she is touched [touch 'passion & surrender' anchor] so
profoundly that she discovers things within her that she didn't even 
know were there.
     Once that happens, her thoughts start moving in, hmmm, a whole new
direction with [sp] this guy. She just finds her own reasons for wanting
this to continue and figures out what steps to take next. Now, I don't 
know if you can imagine feeling like that yourself. For me, that 
instantaneous connection with someone is worth working for - and I think that's an
understanding that works both ways.
     Now, maybe you can answer a question for me: What is it about 
curious people that makes them SO attractive? (big evil grin) [wait fror laugh] 
You know, I can tell you're a woman with great taste - because you laugh at 
what I say. And the more you laugh at what I say, the more you'll recognize 
just how attractive you find that [wait for laugh, touch 'passion & 
surrender' anchor]. See, just like that!

Feel free to comment, flame, borrow all or part.

From mrsex4unyc@aol.comedr4d Thu Dec 16 23:00:23 1999
From: mrsex4unyc@aol.comedr4d (MrSex4uNYC)
Subject: Re: The MrSex4uNYC pattern
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Date: 16 Dec 1999 16:11:46 GMT
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>To the Group:
>This idea came from a post on the MindList about speaking admiringly about
>someone else and linking that admiration to yourself. Some of the text is
>from a post by the Man Himself. The idea here is to speak admiringly,  with
>real emotion, while you link the things you admire to yourself:

hehehe :)

nice pattern Vince :)  I was feeling good about MYSELF when I read it! 
hahahaha I'm SURE this would work on the chicks... let us know what 

PS - NO it is not a nice pattern because it talks about ME... it is a 
pattern because it is written in NATURAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE and has good 
commands and carries good feelings to the listener... I think it is a
well-crafted pattern and should be very successful... that is for those 
that LIKE to use patterns :)

good job

From Thu Nov  4 22:33:11 1999
Subject: 'Trance Induction' followed by THE KNOCK OUT
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 1999 15:05:35 GMT
Organization: - Before you buy.
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I asked a question about stacking realities and got some great answers
- thanks!!

There's also another way of overloading the conscious, right...sentence
fragments! As I understands is...a way of...delivering a lot
of...facts with a lot of...pauses.

And again there's another trance induction method - storytelling!! Just
telling a story with a lot of sensory input. This will activate the
right side of the brain.

So this is my formula:

1. Overloading consciousness
  a) Sentence fragments - with NO sensory input (it shall be hard to
  b) Stacking realities

2. Storytelling (telling about an experience you had with someone else
for instance).

3. The Knock-out!
  a) Using quotes
  b) Describing another persons experience
  c) Describing a process - of falling in love for instance

So it could work by this:

"I have this friend...Kim...and we are good friends...She lives not so
far away, by the way...and she has this little-sister, Darleen...very
sweet actually...She goes to some sport...can't remember what it
is...and I have met her trainer...a very fine woman. Actually I saw her
once on the street, where she send me a big smile. It was a sunny day,
the birds was singing, and she was dressed so nicely, as if she was to
EXPECT SOMEONE GREAT PERSON to visit her. So I went over the street,
and we began to talk. Walking down the street, swallowed up in the
conversation, the sounds around us began fading. It was so easy to FEEL
GOOD in this company. We got home to her, and she began playing the
piano for me. Ever heard the sound of great piano-music? And there was
this nice smell in the room of fresh flowers, and there was a warmth
that could touch you so deeply inside. Can you FEEL THAT...(touch
her)...would be such a wonderful thing to experience. And the music
wrapping its gentle arms around you, to the point where you could just
LET GO in YOUR MINE, and FEEL THAT hap-PENIS, penetrating so deep. I
don't know if you can FEEL with me...that was such a
delighful experience..."

Any comments on this pattern or the trance induction method?


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