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[mrsex4unyc comments on the Ms. T-back lay report]

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Subject: Re: Lay Report: Smooth & Maniac shag a chick and her friend ; dirty dancing with samba babe
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Date: 21 Jun 1999 23:24:54 GMT
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>Lay Report! Smooth & Maniac shag a chick and her 
>friend, and dance dirty with Samba babe! 

Great post Maniac  :)  also, great work.  this is what I was complaining about
initially when you were just collecting numbers FOR NOTHING!  You could have
done work like this back then too.  Great progress :)

>I meet him, and we talk a little about the new 
>strategy we planned last week, to make sure we are 
>all on the same page. The plan is:
>-Do a regular Smooth style hit / introduce the other / 
>joke around
>-get sexual talk going right away
>-get kino as soon after that
>-get them to my place
>-fuck them

very basic.  very effective.  very good :)

>I worry, because I see 
>that HB remember me is exhibiting some HB 
>hotpants'ish behavior (buy me this..that/drink). 
>Smooth and I dont bite (we debriefed after the 
>hotpants/sparkles incidents).


>She gets the old 
>foreigner to buy her a drink and then she ignores 
>him after that.

see what good it would have done you to buy her ANYTHING?  you would have
gotten ignored for your trouble AND money :)

>I am talking to HB long hair, I find 
>she has a BF, and she is totally in love with him. Not 
>sure I can shag her, so I move on to 8 Donuts chick. 

hahaha see what happened there?  you found out AHEAD OF TIME what game you
needed to play with her.  You decided the game was not worth it to win or
perhaps a no-win to begin with and bailed.  what you WOULD have done is talked
to this chick for an hour and tried to impress her while she DIDN'T tell you
she was attached so you could buy her drinks and dinners and bus rides, then
you would have gone for the USELESS number then she would have mentioned the BF
then you would have tried a "BF destroyer" HAHAHAHAHAHA.  It took me so long to
type that shit, I KNOW it would have wasted so much time, energy, money and
opportunity for you that you would have been disgusted!  :)

>She is a 20 yr old student, and works at Dunkin 
>Donuts on the side. I ask her some basic questions 
>(age, job, hobby, challenges in job, basic values stuff, 
>and then sexual stuff (joking about favorite part of 

I really like that favorite part of the body stuff :)

>I find out she likes dancing, so we go to 
>the dance floor and start dancing). I get Kino right 
>away, and that is going well. Soon though, it is 
>midnight, and she has to go as its last train and she 
>has to work in the morning. I get her number, and 
>she goes.


>Chick). I am having trouble though, because I cannot 
>understand at all the Japanese of what mine are 
>saying, and they also don't look like they want to 
>talk to me. I gesture to Smooth, and then smooth 
>makes a wise move,..he switches with me, and I 
>work his two chicks (I like wingmen who are on to 
>this, not selfish, and realize that obstacle work is a 
>team sport). 

exactly.  my wings know that I can take the fall for ANYTHING!  if they need to
come off crude, they will say that I said it.  I am so good at dealing with
spontaneous situations that I can play off of an immediately different position
and make it look convincing :)  When my wing is doing good work, I fade back
and sometimes MUTE until I am needed in the convo.  when I am on, my wings can
leave to get more chicks or chime in or whatever.  we know what the desired
outcome is and are not afraid to switch chicks in mid-conversation to get them.
 sometimes my wing is the only one they are interested in.  we switch off then
so he can gas both chicks up, then try to extract to his house for drinks n

>She asks me if I am the type of guy who 
>chats to all girls and tries to get phone numbers and 
>fuck them, but in a really negative way, not a playful 
>way. I tell her I am looking for the right kind of girl 
>for me.

potential ERROR

what values did you elicit from her that told you that THAT was the correct
answer to her question?  I'm sure you left out MOST of the actual details of
the conversation or this post would have been a mini-series :) however, I doubt
that you knew the right answer to this question before she asked it.  these
things are crucial.  you need to find out AS MUCH AS YOU CAN about a chick
BEFORE she asks you any questions besides the basics like your name.  remember,
you are not trying to tell her the truth... you are telling her what she needs
to hear in order to fuck you!  you won't know what to tell her until you ask
her what to tell her... does that make sense?

negative sounding or not, that chick was seeing WHY you were talking to them. 
You assumed IMO that she was NOT looking for a player and quick, meaningless,
no-strings-attached sex.  If you were WRONG, she may have said "I don't want
this guy latching on to me" and shut down.  Next time deflect the question with
a laugh and "why do you ask that?" followed if necessary by "what makes you
think that about me?" then find out what she thinks about you then DON'T ANSWER

>Then we move on to other things about what 
>is important to her..etc. Then I suggest that we 
>should talk another time again, and she gets really 
>frosty, and strange. It was really weird. Smooth and I 
>switch off again, as he has loosened up the other two 
>chicks for me. He takes his shot and Horror and Blue 
>chick, and gets a lot farther with Blue chick, dancing 
>with her, looks like its going great, but no kissing 
>(he isn't able to get in). He goes back to the table and 
>talk to her more, and then she totally wierds out on 
>him too, and he gives up. He tells be later, that HB 
>Bluedress is seriously fucked up/frigid somehow, 
>very suddently, he'd never seen anything like it so 
>suddenly. I agree, and tell him the same thing 
>happened to me too.
>Now we move over to the bar side, and meet HB tits, 
>and HB tiny chick. HB tits has a chest, and is 
>wearing a dress that lets you see all the cleavage. HB 
>tiny is a 35KG tiny little sexy chick, maybe around 
>35, but still very very good. I do the hit, and run the 
>smooth intro. They are always looking away from 
>the people (facing the bar), but anyways, we get in. I 
>am working on HB tits, and Smooth is working HB 
>tiny. They are friendly, but dont seem interested 
>somehow. But I am getting looks from HB tiny, so 
>we switch off. I ask HB tiny to tell me about her 
>friend, and why she likes her.

I like this a lot too.  I am going to use it :)

>HB tiny tells me she 
>hangs out with HB Tits because she is so beatiful. I 
>say oh really, you think so, and take HB Tinys hand, 
>and run it over HB Tits ass.

HUH? HAHAHAHAHAHA  I can't believe that move!  that is fucking incredible!  I
love it!  super-aggressive :)  unless you left out a section where you
determined that they were BIs, I was amazed when I read that...really.  you
definitely have some tricks up your sleeve and some boldness you didn't mention
in your other posts :)

>HB tits looks indifferent, 
>but HB tiny is clearly enjoying it and an evil grin 
>comes to her face. I ask then which is usually on top, 
>HB tiny, or HB tits. HB tiny says she's on the 
>bottom. It was funny. HB tits at this point starts 
>telling me that she is not a lesbian, then tunes out of 
>the conversation.

right.  she is not a lesbian, therefore she is a bi.  she was either telling
you NOT to be discouraged in trying to fuck them by mistakenly assuming they
don't like dick, or she was telling you that the other chick was BULLSHITTING
and don't listen to her.  either way, you are in a PRIMO spot here :)

>This is out of Smooths operating 
>range, and he is looking, not really sure how to 
>handle this. Smooth has a certain program with how 
>to work on chicks, and this ain't a part of it it seems 
>, he is not sure what I am trying to do. (the goal 
>here, was to get some 3p or 4p action (3p, Japanese 
>speak for menage a trois).  I start commenting on HB 
>tiny, and how she can handle that, and start touching 
>her ass, and hair and stuff. She reacts okay. The 
>whole time though, they only stay at the bar, facing 
>away from other customers (they attend to us)..[turns 
>out they stay there the *entire* night, facing away 
>from everyone, I think we were the only guys who 
>hit on them with any measure of success)].  HB tits 
>leaves to go get a drink, and I am still working on 
>HB tiny. Smooth leaves to go find the next chicks 
>we'll hit on since he is not sure what to do here 
>anyways. My Japanese falls apart for hard stuff, so I 
>move on when HB tits gets back, as I am unable to 
>keep HB tits engaged at all, she is turning a little 
>frigid. HB Tiny and me start making funny getures 
>to each other, and we are having fun. HB tiny is 
>really interesting though, I should have gotten her 

yes.  you should have gotten her number.  she seemed to really like interacting
with you.  what you ALSO should have done is EXTRACTED HB Tiny.  you should
have gotten her isolated and worked on her.  Once you had her horny, you should
have either tried to get some right there in the club or convinced her to
convince her girlfriend.  sometimes you can string chicks like that, especially
if you get the leader of the pack or the driver for the night.  Many times, one
of us has snagged a leader and had to call extra guys to come and divvy up the
extra bitches :) 

>We go down, she is very very good, and a very 
>passionate dancer. I am not bad too, and we kick ass 
>on the floor, and get very Kino right away. We made 
>the film "dirty dancing" look like a G rated kids 


>We get them off the dance floor, and smooth makes 
>the pitch to his chick, and convinces her. *But*, oh 
>no!, my Samba babe ran into some old friends, and is 
>busy chatting with them. We wait a couple minutes, 
>then decide to come back later when she is done. 

again... he should have worked on his and gotten her horny enough to DRAG her
girlfriend out of there and get her home.  the only problem is that you didn't
kiss her yet, so if you got home, you may have run into a situation where you
have to chill and Smooth is the only one that fucks!  much better to make sure
both are getting on before you go home.  under the circumstances, you had a
bird in the hand, but as long as smooth got her number, the night was still
young enough to be productive.  it was the RIGHT move for sarging, but a bad
move for just plain fucking chicks in general.

>Right then, we meet two HB chicks who just got to 
>the bar by the lockers, and I look at Smooth, and he 
>approves the looks, so I go in and make the hit. One 
>chick is frigid, the other (HB necklace)  is looking 
>for action, it is obvious right away. Smooth comes 
>in, and works on HB necklace, and I work on frigid 
>obstacle. We do the regular hit pattern as above, and 
>get to the dance floor. I am keeping obstacle busy as 
>long as I can, until Smooth manages to tongue down 
>HB necklace. At this point HB frigid decides to 
>leave, I gesture to Smooth, and I leave too, leaving 
>the two on the floor to finish the tonguefest.

as you mention later, this is about the numbers game.  eventually you land on a
chick that is looking for action... FROM ANYBODY!  then you can move in quickly
and easily to the fuck.  the  hardest part is sifting through bitches to find
the FAST ones :)

>Now I am on my own, and something strange 
>happens, I feel jealous somehow, because Smooth is 
> smooth, and I was doing okay, but not 
>being as natural as he was (some part to experience, 
>some part to language barriers which I face and he 
>doesnt). But this feeling was something I didn't like. 
>I decide this is a bad thing, because you always got 
>to support your wing, like he supports you, so I go 
>upstairs, to chill out, and get my shit together. I 
>decide to not get discouraged, and that now is a good 
>time to practice hitting unassisted by smooth.

good ideas on both fronts.  when you start feeling fucked up, fix it or use it.
 either pull yourself out of it or play "I'm having a fucked up day!"  I get
really intensely angry-looking when I'm playing bad day.  sometimes chicks come
over and ask me what's wrong... most of the time however, EVERYBODY STAYS AWAY
FROM ME :)  It takes a certain type to play that one effectively :)  Also, that
tag-team shit is really good, but DOWNTIME of any sort is a no-no.  you have
time for DOWNTIME when you are asleep or at work, not while you are sarging. 
mope some other time.

>I get 
>myself together, and head back down, to hit some 
>more on my own. I run into Lager, who is looking a 
>bit bummed out, and is being a wall flower. He gives 
>me some excuse about how he looks for eye contact 
>and interest first before making the hit, or it never 
>works out (this is serious, I really got to talk to him), 
>and that no one is giving me eye contact. He looks 
>dark and serious, with no smile..not good.

that is sooooooooo stupid in a club.  try seeing a chick's EYES in a club.  it
is too dark, they flash lights in your eyes.  it's nearly impossible which is
why I will hang out under a light if I have to so I can see the chicks and they
can see my eyes.  the only way to do it is how you did it.  keep looking for
more and testing them.  the ones that accept you, try for more.  the ones that
don't, move on... if they approach you LATER... Returning Fox.

>Anyways, I don't let it discourage me like the other 
>day, and I see a cute chick dancing  right in front of 
>me(HB Black Flower Dress) with her friend sort of 
>watching. I do an NYC stand in front of her, get 
>attention and then I get in with her, she is real 

pretty easy huh? :)

>We get a bit Kino, and talk at the same 
>time. It is okay. I asked her about if she has a BF and 
>all that, and what is important (honesty). I tell her 
>where I am from and she says her last BF was from 
>the same place, and was a liar. I tell her that 
>sometimes Japanese girls aren't always honest 
>either, but everyone is not the same, then change the 
>subject to her values, job, and stuff like that. Talking 
>is okay, then her obstacle friend (who I cannot get to 
>dance with us), drags her away.

strangely enough, I just met an asian chick that told me the same thing.  I
asked what she valued in a relationship and she said "honesty" and nothing
else.  I was like "yeah, right... what if he's fat and ugly but honest?  will
you date him?" she said "as long as he doesn't drool" hahaha basically, she was
looking for a trait that cannot be immediately seen.  it takes time to tell if
someone is honest.  you could make up stories about how you found someone's
wallet and returned it with the money still in it.  I think the best plan is
what someone posted a while ago about taking her under what she is saying.  ask
her how it makes her feel to be with a guy that is honest.  find out what
FEELING she gets from honesty and then find out what ELSE makes her feel that
way. Either demonstrate the OTHER THING if you can, or start a conversation
about people that she thinks are honest, like her father and anchor her
feelings of honesty to yourself.

>I move on to the dance floor, and run into Mr. 
>Aussie. He is doing okay with Ms. Half top HB. I am 
>looking for a chick to hit on, and then HB Black 
>Flower dress wanders by, and tells me to stay "right 
>there, because she wants to talk to her friends nearby 
>first, and then talk to me", and then she leaves. 
>Fuck that I say, she can come find me again if she 
>won't talk to me right now, and I continue hitting.  

perfect attitude.  perfect decision.  the reason that happened is that she is
like the 20th chick you would have met in the night.  she was EXPENDABLE!  now
if you were your wallflower wingman and heard that... you would have stayed
there UNTIL CLOSING TIME hoping that she would come back :)

>The chick who Mr. Aussie is hitting has a friend 
>who shows up, (HB tall jeans), so I engage her.since 
>she was dancing by herself, so I handle her, and we 
>get a little Kino, and talk a bit like I did with HB 
>Black Flower dress. This is going okay, we are 
>getting into it in a few minutes. Then, HB Aussie, 
>does a bad thing. He gets blown out by HB half top, 
>and then he starts hitting on *my chick!*. Yelch! 

well... it's not really YOUR chick :)  he started the whole thing with her
friend and you semi-leeched off of knowing him to dance with the extra chick. 
since he felt like you two know each other, he felt free to "join the party"
when his left.  It was a faux-pas, but I'm sure he didn't THINK he was doing
anything wrong :)

>Eventually, he clues into my rotten demeanor (fuck, 
>Smooth would never do this to me!) and he bugs out 
>after asking me if I like her ("yes! In case it wasn't 
>obvious!"). I continue now working on HB tall jeans 
>now that Aussie is gone. Then some other friends of 
>hers show up, and drag her away. I hang on to her, 
>and get her number before she disappears in the 
>crowd though with the others.

cool.  more options.

>Now I run into Smooth and HB necklace, who have 
>come back to the dance floor. Her friend HB frigid is 
>nowhere to be found. Then, all of the suddent, HB 
>neckace run into one of her friends by surprise, Ms. 
>T-back (an 8) [it turns out she was wearing a T-back 
>under her jeans when I took her home and shagged 
>her]. Ms. T-back gets dancing with us, and I get 
>Kino right away with her. She looks like an easy 
>chick, accepting where I touch her with no resistance 

one thing you will notice is that easy chicks hang out with other easy chicks. 
I know she was with the frigid chick at first.  either she was frigid in
general or she just didn't like YOU.  either way, hang around long enough and
more talent WILL arrive :)

>I get more bold, go for the neck, ass, 
>like I did with samba babe, going well. I pull her in 
>closer to me, no resistance at all, I look into her eyes, 
>contact stays, and I kiss her and start tonguing her, 
>while she rides my leg on the dance floor. I start 
>putting my hands all over her, and I keep tonguing 
>her, going for her througt, neck, and all over, and 
>she is getting really hot. We do this for about 10 
>minutes, and I ask her if she likes me. She says "yes, 
>do you like me", I say "yes", and I say "lets go". 

very basic.  very nice.

>This chick is into casual sex (fortunately, Maniac 
>uses good condoms, and is careful) and we fuck all 
>night and again in the morning. She is very good 
>with her mouth too (as I figured from the tonguing 
>on the dance floor), and a good fuck.

that's a good point.  when chicks are no good at making out, it does not bode
well for a professional blow job :(  always a turn-off.

>That was cool, good sex,  casual for fun (even for 
>her), and no shit about do you love me, wanting my 
>phone number, a relationship and whatever.just 
>fun, and easy sex, and she thought that way too, 

see what I mean about the game you are playing?  her game was casual sex and
your game is the same... MATCH!

>She gave me her email, so I can write her I 
>guess if I want another fuck.  
>Funny thing is too, until I got her email, I couldn't 
>remember her name at all (if she even told me). I 
>had no idea the name of the chick I was fucking 
>even. I never fucked a chick before in my house, who 
>I didn't even know her name.first time for 
>everything I guess.

her name was not relevant to ANYTHING.  she probably never told you her name. 
another illustration of why it is UNIMPORTANT to announce your name to a chick
before she asks you.  WHO CARES WHAT YOUR NAME IS?  What matters is what are
you offering her... get to that first.  when she sees enough value, she'll ASK
for your name... or not :)

>Finally, a point to make. the last new chick I laid 
>was Ms. Kinky, a few weeks ago, and I had to maybe 
>hit on several hundred chicks before I got the next 
>lay yesterday. Numbers here is important guys, 
>especially until your skills get better. 100s' of chicks. 
>If I hit only 4 chicks a week, it would be a few years 
>between lays! (for all you beginners out there!). 

keep those numbers high :)