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Report by Maniac High; 

Lay Report; Seducing Miss Saigon; dodging the KGB

My South East Asian trip is over now and I am back home in Tokyo 
once again. Here's the highlights. Comments welcome, as usual 

The first stop was Thailand. Not much seduction possible there, 
everyone will lay you (the 7/11 chick, or literally anyone except maybe 
the royal family, but..everyone wants money.). Use a good condom, 
aids there, and you can have sex with whoever you want if you pay your 
way (around $12). From the seduction standpoint, very very dull though. So
Thailand didn't really interest me, so I rearranged my trip to spend 
more time in Vietnam, hoping the chicks there weren't so trashy and
were seducable without money. Turns out it was the right move..

Vietnam on the other hand, is a whole different story. Vietnamese 
KGB / national police patrol all over, keeping the foreigners from the 
natives (I guess they don't want us to corrupt their communist 
thinking..), this added to the thrill, so it was always a spy epic 
adventure. But, Very charming and lovely women, highly educated, 
and are not just after a US dollar. Seduction is (and was) possible here, 
as the girls want to meet charming men, and are not simply interested 
in dollars or a US visa. A very impressive country, and not at all what 
I was expecting.

Appearance of the girls; they look a lot like Japanese or Korean girls, 
fair skin, nice figures, curvy (rather than flat) bottoms,very gorgeous. I 
went to Saigon, which is rapidly becoming an internationalized 
modern city, and Hanoi, which is very much still poor and backwards, 
as are people's attitudes there (they play communist music and slogans 
by loudspeakers in the street at 7am every morning in Hanoi). It was 
hard to do SS and seducing in Hanoi, the girls just wanted money. 
Saigon, which is a lot richer, this didn't come into play really.

I met Miss Saigon in one of the larger dance clubs in Saigon, which is 
fittingly named "Apocolypse Now" (there is one in Hanoi too, but the 
chicks there were butt ugly, wanted money and poorly dressed, 
probably economic factors at work there). Saigon which is richer, the 
ladies dress well, and follow international trends more closely. [there 
is little bleed through from Saigon to Hanoi, as apparently, to go richer 
parts of  Vietnam from poorer parts, you need a special travel permit 
from the government, so the cultures in north and south dont really 
mix much).

Miss Saigon was a really good dancer, and I spotted her immediately 
on the dance floor with the moves she was making. I did this one with 
a lot of eye contact, and smiles, as I sat next to the dance floor, and 
made eye contact. We smiled a few times to each other, and after a few 
minutes of this, I called her over. It turns out she had been abroad, and 
could speak a bit of english, which was good. I asked her how often 
she comes to this club and she said a couple times a month (a good 
sign, if she came here every day, or every week, it is a good sign that 
then she is a pro looking for money, as I learned from Bangkok). Miss 
Saigon is 19, and her dad was a Chinese national, so she had a very 
exotic look for a vietnamese girl, tall, very thin legs, but still shapely 
in the right places. I didn't buy her a drink (no supplication), but 
rather just asked her to dance.

On the dance floor, I did the exact same routine I used to bag Miss T-
Back in Tokyo about 3 weeks ago (lots of eye contact, getting 
kino..etc..etc). She was very game on, and the results were the same as 
Miss Tback. I danced closer to her, kept eye contact, and she didn't 
break it (excellent), meaning, it was time to go in for the kill. I go in 
and kiss her. We dance more, and I try to put my tongue down her 
througt. She doesn't really like this (turns out she was afraid of the 
KGB thought police who since snuck into the club, but she sniffed 
out..see below).

We go to the bar and sit down, we hold hands, and talk, and I ask her 
if she likes me. She says yes, she likes my eyes (lots of girls say that 
for some reason, maybe because they are blue, which you never see in 
this part of the world). I tell her about my experience in Vietnam, and 
how the country has so far really impressed me (which it has, it is not 
really a communist country anymore, and is growing very fast 
economically). I touch her, and we kiss a bit more, but she is nervous.  
Vietnam KGB police are now in the club, and they frown upon the 
natives interacting with the foriegners like this.

I suggest we go someplace more private. Her eyes light up, and the 
thrill of adventure begins (I think she was as much into the thrill of all 
this as I was, which probably made the lay easier, and more thrilling). 
First, we got to lose the KGB, so we head out of the bar (seperately), 
and meet up nearby  at a preagreed place (ah, the tribulations of a 
communist dictatorship). Behind a building, I tongue her down totally, 
and she is completely game on. I suggest we go back to my hotel. She 
tells me we cant, that natives and foreigners cannot be in the same 
room at night together, and that there are police raids. We find 
another hotel not far, where they don't know me or her. We make a 
deal with the hotel guy, to rent "her" a room in the hotel, (anyways, its 
cheap), so then her national ID card is on file downstairs as her own 
room, and everything looks "cool" if the cops come. We then both 
proceed to my room together, lock the door, and make love the rest of 
the night and morning while listening at the door now and then. It was 
exciting, scary and passionate as we spend the whole night together, in 
a place and situation, that we should not be. 
Sometimes we hear sounds, so we quiet down, and then wait, and then 

She was wonderful, and didn't want any money, or anything like that, 
just wants  to see me again, the next time I come to Saigon, as I had to 
leave in a few hours to Hanoi in the morning. A night of passion, and 
romance I will never forget. And I do plan to see Miss Saigon on my 
next trip to Vietnam. A truly wonderful, very bright and very mature 
beautiful young lady.. I *will* be back.

As for Hanoi..too poor, so same problem as Thailand, everyone will 
lay you, but they will want money, yelch..

Maniac High