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A cool Russian drinking game to use in PU! 

From: "-..-.-...-....-...-..._-.." 
Subject: Drink and a kiss
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2000 07:42:34 GMT

I was just at a Russian party and I sat in a group of 19-25 year old girls.
They showed me a way of drinking that I have never seen in the U.S. Because,
drinking alcohol in Russia is a social thing, the way we drank was that a
guy and a girl pour each other a glass of liquor, than each person takes a
glass in their hand, they cross each others hand in the air (sort of a la
French style) and drink from their own glass. After each person drinks their
shot, they have to kiss without untagling each other's arm and after that,
the guy and a girl are "allowed" to talk to each other in a none formal way.
Tonight, I got 3 kisses like that, if I'll go to a party with US HBs, I'll
try this method there...
Have you guys ever heard of such way of drinking, in Russian it is called
"Drinking on the Broudershaft", it sounds like a name of a street in
Germany. Is there similar methods of drinking widely known in the US.