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Rocks & Gold, one of the most important concepts in

Subject: Relationships are based on Rocks and Gold!
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 19:04:16 GMT

Relationships are based on Rocks and Gold!

Relationships are based on Rocks and Gold!
Thanks to Jake! for coming up with this
EXCELLENT analogy. It explains so much about
what guys, and chicks are looking for in
relationships. See the original posts
by Jake ( archives)
for more on rocks/gold.

Below is a transcript of what I wrote to
a very confused middle aged lady (she had 
been rejecting all the 'nice guys' as 'not
her type', then got a playboy who played 
her, and now she wonders why she got played).

I write about what guys are looking for in 
relationships and how that relates to what 
chicks are looking for. It introduces the 
concept of 'rocks and gold', and important
concept in the art of PU, as well as other
comments about chicks saying one thing, and
then doing another.

Dear confused middle aged lady;

Let me tell you about rocks and gold.

I often tell this story to chicks when they
try to give me bullshit about 'being friends'
and wanting to go out to dinners before
agreeing to be my GF/put out sex. It says alot about 
how guys (and ladies) think, and why they have so
much trouble to understand each other. It
should answer your question about what guys

Men and women both appreciate things that are
valuable. Diamonds (rocks) and gold are both
very valuable things. In a relationship,
diamonds= personality (ie arranging nice romantic
dinners, walks on the moonlight, candlelight
with soft music', a sense of connection), 
while gold='sex'.

But women prefer diamonds to gold (usually), 
and men prefer gold to diamonds (usually). 
Of course, both are important, especially in a 
long term relationship, but if a woman could 
choose, she would prefer the diamonds first, 
and the man would prefer the gold  first.

And (generally), a man can accept gold without 
the diamonds, and a woman can accept diamonds 
without any gold.

So in a relationship, a woman is mining for
diamonds, while the man is mining for gold.

But if you give a woman gold (sex) only, or a man
diamonds (romantic walks and nice dinners) only.. 
neither is likely to be very happy, and the 
relationship will soon fall apart. In short, 
an exchange of sorts takes place in a successful 

So if a man expects just gold (sex), but doesnt want
to give her diamonds (relationship & the mushy
stuff), then she will dump him fairly soon, 
because he is playing/using her just for sex..

And if a woman expects just diamonds (walks,
attention, nice dinners, movies..etc) without
giving some gold (sex), then he (if he has any
clue about how to deal with women, though many
men do not, especially in North America) will 
dump her because she is using/playing him just 
for his personality.

That should put you to a good start as to how
these things are based.

Another advice.. ignore the relationship books
out there. Most are written by chicks who have
NO IDEA  what it is like from the guys' perspective,
or by psychologists who have NO CLUE how to PU or what
it is like in the field).I have yet to see even one 
that is remotely correct.. and some make me almost throw
up when I look at the TOTALLY wrong, and destructive
information in there. Guys who follow what is in
these books are doomed to disaster. Not sure about
the ladies though, since I am not one..

As for dating guides for guys, what is correct probably 
could not be published without a bunch of nazi feminist
protesters showing up at the door of the publisher
the next morning, so it isnt likely to happen
any time soon I think.

Rather, everything I learned, I learned in 'the
field' and with guys who are successful at this.. 

Just keep in mind that the guys who are very successful
with women, in large part, are intelligent, and understand 
psychology very VERY well. It is scary sometimes
how good some of these guys are. Moving a chick through
states, using stuff like NLP, story embedded covert
hypnosis, cult hypnosis techniques (watch the TV
preachers on late night TV for examples of it),
tonality, the way you touch a chick when you meet
her, plus other psychological tools to induce 
admiration, confusion, fear, desire and other tools 
to move a person's mind to do what you want it to. 

It is astonishingly effective when you know how
to execute all this, and are experienced at it.. 

It becomes a factory process (though done correctly, it 
NEVER looks that way AT ALL to the chick) and you have a 70% 
chance or greater (in my experience) in getting any given chick
to fall in love with you in a very very short time... it is
a science really.. 

Actually, this is why I have respect for so few chicks with
respect to how they select guys .. (you excepted, dont 
worry ;-) , at least you were smart enough to ask me the 
question you asked, which is good). 

So why do I have respect for so few chicks when it comes to
how they choose guys? .. because the guys who are good with 
women.. are exactly the ones they SHOULD AVOID!! But, rather, 
they throw themselves at them like flies flying right into the 

The right guys to choose, are the ones aloof with women, the
geeks who dont know how to lead a chick, are not 'silver
tongued'..etc. Because those guys will stick to just one
woman, because they either dont want alot (which is why
they are not skilled at picking up women and making them
feel good), or just they cant, so when they get a good
one, they do everything they can for her. 

But chicks never do this!! They are so stupid! Instead, 
they go out with the 'playboy', or the guy who is smooth with 
women, and then freak out when she finds out that he has 
2 or 3 other GF's!

I mean, heck, what did she expect?! If a guy is
good with woman, then he will in all likelyhood, have more
than one (I mean how does she expect he got so good with
women in the first place?!?). She is just stupid, or naive
to think otherwise!

This by the way is a big difference between a guy and a lady..
ladies are programmed/hard wired in their brains 
to get one guy, and be very devoted, while guys are programmed 
in their brains' hardwires to to get as much ladies as they can. 
Now that is not all true for all guys.. some dont do this, but 
then they are not likely to have much experience, so these 
WONT be skilled with ladies.

It was a couple years ago, I decided that since the ladies are
only out looking for themselves, that I would worry to get what 
*I* want first, and not put the lady first anymore. It is their 
job to fend for themselves, and decide whether or not to start a 
relationship with me. Because caring too much for the ladies 
needs (before they become your GF), or rewarding them for doing 
NOTHING for you (ie. taking them out to without 
her ever giving you sex)... makes sure that you dont ever get any!

Now you dont want to do the other parts of your life that way (and
I dont), but with women, if you dont do it that way.. you will
generally not attract women of quality. Ideally, I dont want to 
do it this way, but the old way definately does NOT work..the 
above is the way the rules are in the world (that get results), 
so best to play by them I figure, if I want any results.

Not surprisingly, I get women of very high quality now. 
Extremely beautiful, smart, intelligent and exciting. Far more, and
of far higher quality than when I used to be a 'nice guy' and
would put the woman first before me.

Now you start to get an idea how a guy who is successful with
women thinks maybe.. 

(note that guys who are NOT successful with women will not think 
ANYTHING like the above..and likely will be in horror about what 
I just wrote above..  and also note that if you ask a guy who is 
successful with women about the above, he will also appear to be 
in horror, because he is smart enough to know that if he said he
agreed with this, you would blow him out. But if I talked to that
same guy though, he would (behind your back), agree with every word 
I just said..

I can tell you all this honestly though, because I am your friend, 
and have no alterior motive.. but if a chick I was interested in 
asked me about this (and I hadn't got her yet), I would also 
'appear to be horrified' by the above... its just the way the game 
is played..

All is fair in love & war. Once you understand it, it is so true..

--End reply to confused middle aged chick

Comments opinions welcome!

Maniac High