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More PU/psychology games!

From: "Rio" 
Subject: Yet more personality tests
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2000 15:38:06 GMT

I stumbled across another one of these pop-psychology tests running around
here in Japan. This one has no title, so I'll call it the 6 questions.

(1) You are in a dark room. In the room is a table. How many chairs do you
see by
    the table?
(2) How many coffee cups do you see on the table?
(3) You went to the door and opened it. There you met an animal. What is the
(4) You go outside and come to two roads. One that goes to the field, and
one that goes
    to the forest. Which path do you take?
(5) Next, you see a big lake. You have to go to the other side of the lake.
How do you
    cross? By walking around the lake, going by boat, or swimming?
(6) Then you see a house. What kind of house is it?

Ok, now the answers to them

(1) Chairs = future family members
(2) Cups = number of future partners
(3) Animal = The type of partner you are attracted to
(4) Field = optimist / Forest = pessimist
(5) Walk = easy going person / Boat = rational person / Swim = Restless
(6) House = your future house

I don't really think that these tests really are accurate or anything (I've
heard so many
different interpretations of colours), but they sure
are a lot of fun anyway. Over here, these kinds of tests are more common
that I realised.
I'm sure any one of us can make up our own tests to touch on things that we
want to
discuss just in case we happen to want to progress things a little

(1) You are walking down a road and you meet a huge muscular man (self
    How big are his hands?
(2) In his hand is a carrot. How long is the carrot?....
(3) You keep walking and find a tube of toothpaste. How thick is the tube?
(4) You squeeze the tube and the white paste squirms out. How much do you
squeeze the tube?
(5) You then meet a witch who has a broomstick in between her legs. Do you
ride on the
    broomstick with her?
(6) You then buy a lollipop. How much do you eat it?


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