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MrSex4uNYC writes on Ray's 'Returning Fox Theory:

At the first sign of disrespect to you OR passing up an opportunity to spend time 
with you, you dump her.  when she calls you wanting to go out or something, you tell
her that her behavior was unacceptable and that the only way you are going to
let her hang out with you again is if she {make up whatever shit you want her
to do because she broke the rules} (ie. fucking/sucking..etc - ed Note; Maniac)

if all you want from her is a kiss, get that.  if all you want is for her to
dress sexily, make her do that. if she doesn't agree to your terms tell her
don't call you again until you are ready to meet my demands and HANG UP.

the point of returning fox is that she is crawling back to you so you have the
POWER in the relationship.