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Cainshome introduces a PU game: the 'quarter' game!

From Fri Dec  1 23:22:06 2000
Subject: Fun little mindreading trick/PU game....
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 06:42:13 GMT

    	I was picking up a petite 8.5-9 (HB-Pixie) tonight (might post the 
lay report some other time). Note this post is a little haphazard, I 
haven't had much time to categorize the whole routine (as I said, this 
whole pickup/lay happened tonight, and I was testing alot of things, just 
thought I'd get this one nifty point jotted down for everyone).

    	Anyway, at one point a bit into the PU I was performing a maniac-
esque "paying attention to a woman and what she wants/knowing what she 
wants" and how sometimes it's almost like I can almost read their minds. I 
was doing ok so far on my maniac style plan I wrote up a recently to test 
his ideas, and I've been trying alot of variation/stories/lines/games mixed 
in to improve on my own version ;). 
    	At this point I decided to use a little "mind reading game/magic 
routine" I had come up with for my PU's. It was based on a stupid simple 
trick I learned in my youth.
    	On the lunch playground in about 3'rd grade, I'd make small bets to 
get quarters off other students. I'd tell them to hold a quarter behind 
their back, mix it around in their hands, bring both out in front of them 
(you know the drill, the old "pick a hand" deal). The bet was if I could 
guess the right hand with the money, they'd give me the quarter. If I 
guessed wrong, I'd give them 3 quarters. I won about 95% of the "bets" I 
made like this. Trick to winning the bet was when they'd bring the hands 
back out straight in front of them, their nose would point just "slightly" 
to the hand with the quarter. You might be able to try it in front of a 
mirror and see it in yourself, but knowing the trick will probably screw it 
up for you. Try it on someone else though, almost always works.

    	Anyway, I had thought about using this in a pu a few days ago (came 
up with a routine for it) and decided what the hell, cant hurt. So here, 
without further adu, is the amazing instinctive mind reading trick!
      I told her I'd give her a simple example and pulled out a quarter 
(when pulling out the quarter with my left hand, I grabbed two, one between 
my fingers, the other in the fist of the same hand). I took the quarter 
from between my fingers into my right hand and gave it to her. Had her do 
the "pick any hand", told her which hand it was in, and she asked me how I 
knew. I pointed at my cheek and said "give me a kiss and I'll teach you". 
She did her little gigle and kissed my cheek. This launched me into a 
little monologue something like this:
"You have to think about the problem on an emotional level, blank out the 
disruptive thoughts trying to confuse you, and rely on a gut feeling, deep 
down inside you, that lets you know what to do. If you dont act on your 
instincts, you will choose wrong and your one chance will be gone." (not 
worded exactly like this, but similar)
    	At this point I took back the the quarter (in my other hand, no 
quarter), and said "here, you try". Hands behind my back, pretended to mix, 
brought both hands out. Now I said something like "ok, now relax, see the 
problem but consider it deeply, let your mind blank with the only focus 
being your answer, let your spontaneous side drive you."
    	Course, you have a quarter in both hands, so it's not too hard for 
her to pick the "right hand". Once she's done that say something about 
"see, it's easy to get what you really want, if you act on your instincts". 
While saying this, take the quarter in your open hand (that she chose), put 
it in your other hand, and put both quarters back in whatever pant pocket 
your closest to. I also made a joke about how she was a quick learner, and 
that we needed to go to las vegas together.

    	It worked out pretty well, set the stage for some more stories and 
the questions game, plus I think improved rapport alot (kino got 
considerably better after this point). Not really the key to the whole 
pickup (or why I was back at her place getting the lay a bit earlier 
tonight), but it was a fun little game, and a great visual representation 
of the "Take the chance, you'll never get it again" (aka, maniac's if you 
dont put out, you'll lose me) mentality. And besides, it fit in pretty well 
with alot of the material I was using (went beautifully with the questions 
game too, right up to the "you want to kiss me, dont you" line, lol).

Thoughts? Other little tricks/games?

Live, learn, crash and burn,