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Some good pick up lines!

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YOU: "I dont think we should get to know eachother"

HER: "why"

YOU: "I think you are just too much of a NICE GIRL for me."




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> Situation:
> 1)You're on a train, see two HB's laughing to each other,
> sitting down..what do you do?

(CRUDE (NEG)) "I smell laughter in the air, who's the naughty one?"
(CASUAL) "You know i am a comedian too...."

> 2)You're in Starbucks, HB in front of you in line. Trying to
> choose which cookie. She is alone, what do you do?

"I got milk, can u get the cookie?"

> 3)You're at a baseball game, two HB's sitting in front of you..
> One has a flag of the visiting team. What do you do?

"Go the (home team)" scream that in her ear