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Psychological warfare to get psychicbabe to accept my
other GF, and then lay again!

Subject: Re-Lay Report! Psyching out psychic babe! ..a chick bullshit special!]
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 06:37:34 GMT

Re-Lay Report! Psyching out psychic babe! a chick bullshit special! ]

This is a follow up to the Psychicbabe (a chick I Pu'd in
London) lay report, and how I handled various bullshit she
tried to give me the second time I met her.

[The story starts that psychicbabe is dying for a fuck, but
she wants me to get rid of my GF. I want to fuck her without
agreeing to her bullshit. The story is what happens, and how
I convince her to fuck finally without agreeing to her

Now, a few things before we begin. This report is full of
psychological combat, and other techniques which I used
to convince (successfully) this chick to fuck again by
the end of the night. Some might say that what I did
is maybe unfair.

Possibly, but keep in mind that this woman is unlike most
of the others I have laid in that:
a)this chick is a very highly educated, driven, professional
 career woman and earns likely a big 6 figure salary
b)she is very mature, focused and spends all day in her office
 surrounded by sharks and other pirrhana type scumbag characters
 (and kicking their asses by the likes of what she says) that
 are common in the industry she works in,.. so she is fully
 capable of taking care of herself.

Ok, on to the story!

First a quick recap from last time (see lay report on ASF).
I met her in London, we went around town. She told me she had
a BF, I told her I had a GF. Didn't seem to matter. Met her
again in Tokyo since she is here on business. Went to dinner
(which she paid). She wants to come over, I tell her I have
a GF at home now, she says 'so what', so we go to her hotel
and fuck all night. Great lay.

Now, fast forward to meeting #2. I meet her and we go to dinner
(which I pay, since now she is on fucking-terms with me).

The dinner is nice, romantic, she tells me how much she likes
me, and I tell her how much I like her, we are kissing alot.
She goes on to say how I am so intelligent, mature, interesting,
handsome..etc. (not true, but it means she is into me!)

After dinner, we head outside, and make out, and start feeling
her up, and she starts to go nuts and panting.

I tell her "I want you", but then she loses state, and she doesnt
want to go hotel, pulls me to go to some tea-bar. She is really
in a bad state, so I dont push it, I regroup my thoughts.

In the tea-bar, we sit on the couch. She really relaxes, and is
kissy touchy feely. She tells me she likes sex, but not today,
because she is "confused", and she never was so fast to start like
we did last time (haha! that is what they all say!).

Then, she flips and says she is just dying to fuck me (literaly says
that!), but first she is a bit confused... uh oh! chick bullshit
time! I learned from HBGeek that when this happens, such bullshit
must be confronted DIRECTLY, and with large amounts of force!

The immediate gold to take care of this, is to now make the
relationship very high stakes for her. I can do this because
I know that she is into me (from what she said at the dinner),
so the idea is to play it that if she doesnt do her job as a
chick.. she will lose EVERYTHING as far as I am concern.
Ok, that is the plan, here we go:

I tell her the rocks/gold story (I love this story, it is
excellent for dealing with chick bullshit) and my expectations
in relationship. I go on to tell her that other girls I know also
like me, ask me out alot, (doesn't matter if it is true or not,
but chick 'competition logic' will kick in, and it will scare
your mark to act). Now she starts crying, and saying that was the
problem with her ex-BF, that chicks always chased him (he dumped
her last week, apparently).

Ok, now Maniac has reached her head, and I take this deeper..
I go on to tell her that I dont want just sex, I want rocks and gold
I can get any girl in roppongi on a Saturday night and fuck her
(not exactly true, but she doesnt know this.. goal is just to
'confirm' her worst fears so that she acts), but its not enough for
me. I want connection, good sex, and romance, with an intelligent
woman, and that is why I want to date you (psychicbabe).

She seems to understand, she is lying against me on the couch as
I lick her ear. We finish our tea/drinks, and go.

Now we are out in the street, heading back. I know she is dying
for a fuck (she has said it like 3 times so far now), so I wait
for her and see what she will do. Just I start walking towards the
love-hotel area.

Then all of the sudden, she asks me about HBass (the chick staying
at my place over the holidays), and freaks out about it. I tell
her that she already knows all this, and exactly what is her point

Then she stops again, and asks me if I am fucking her (maybe I
should have said no..., but I had already said yes to her about this
the first time I saw her)., she asks me why.. (I tell her because
I am seeing her! like I told you the first time! I mean what do
you expect?!?).

She then puts on her bitch face, and talks in a stern voice,
"then call me when you break her up, that is my decision, I am
going home.".

I tell her I am planning to break her up (which is true) later, so
it is nothing you should worry about. she gets upset, and starts
screaming & crying while running down the street, saying how I am
just like her ex-bf, getting other girls while dating her, and how
all guys just want sex..etc..

Then she says.. ok, if you let me meet your GF at your house
tonight, then I will let you have sex with me. [ha! I got her!]
I bounce back, and say, "what exactly makes you think I am
desperate to have sex with you tonight?! Do you think I am
just some stupid guy and you can manipulate me like that?
No, you will not meet my GF, it is disrespectful to her to do
that. You know the situation, it was clear to you from the
beginning, and you accepted it. There is no more to talk about.
I am not here only for sex, I can get that anywhere. Sex only
of itself is of little value to me, I want more than that.

I then bring out the nuclear weapons! My tonality is very firm,
and I eye fuck her, while telling her the following. First, I tell
her that I already told her about my GF, she was clear about it
right from the start, and she has NO excuse. Then I go on to tell
her that her BF got a new chick after he got her, but in my case
that did NOT happen. So do NOT compare me to your ex. I am a
different person, and EXCEPT better treatment than that if you
ever want to see me again. She starts crying more, and hugging

I put her against wall, and tell her not to complain about me like
I am her ex, I a am different person than he is.

I tell her that she wants everything to be a 'perfect' situation
with a guy before she makes a move. She wants him to be ideal
with women, skillful, handsome and know how to treat a lady..
and still be single!! I go on to tell her that that is TOTALLY
unrealistic! And THAT is why she loses! and she always ends up

she cries, and says that is so true, that is her problem, she never
takes the chance and loses out because she doesn't make the
move on taken guys. Then I run my 'take chances routine' (if you take
a chance, in the end, the result is usually good, but if you don't,
just you get left behind, by yourself).. she cries more, says she
needs to take the chance, and doesnt want to be alone.

She says she has to be careful, that all guys want just sex, and
bitches about this for about 30 seconds.

Now I start the 'you need me, I dont need think I just want
only sex, then you dont understand me at all.. if you think that is
what I am only, then you do NOT deserve me.. I do no need you to go out
with me if that is what you think I am.. I want connection, sex,
passion, and closeness.. and if you haven't figured that out about
me yet, then get another guy, because you dont understand me at all.. think I am just some cheap guy. I can get a girl who understands
me, I don't need this.. (this routine is great.. because it is what
chicks do to us all the time!.. the idea is to convey that she NEEDS
you, far more than YOU need her!) I am against her on the outside wall
of a building, staring her right in her eyes as I am saying this, and
she is looking up to me.

I go on to say (call more bullshit time!) "you knew the situation from
the very very beginning, and you had a BF when we first dated, and I
was honest with you. so dont comapare me to your ex, or any of this..
you are not fair to me and you try to DISRESPECT me, I will NOT
tolerate it. She is looking up, right at me, and her eyes are blinking
alot. She is deferring to me now..

I passionately dive in to kiss her, and she is VERY passionate, I put
my leg between hers, and she is shaking and panting, and getting very
very excited, while I feel her up more.

[Now what I am doing with all the above, is not arguing the logic (too
of this, because, of course she is right, and I know this.. What I am
doing, is
applying that right/left brain stuff I learned last week, and trying to
set off an emotional storm in her right side, bypassing the left (since
this is all so illogical, the leftside would never be able to process
it!) I push into the right brain,  drive the emotions, forget the
that is how the right brain works! ]

I am doing this, because I know the left (logic) and right (emotions,
passion) are fighting each other..they have been all night. Because the
left doesn't accept the logic of the situation, but I know the right
dying for a shag,..she is trying to rationaize going out with a taken
but I have gotten her so excited tonight, that she needs that fuck.

Now she is all fucked up in her head, it is really funny, as her mood is
changeing as she switches from rational thinking (left) to emotional
(wanna fuck) and back again, now quickly every few minutes, from arguing
with me, to passionate feeling up and kissing, and back again.
what a head case!]

As I touch her side of face, she goes doggy look, I kiss her, and she
gets like screambabe, panting. I put leg between her, she widens, goes
nuts totally. I ask her she likes me (in a tell her sort of way' you like
me..'), she replies 'yes'. I say (stare her down) .. she asks "what should I
do?" I say in a very strn fatherly voice while staring her down 4 inches from
her head.. you will follow me..that is what you will do.. and you will
do what I say. 'she says, 'I will'. I tongue her down more, run her
crotch, she almost cums right there, then I take her to a love hotel (her first
time!), no resistance what so ever.

We get there, she takes off all her clothes immediately once we get into
the room, except bra/panty, and waits for me on the bed while I wash my
hands.etc. I dont even have to ask her to get ready..she just does
because she knows what is come.

I get in the bed, and we go right at it, she is shouting and screaming
within 5 seconds 'oh I really needed that, fuck! I want it so much, I need it
so much!, fuck me!' [it is hilarious how much this chick was gagging for
it so much!  and that she even thought for a SECOND that she could get her
bullshit past me]

As I am fucking her, I am putting things in her head, like D.Shades
reports. I tell her as she is screaming it feels deeper and deeper, closer and
closer. She is going nuts will I am fucking her.

I tell her, "I love you librarian chicks, you let it build and build
inside, and then it all just EXPLODES at once".. she is eating it in, and going
crazy all over the bed.

I stare her down, and I tell her you need me (during sex), she says yes.
I tell her from now on you will follow me, and do what I say. She says
'yes, I will'. I continue doing her, she says "it feels SO good, I
really need that, I really want it, i love you inside me!".. she is fucking
like a wild animal, loud voice, shouting and screaming, oh, I want it, give it
to me, I want to come!

We finish the first session. I kid her about her shouting. She replies
"it is a love hotel, so I am allowed to scream as much as I want". I
reply, "I see, so you have been waiting a long time to let it all out..
librarians ;-)". [she is not really a librarian, but I told her the "outside
conservative looking girls are the wildest fucks story.. like the librarian kind of
chick, and this joke has been running between us since we last met]. We both

I am lying by her on the side of the bed, and I ask her (loaded NLP
question here) why you like me, beause I am not controllable, or just so
seductive with my voice and character? Or maybe you like it because I understand
you so well, or because we connect so well.

She replies "it is because we connect so well, because I understand her
so well, and am so energetic" (yep, that is why you need to fuck them
GOOD! ;-) )

Then she tells me anything is ok as long as I dont hate her..she doesnt
want me to hate her. She wants me to hold/hug her, she cries a bit, then is
ok again (seems to be thinking of her old bf she says). I touch her
more, face goes totally doggy look, and finger her, she goes nuts, we start
fucking again.

Her back is on the bed, and I am fucking her missionary, her legs are
spread and wide in the air, which I am holding. I tell her "see, I control
you, I go deep in your body because it is the one way to reach you totally
deep in your mind which no one else can do. By conquering your body, I can
conquer your mind (then I drill her a bit more after I finish the sentence so
she goes more crazy). I play with your body because it lets me control
your mind (then drill her some more..ha, it is like the ultimate form of
reward hypnosis). The chick is going totally fucking nuts as I start saying
this. Mouth open..panting. more fuck, goes totally fucking nuts and screaming.
We finish second session.

We are lying down again, she says, you understand women very much. Why
is that? I tell her that when I was young, I was awful with women, so I
read lots of books.. then I pause and say "but they were written by a bunch
of clueless psychologists, and were all wrong!..  why is that? (I grin)
So I relearned everything again in real life!"

I ask her, so why you like me. She says she says, you are decisive and
sometimes I am indecisive, so you make it easy for me. I want the guy
to make it easy for me to decide what to do (important clue here Maniac!
maybe most chicks are like this! Maybe this too is where I fucked up
with HB Geek!)

We do a third session, it is much like the other two.

We wrap up, she says she likes love hotels, and would like to see me
again before she has to leave, and we each take cabs back to our places.

Moral of the story.. keep your ground.. call all chick bullshit
DIRECTLY. Make the chick risk fear losing the relationship if she doesn't
capitulate and chances are she will back down, in spite of how it looks (and I
could do this BECAUSE I had other choices.. another reason to be fucking
several chicks at once). As well, it seemed that she was giving me all the
bullshit in part because she WANTED me to call her on it, and then fuck her good
at the end of the night, which I obliged.

I also learned that the left (logic, speak) right (passion) brain model
works very well to understand chick logic. The left brain is the gate keeper to
the right brain (the part of the brain which is like a guy.. wants to fuck). You
have to break though the left side, and reach the right.. do that (either with
confusion, emotional talk/stories/NLP..etc) and that chick will break
and let you fuck her (again, here is where I failed with HB geek that
other week).

Constructive comments/opinions welcome!

Maniac High