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Maniac PU's and lays a careerwoman!

Subject: Lay report! Psychic babe lives (fucks!) her future! 
Date: 12/23/2000 
Author: maniac_high  

Lay report! Psychic babe lives (fucks!) her future!
This story is a followup on that chick, Psychicbabe,
I met in London a few months ago on a business trip I
had there. (Psychicbabe believe in ESP, ghosts and
shit like that). As well, this report also shows that
the things I practice in Japan, work as well elsewhere
too (in this case, with London chicks).
I met her at a professional conference I
was attending there, and she happened to be in Tokyo this
week on business (and addtional business which I was happy
to give her ;-) ). See the ASF post (also on my website
come 1/12/2001) about how I met psychicbabe, and what
happened in London with her so far.
Psychicbabe is a very bright, good looking young lady working
in a high paid professional business job, age early 30s,
and very sexy body. I rate her a 7.5 (works too much, her face
looks stressed out, but good body). She is extremely intelligent, and very diligent, a true career woman. Alot like Ms. Kinky in
many respects actually except that Physicbabe isnt as kinky I
think (so far, but we'll see!).
The lesson I learned in this lay report, is how to recognize
a chick that is gagging for it, her cues on what to do, and
how to not fuck up what was basically, a 'given' situation.
Lets look at what I did, what happened, and what I learned
from it..
Firstly, the ManiacPlan was almost done then (1st half)
and I had already done steps BVGAD with her before leaving
back to home in Tokyo (see website for ManiacPlan). Then
I kept in touch with her over email, sending a short note
every couple days until she got here (I knew she was
planning to come her in December). I finished step 'D'
in email (age regression/5 years future), and the strawberry
game (I asked her 1 question each day), and the cube (also
1 question each day).
She likes cooking, so that is good. When setting up the
meeting, she says she wants to cook, (she really likes
cooking) and suggests to come to my place to cook supper.
That alone, tells me there is a good chance that this
chick is dying for a fuck, and is waiting for me to take
the hint.
Now a complication, is that HB Ass is staying at my place
over the holidays, so I cannot invite her over to my
place as I usually would for chicks. This is really a
problem. Now, Psychicbabe already knows I have a
GF (I told her that in London as part of the experiment
in social proof I was running, and she told me she
had a BF too). That didn't stop her from holding hands
I tell her that we will go look at the Christmas
decorations set up in Ebizu (classy part of Tokyo, nice
shopping and hotel area there), and go to supper (I usually
dont go for suppers, but my feelings were telling me
that this chick had already accepted to fuck, and this
was the next best thing to coming to my place, which
she had already asked for).
I meet Psychicbabe in Ebizu, and we immediately hold
hands hands, and she is physically very close to me.
Good sign..
We decide to go for a walk (my goals now are to do
a K.C. since I didn't get a really good one in London
(I did the PU, but I dont know London, so couldnt
take her to good places where I could do this easily,
and then go on from there).
While walking around the Christmas decoration area
outside, she tells me she broke up with her BF 2
days ago (she says she got dumped for another girl).
(Maniac says maybe..maybe not.. anyways, it is a
hint, that this chick is GAME ON). Kino is still very
I ask her how she feels, and she says that she is
comfortable. I tell her how it is nice that we can feel
so relaxed when we are around each other. She agrees
(chick is still game on).
I tell her that my personal life is also a mess ;-)
She questions about it, and I tell her that as I told
her in London, I have a GF, an ordinary OL (this is
HB ass, who is staying with me now). I ask her how
she feels about that. She says she is indifferent
about that and it doesnt matter, she isnt expecting
anything right now, and neither should I (good move,
chick is playing this properly as a team sport).
And not only that (here is a key point I learned!),
that if I said that I didn't have a GF, she would
be worried that something is strange about me, because
she expects a guy as good as me HAS to have a GF.
We sign up for dinner (long waits at the restaurants,
Christmas weekend), and she offers to pay everything.
That is also a 'game on' sign. We go to a bar and
hang out. She is jetlagged and sleeps on my on the
couch for 15 minutes, while I feel up her legs and
chest and hug her. That is good, this chick is sexually
She then wonders/asks me what should we do until
the reservation in an hour. (she asks me this often,
she knows I live not too far, and is hinting at
coming to my place, which I cannot do, HB ass is there).
She then asks if I can teach her something about dance,
and where we should go (HB orange asked me the exact
same question as the hint to go to my place to fuck).
But I cannot take her.. I need to tell her about my
situation right now with HB ass.. I will do that
as the next thing..
We leave the bar and head to the restaurant at reservation
time, and I again remark how it is funny we seem to
know eahc other a long time, though it is only the
second time we meet. It is dark here, and she is bit
shaking from the cold and walking. I stop here, and
say 'you are cold' and give her a deep hug. Then I
look into her eye, and say, Merry Chistmas, hold her
chin, and give her a kiss. This becomes a french
tonguedown right away lasting a while. That is good,
so now I am sure this chick is serious, and is not
just a faker like HB Geek was.
We continue to the restaurant, each French food and
drink lots of Champange. I tell her the situation
with HB Ass at my place. She says she doesn't care,
just that she likes me because I would email her
every few days, and her BF wouldnt even do that.
Then while eating and drinking, she remarks she is
getting a bit drunk, and I will 'have to go back
to the hotel with her to make sure she gets there
OK'. She is staying in a big hotel area not far
from Ebizu.
We finish supper, and then she says 'you dont have
to take me, I am ok'. I say that I will take her.
She says 'thank you' gently, and we kiss some more.
I probably kissed her like 10 or 15 times in the
Among things she says in the restaurant is that
she was feeling very stressful before, but is really
calm and relaxed around me now. I ask her if she
likes me, and she says 'yes, you are my type'.
Another very good sign.
She pays the bill (around $150) and we go to the
taxi. While in the Taxi, I feel her up a bit more
(lightly) on the legs/body while holding her hand
with my other hand.
She is really sleepy, and is lying against the
door in the taxi on the way, while I feel her up.
Now I realize I have a problem, because this
chick is taking me back to her place obviously
to fuck her, but I didn't expect this (she told
me that she was staying at another hotel 1.5 hours
away from Tokyo, but it turns out she changed
hotels to the closer one (probably in case I didn't
take her to my place, she could invite me to
hers so that I could fuck her). The problem is
that I dont have any condoms, I wasn't expecting
this at all. Fuck.. So while we are riding in
the cab, I notice a convenience store near the
hotel as we are riding to it.
It turns out she is changing rooms that day
so I put her in the line, and tell her I have
to go to the bathroom, and to wait for me in
the lobby. I then RUN as fast as I fucking can
2 blocks to that convenience store, and then
back to the hotel as fast as I fucking can.
It was hilarious, I was tired, but laughing
as shit at how ridiculous this was as I was
tearing down the sidewalks with the condoms
in my hand!
I get there, and she is waiting for me in
the lobby as I asked her. She takes my hand,
and asks me why my hand are so cold? (uh oh,
she clues in something is odd.. I tell her I
was not peeing, but sitting down for a while,
so they got cold ;-) ). She accepts my bullshit
and says nothing more.
Then she tells me unfortunately the room is small
so I cannot stay overnight (buckwheat! this is her
hint that I am allowed to go to her room, and
not say goodbye in the lobby!). We head into
the elevator, I tongue her down some more,
and go up to her room on a high floor. The view
is quite good actually.
She immediately sits on the bed, while I take
off my shoes. It is now totally obvious what
she is expecting.. beyond any fucking doubt.
I tell her I need to go to the bathroom again
(since the last time I told her, I really went
to get the condoms, but now I really need to
take a leak).
I get out, and she is sitting on the bed waiting
for me (ha!). I sit down next to her, and
immediately start tonguing her down. She falls
down (pulls me down) right on the bed, and I
go for her neck, and start taking off her top.
Suck tits, she is shaking and yelping. Off stockings,
bra, and I start fingering her till she is
Off panties, on (new) condom, and fuck.. no
resistance whatsoever from the time I got into
the room.
Funny thing is that 1/2 way through, she stops
and says she has to take a pee. I stop, and then
while she is in the bathroom, I undo the curtain
and open it in the window, so I can do an HB
ass style window fuck with her.
She comes out, and then I push her to the glass
till her tits are against it, and then fuck her
there for a while before putting her back onto
the bed to finish the job.
She is a good fuck, gets into it alot like
screambabe did.
She then tells me she wants to take a shower,
and asks me to come with her. We bathe each other,
and then she says in the shower a bit longer.
I need to get home to HB Ass (now I realize
I will never marry a chick, I hate this, and
will kick HB Ass out fairly soon) before
she complains too much (I have to set some rules
I think). I dress up while Psychicbabe is
in the shower, and then when she gets out, I
tuck her to bed, say goodnight, and then I
leave and go home.
So what did I learn from this evening?
First, in some cases at least, if you are
up front with chicks about the fact that you
fuck other chicks, they accept (and in this
case, expect) it, and dont care about it.
I also learned how to deal with tough field
situations (ie. HB ass at my place.. the
last minute bullshit story I needed to pull
to go buy the condoms..etc).
Finally, I learned again, how fucking is
a team sport. I had an easy time because
although Psychicbabe wasnt direct to say
'take me home and fuck me', she left plenty
of hints all over to make it obvious that
that is exactly what she was expecting
from me. It was just up to me to recognize
this, inquire enough about how to do this
(ie. where was she staying, what were her
circumstances..etc), get the kino and
comfort feelings going, and then get there
and do her.
Another thing, is that this chick was rebounding
from getting blown out from her BF 2 days
ago. Probably she wasn't looking for sex directly,
but rather as reassurance that she is still
a woman, can get a guy, and is capable to do
her job as a woman after her blowout. Chicks
I think are MUCH more insecure than guys,
especially in situations like this (something
I have to study more up on). Sex is just a
way for her to justify this to her self (in a
chick logic sort of way).
Constructive comments/opinions welcome!
Maniac High