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Outing Report! : Maniac takes AFC Picasso on basic training - Zebra
Babe wants a drink!

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Subject: Outing Report! : Maniac takes AFC Picasso on basic training - Zebra Babe wants a drink!
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Outing Report! : Maniac takes AFC Picasso on basic training - Zebra
Babe wants a drink!


Well tonight, was an evening out with AFC Picasso (he likes 
European art), at a new trendy disco in Tokyo near the bay, and 
an opportunity to go out with someone who is a beginner at this 
game, and teach him some new things. There was a lot of the 
standard AFC shit going on here, so lets look into it, and see what 
he did right, and wrong.

First about tonight's wing, Picasso. Picasso, is a bit of an 
interesting character, a Japanese guy in early 30s and very 
handsome, tall, and a face like Richard Gere. He has an American 
sports car (important in status conscious Tokyo), dresses very 
well, speaks very good English, French and Japanese. He plays the 
guitar, sings, and makes his own albums, which actually are quite 
good. He also likes art, and other chick things like that. By all 
accounts, this man should be getting laid everynight, he's got it 

Unfortunately he is an AFC, and is lost so far in LJBF land with 
chicks, it may take him a year to reprogram himself and escape. 
When I was out with him last night, it was obvious that this was a 
farily serious case  (That is why Maniac says I'd rather look like 
the Iranian from Hell (see story on my site, address at bottom of 
this story), and have Mystery's PU skills, rather than look like 
Brad Pitt and have no PU skills.again..looks just don't matter is another perfect example).

I met Picasso in a coffee shop, while nanpa'ing (chasing/PUing) 
chicks. I was sitting down, studying my Japanese textbook ("hey 
chick, what is this Kanji?"), when he sat down next to me with 
two chicks. My first impression, (with his good looks and 2 
women), was that he was a player, and these were his fan club. 
Boy was I wrong. He had already been sent to LJBF land by the 
first chick, and chick #2 was waiting to meet his friend (who was 
late), for a double date.

Well, since the other guy was late, I decided to nanpa the other 
chick. I decided to use a `funny' tonality approach, and after I 
found out why she was here (to meet the guy who was late), I 
asked her to tell me what kind of characteristics she was looking 
for in a guy. She told me the usual (honest, funny, interesting..), 
which I remembered, and incorporated into my routine. I then 
asked her to tell me about her friend, and what was interesting 
about her. When that was done, I asked the other friend to tell me 
about my chick. I added how she was so pretty (she was only an 8 
really), in a joking funny way. She told me that my Japanese was 
really good, and I told her that no, I am really REALLY dumb 
and that these words were the only ones I know. 

I took her hands, and did the palm reading thing, we compared 
hand sizes, and I held on to the hands after that longer than usual. 
I (jokingly), looked at her hands and how they were soft, and 
remarked that she must use Dove when washing the dishes. Chick 

Soon I got to go to meet Mr. Lager, so I go for the close. I 
joke to her, "so you think I am pretty funny, don't you, you always 
laugh at what I say". She says "yes". Then I tell her, "gee, you 
must think I am pretty interesting too then?". She says "yes. So 
then I ask the chick "so who do you think is better, me, or the guy 
you haven't met yet"? She giggles and looks at Picasso, who has 
this stunned look on his face (I thought he was angry for 
nanpa'ing his friends chick, but actually, he was surprised at how 
my approach was working, I would later find out), and she says 
"you are more interesting!".. So then I jokingly say "allright, tell 
me your phone number then".

She then enables chick defenses and says "no, just give me yours 
and I'll call you". Well, Maniac has heard that before, and knows 
what to do, I reply, sorry I never give phone numbers to girls. 
A shocked look appears on her face (Yes! Maniac is not only 
interesting, but also cannot be controlled/pushed around!).  She 
says standard chick defense #2 and says she will really call me. I 
stand firm and joke back "no, you will take it home, compare how 
many you got with your friend sitting here, giggle and then throw 
them away. Both chicks laugh agreeingly. Then I give her my 
paper and pencil, and say "number please", and I get it.. Picasso is 
stunned.  I leave to meet Mr. Lager for a drinking night out 

Later, I write an email to Picasso (early on, he gave me his email), 
and tell him that I didn't plan to call the chick, it was just a PU 
practice, as he had arranged her for his friend. (Maniac is not that 
much of a scumbag ;-). A week later, surprisingly, I get a call 
from Picasso to go out to a club. It was weird, I thought he was 
angry from his last look on his face, as I thought he was a PU 
master too, but rather it was a look of shock at my PU attempt. 
Lesson, never expect that chicks with a handsome guy are his 

Now we fastforward to last night, we meet at this Tokyo disco. 
Picasso is looking good, I am looking office guyish, I didn't know 
about the evening until 1 hr before, so couldn't prepare. First we 
decide to go eat at the Italian restaurant in the Disco around 7pm.  
I start talking to him about PU techniques and about not buying 
chicks drinks. He is surprised, and says that he wants a PU to be 
like in the 1920's movies, the gentleman meets the lady, buys her 
a drink, romance, love..blah blah. YELCH!!! THAT WILL 
NEVER WORK!! I ask him how many GF's he's got now. And 
he says none, but he shags a girl from a hostess bar once in a 
while (ie. He pays money..shes a hooker).. 

UGH!! PATHETIC! This guy is handsome, interesting and has 
everything going, he should be shagging different chicks each 
night and have a lineup outside. I realize I have a serious AFC 
case now sitting in front of me. Fortunately, I find out, he is not 
afraid to try new stuff out, and has a good attitude.. Thats good, so 
its cureable, I hope.. So I tell him that PUing is not romance like 
the films, because those are.JUST MOVIES!! Its no more real 
in real life is... TRENCH WARFARE!.., PSYCHOLOGICAL 
COMBAT!! the fucking GULF WAR!!

Then, I immediately go into basic training. We are sitting down, 
and there is a table of 3 HBs sitting next to us. I ask Picasso about 
how to PU the chicks at this table. He is clueless and say to 
compliment a girl on her clothes (NO!.too is 
better I think, or something unattached to the chicks themselves, 
for the opener), . So I tell him I will try to get eye contact, and if
cant, I will just talk to them. I wait a moment, and then a chick 
looks at the waiter when the waiter is at our table next to theirs. I 
tell the chick, "so the food was good, finsihed your plates, so what 
is desert now then?" They all giggle, and look back to each other. 
Picasso sits and looks (uh oh, a solo job). I tell Picasso that you 
have to engage the chicks for 5 minutes, minimum, or you wont 
break through in such a situation. I pass a few more giggles, and 
remark loudly "they stopped looking at us", and I start laughing. 
They see/hear me, and laugh themselves. I explain to Picasso what 
I just did. Picasso wants to go to the disco, so we get up to go, and 
I tell Picasso, I will wave to the chicks, and try to talk to them as 
we leave. Picasso just goes out though, so I do the wave, and get a 
good response back, and then I follow Picasso out.

We get to the Disco. The ratio is really shitty, like 80% guys. 
Fortunately though, they are almost *ALL* WALLFLOWERS! So 
they DON'T COUNT!, and we get right to it as soon as we hit the 
downstairs. I find two chicks sitting by the bar. I look at one, and 
go in, and do a Smooth style approach and introduce Picasso. 
They are really shy, and aren't laughing much. Not good, we 
move on. Then right away, we run into Zebra babe (she is wearing 
a zebra pattern dress), and her 7 friend. Picasso tells me he likes 
zebra babe, so I say okay, lets do the PU. I go up to them, and ask 
her if she is from Africa. She giggles and says yes. I say, wow, 
your skin is quite like for a black woman (its a Japanese girl 
really). Both giggle, and I remark about how they can do so much 
with sugery these days. Then I tell her in fact, that I am a 
Japanese guy (I am a white American SWM really), they giggle. I 
start to get kino on the other chick (touch shoulder, back, etc, 
when talking), and let Picasso go for zebra chick. They are really 
cheerful, and easy to laugh, that is nice. We take them to dancing 
and do typical Smooth Kino stuff. Picasso doesn't know how to 
handle the "kiss routine" and fucks it up, no problem. 

Then, zebra chick pulls out the popper.. "I am thirsty". (YES, 
I say. She says she wants a drink. So I tell her to go get one and 
come back. Then she tells us she left her money in her locker so 
she cant (yes readers, if you remember my HB HOTPANTS 
disaster date on my website, this is the same shit!, fortunately, 
Maniac knows how to deal with it now, and put an end to such 
forced supplication attempts *INSTANTLY*). I notice that Zebra 
babe may have left her money in her locker, but she did remember 
to bring her comb, makeups, and her portable phone. I call her on 
this bullshit, and then joking say, that she ought to buy me a 
drink! She has the look of shock on her face (and now I know why 
she was so cheerful by the bar). Picasso, being an AFC is saying 
we should buy them a drink if we want them to say. UGH!!! I 
reply. I let the chicks leave (they can go get wallflowers to buy 
them drinks), and I take Picasso aside for some basic training. 

And here is what I tell him! Look!, those chicks left their money 
in their locker on purpose (or they have it with them more likely, 
and just want us to spend OUR money instead. *BUT*, they 
didn't do ANYTHING for us! Why should WE buy THEM 
drinks!??! They dont want us.they want drinks! And we are the 
way (they mistakenly thought!) to get those drinks. And then 
guess what, after they get their drink, they will either blow us out, 
or hang around if they think that we will buy then yet another 

And then it gets even WORSE! Because see, they asked us to do 
something for them, and if we do, we SUPPLICATED, we LOST! 
So even if we get their numbers, and get a date, or go out after, 
they will then want FOOD, or SUPPER, or something in the 
STORE (or their busfare ;-) ). Or worse, after a night of buying 
them drinks, you'll get a phone number, and it will be fake, or 
when you call them, they'll never answer your calls, and OTHER 

 I tell Picasso, if you buy them a drink, because they asked, you 
will never lay them.EVER! Better to just move to the next 
chicks, which is what we did 20 seconds later after the talk was 

End of story, we move on to the next chicks, shorthair babe, and 
cute blue dress. I take to shorthair babe, who is very funny, and 
cheerful. I like her, she seems to like me. I get her number no 
problem. I try to set up coffee for the next day but she has a 
wedding (humm, Maniac wonders how to do this better the next 
time.she seemed game on for a lay RIGHT THEN, but just paid 
$30 to get into the club, and didn't want to leave now). Opinions 

Picasso, gets the email address of the other chick (I tell him next 
time to go for the phone number, as email can be ignored).

We, then run into the 3 chicks from the Italian place. I get a 
smile, and we go in. Much the same routines, palm reading, 
joking. It is tricky because 2 of us, and 3 of them, all are 
stunningly gorgeous.  I ask each where are their BFs tonight, two 
dont have BFs, one does. I ask her when she will marry her BF, 
and I get the "YELCH" look.good, means Maniac has a chance 
(lesson learned from the "Ms Sparkles" experience, also on my 
website). We continue the same routines, and I do the same thing 
I did to the starbucks girl, just to demontrate it to Picasso. We get 
all their phone numbers and agree to meet next weekend. (will be 
tricky, as then we have to pair them off was hard to 
split them off last night because of the 2:3 problem, and they were 
very cohesive, but very freindly).

We then move on, and the place is now getting seriously crowded. 
Nanpa is getting hard to do, as everyone is getting jostled around, 
and the smiles are fading from the ladies faces as they are getting 
bumped every 10 seconds. I tell Picasso next time we do ladies 
night, and not Friday night, good ratio, less crowded, and the 
chicks are often more seriously looking for a lay..

We do our last PU attempt before leaving, I go up to a girl by the 
speakers, take her hand and do Smooth to Picasso on her. She is 
game on, and says she is alone, and didnt see her friend for an 
hour (a chick). She talks about us 3 going to supper sometime. 
That is cool; and here is where I fuck up. I should have gotten 
then number right away, but I waited. Then a guy shows up (a 
coworker..guess this was a coworker outing), comes and drags her 
away. Opportunity LOST..

Picasso then tries to get another chicks number. Chick is 
rejecting, but not blatently. I intervene and do smooth, saying how 
he is a nice guy. He is talking to her, BUT HE DOESN"T TAKE 
OUT HIS PEN AND PAPER! I tell him, take out your pen and 
paper, and give it to the girl!! (fuck, some AFC mistakes are just 
so easy!), then she gives him the number, and we leave.

I gave him the address of this NG and websites, so maybe we'll 
see him around here (yes, he knows about this is 
tough sometimes ;-).

Opinions welcome, as usual!