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Using photo's as a gimmick to get chicks in the proper state!

From Mon Feb  7 08:47:09 2000
From: (Az88hiker)
Subject: Seduction Photo Album
Lines: 48
Organization: AOL

 Someone posted here a while back about how he likes to look at pictures on his
computer/in a photo album when he has a chick over to his house.  Since you
have to sit close together to look at the pics, you can get good kino.  I've
taken this idea and ran with it, and I think it turning into another good
seduction tool.  What I did was this:

I've assembled a photo album specifically to look at with girls when I have
them over to my apartment.  I chose the photos carefully.  They show me in a
variety of different contexts, which shows the girls my diverse interests.  But
more importantly, for every photo or group of photos, I have a pattern or story
to go with them.  Some examples:

4 photos from my senior class trip to Magic Mountain--->Roller
coasters--->discovery channel pattern

3 photo from my parents 14-year renewal of their wedding vows--->looking back
on 14 years of being in love--->good love/time distortion pattern

Photos of various friends-launching pad for various quoting patterns

A photo of my friend and his girlfriend-"Thats my friend Joe,  He once asked me
to write a poem for her, for their 6 month anniversary.  Hey, you know what? 
I've got a copy of that poem somewhere.  Would you like to hear it?"

4 photos of me at a rave-a good dancing sexual accelerator pattern I wrote "And
that beat just penetrates deep inside your body, and you just have to move your
body to the music.  You feel that rythym building, and the beat just moves your
body," etc.  (dickpoint every time you say beat or music)

3 photos taken at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show-launch into the Diamond
pattern recently posted to the mindlist

and so on.  You don't have to launch into a pattern for every photo, of course.
 That would be stupid.  But when she expresses her interest in a particular
photograph, you've got a ready made pattern handy. :)  I like this because you
don't have to even try to work a pattern into what you're talkikng about-the
album will do introduce the patterns for you :).  This is nice for those of us
who struggle with introducing patterns into a discussion (Although I've been
working on this.  The pattern spins on ASF and the mindlist are very useful. 
I'd like to see more pattern spins being posted-they are one of the best tools
for all of us to improve our patterning skills).

BTW, my photo album is currently only 2/3 full. If you have any ideas for other
pictures that would work for our purposes, please POST THEM TO THIS THREAD!

So, whaddya think-does this idea rate a seduction gold star?