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Taro-san's 'Our world' routine.. how to prepare the chick to come and fuck!

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Subject: Lay Report II! Taro-san bags Cheat Chick II!
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Lay Report II! Taro-san bags Cheat Chick II!

Hi all! today is a lay report double feature! (this one, and the 
"Fly who shagged me", see other post).!

This one is Taro-san's (a wing of mine) 
lay report regarding the outing report 
we wrote last week (Outing Report: Tonguing down Cheat 
Chick) after doing a PU in a Tokyo Discotheque. 

Anyways, last week, while I was doing the PU on HB Afro, 
who I laid this weekend, Taro san was working on the Cheat 
chick duo, and layed one of them! Here is the details, and his 
commentary (his English isn't so good, so I write the report 
for him in English.). Again, constructive 
comments/opinions welcome!

Taro san taught me lots of cool stuff (which I applied on HB 
Afro to lay her) when telling me this report, so we'll look at 
that too. Okay, here goes.
If you read last week's outing report, on tonguing down 
"cheat chick", you will remember, that Taro-san and I went to 
a club, and within 5 minutes, PU'd a couple chicks and before 
the end of the night, were tonguing them both down in the 
corner of the bar even though they had boyfriends.

I never saw mine again (didn't call her actually, as I moved 
my attention to HB Afro), but Taro-san followed up on his. 
Here is what happened.

Taro calls  Cheatchick II (Cheatchick's friend in the club, 
who also ended up cheating on her BF).  Taro's goal is to get 
her to come to his place so he can fuck her (she lives with her 
parents). Cheatchick II is very cute, thin, I rate an 8.5..9. 
Definitely an HB. (will try to get picture from Taro san to put 
in the lounge).

Now, cheatchick II has a BF, so Taro has to get past this. So 
first, he did values elicatation, and also found out what her 
relationship with her BF was (rocky it turns out, he forgot her 
B-day last week, and she is very pissed). Cool he thinks, a 
revenge fuck possibly! So here is how he works it.

First Taro san tells me what his basic strategy is with a chick 
to get her over, so lets look at that before we see how he 
applied it to the lay.

Before inviting the chick over, he will do basic groundwork 
like me (kiss closes, kino), but with chicks with BFs, does 
something more at the same time, because he needs to get her 
over all her guilt about backstabbing her BF. 

So the first thing he does, (if he didn't at the bar already), is 
do fluff, and find her interests, and then shift them to 
romantic talk ASAP like David Shade does in his AOL chats. 
An example, is if a chick says she likes snowboarding, he'll 
then ask if she ever had a BF who liked snowboarding, and 
then start to talk about the BF, and what he was like, and then 
move into what she likes in a guy, and relationships, and 
nature of human beings (note; he says this only works on 
smart chicks. On dumb chicks (apparently my Cheatchick 
was a dummie, which I already know, the approach I used, 
with a sense of "adventure" works better.).

So anyways, then what he does is talk about something like 
what a human being is, their natural desires, and then 
compare that with how society restricts you in certain ways, 
like one BF, or one husband (humm, good idea for a pattern 
here!). Then he talks about how it is interesting that in other 
societies, like Arab, or certain Mormons (its not true, but the 
chicks dont know!), the woman is free to have several men, 
and not feel ashamed or embarressed, because it is natural 
human feeling anyways.. but just that in some western 
cultures (or Asian) this is (unfairly),  looked down. [Here 
Taro san introduces the idea of "our special world", 
something like RJ's locket pattern]. He talks about our own 
special world, where the rules of society don't have to apply 
[ie. Cheating on your BF is fine], and where we can hold each 
other/hug, be comfortable in each others arms, relaxed, happy 
and in security. [His goal here, is to make her feel secure, and 
free to betray the BF, because it is a "separate world"]. 

After this is done and all setup, he then makes the pitch for 
her to come over, to enjoy that separate world where they can 
be together and hold each other in "our world". He describes 
how they can celebrate, hug, and says directly she doesn't 
have to have sex if she doesn't want (security..freedom. but 
of course he makes the move when she is there). He will say 
something like `Have you ever felt/noticed when holding each 
other, how it feels good, to connect with each other (good to 
run after the IC pattern maybe?), and feel fabulous. I think 
that sex, well its like a recognition of this connection..directly 
(reconition of this connection). [this is my translation of his 
Japanese of what he said. Notice it is a lot SS/NLP sounding, 
even though it actually originates from Japan.. cool]. Usually 
around this point, she accepts to come over, and they make 
the time/date.

Finally, the coup de grace, is that Taro-san, here does not 
hang up the phone! Now, he sets up the stage for when the 
chick comes, so he avoids "freak-outs" like used to happen to 
me before I fixed what I was doing wrong. Now what he does 
on the phone, is describe the encounter when she will come 
over. He says "how it will be a wonderful day, which you can 
already imagine now,.. as I meet you at the (station/place), I 
will hug you, and that connection will be visible, I will take 
your hand, and we will begin the journey to "our world" (his 
place).. and then when we arrive at the gate, I will kiss you, 
and we will enter.together. and how nice it will be to 
connect, hold each other, being free from restrictions of the 
outside world, when we are in "our world" together, and 
feeling fabulous together. and how wonderful that will all 
feel. you can imagine that.can't you.  [again, translation 
from Japanese..may be rough in spots].

That is the set-up, then he hangs up, and the day to meet the 
chick comes.

He meets the chick, and he hugs her, and says, "welcome, I 
am glad you are coming to share "our world" today, takes her 
and and they go to his place. At the door, he says "welcome to 
"our world", and says he wants to kiss her as they enter, liked 
they talked on the phone. Usually the chick agrees, and they 
kiss gently outside (setting the stage for when she gets inside)  
[note-this is where Maniac used to fuck up, but not any 

They get in, sit down, and he talks about that relaxing secure 
hug, and they start to hug on the couch or someplace. Then 
he kisses her again (okay, since they already started outside, 
and since the setup was already all done), and more 
kissing..and more touching.neck,..ears, touch breast, 
crotch..clothes off..fuck.

He says it works every time, and that is what he did to cheat 
chick II. It ran like clockwork, and he could fuck her after 
about 20 minutes after they got in.

So there you go! Opinions/constructive comments welcome!

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