Subject: Lay Report! HB Orange does the horizontal salsa! 
Date: 11/12/2000 
Author: maniac_high  

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Lay Report! HB Orange does the horizontal salsa!
Tonight’s story is about HB orange (she had bright orange polka dot 
panties! I rate her a high 8/low 9, I’ll put her picture in the lounge 
later). I learned some new things about chick logic and chick bullshit 
(as well as quazi-AFC logic when listening to her ex-bf’s stories), 
which we’ll go into inside this report on how I was able to lay this 
Again I used that new ‘maniac plan’ script I posted on ASF a couple 
weeks ago. I am discovering that script is fucking lethal.. I have 
now laid 3 chicks (2 HBs, 1 average) with it in the last 10 days, 
all only hours after the start of the first meeting. I came damn 
close to laying another one too, but ran out of time (got into heavy 
petting and shit in the park at night with her). It is astonishing 
how being organized and having a plan that is designed to 
psychologically nuke a chick’s brain will get fast results. It has 
increased my efficiency 3x I figure, as odds are that if I get the 
chick to get to coffee with me, odds are > 50% that by the end of the 
night, I will lay her.. far far higher than before.
Ok, lets get into tonight story, and talk about the setup, and the 
odd things that happened along the way, and how I got past them..
I first met HB orange at a party over 2 years ago. We were supposed 
to go out then “so I could show her salsa”, but then she suddenly
‘disappeared’, cancelled her phone, and didn’t reappear again until 
2 months ago, when I ran into her completely by chance inside the 
hallway of a community center in Tokyo. We both smiled, said ‘hi do you
remember me’, and she brought up the ‘salsa lesson’ that we were 
supposed to do but never did.. I couldn’t fucking remember her name, 
so I just asked her to enter her name/number into my cellphone and 
gave it to her to do it.. so I got her name that way.
I call her a few days later, she is “really” busy. So I tell her I 
will call her in a few weeks when things are calmer. A few weeks go 
by, & I call her and make a meeting for Saturday afternoon in a place 
called Shibuya, here in Tokyo. Time comes, I show up..time 
chick. I call her after 15 minutes, she says sorry, and asks to 
reschedule (chick bullshit time). I am visibly unhappy on the phone, 
and do NOT accept her apology (just say something like ‘I see’, and 
how I expect chicks to call me a day ahead if they cant show up, and 
this is not acceptable if they want to meet me.., and that she can 
call me when she is ready to make an appointment and actually show 
up. I hang up without offering to make another meeting time. I am 
polite, but sound obviously cold to her on purpose). [turns out I 
find out the night I finally did fuck her, that she overslept, and 
was still in a daze when I called her & woke her… yep, another 
disorganized chick, like HB blitz was]. Anyways, was OK, because my 
‘maniac plan’ wasn’t completed yet, so I wouldn’t have been able to 
fuck her probably, HAD she shown up.
HB orange calls me up 2 days later and asks to meet me. I tell her 
I am pretty busy, and in a joking way, mention why I should make
appointments with people who stand me up. She apologizes a lot, and 
asks to meet me anyways. I tell her if she buys me a drink when we 
meet, I will see her. [I did this, because it is an easy test.. If 
a chick wont agree to spend $4 and buy me a drink for fucking up, 
then she is unlikely to show up again, or she just wants to try 
to play me to buy her dinner or stupid shit like that]. She says 
that is no problem, she will buy me a drink, so I make an appointment 
to see her on the following Tuesday. I tell her if she can’t come, 
I need 24 hr notice.
Then she says she will call me the night before to ‘confirm’ 
(another basic AFC test.. basically, she wants the right to ‘replace’ 
me with another guy if something comes along better.. ha!). Well I 
am not going to take that so I tell her that when I make an 
appointment, I keep it! So I tell her that if she is not sure that 
she can meet me that day, she had better not make the appointment 
at all. She says that she will keep it.
Next Monday comes, she calls me and said something happened at the 
office (she does some sort of shift work), and she needs to work. 
Probably bullshit I figure, but at least I got 24 hr notice. She 
asks to reschedule, but I tell her I am really busy, and am going on
business, so I cant see her for a few weeks now (her punishment for 
being an idiot). I kid, and tell her that now she owes me 2 drinks 
and not just one. She says OK and asks me to call her when I get 
back from my trip.
Trip happens, and I decide what the fuck, to call her and see if I 
can get my 2 free drinks. I now have my ‘maniac plan’ and I do some 
of it over the phone (BVG sections). It goes well, and I have her 
attention. I ask her to meet the coming Friday, hoping to finish the 
script in person, and lay her. I remind her she owes me 2 drinks, 
and not to bother calling me again if she breaks the appointment. 
I choose a place not too far from my house so that I can get her 
back easily once I reach the end of the script.
Thursday night comes, she calls and makes sure I am coming (rather 
than calling to cancel). I say I am, and expect to see her there the 
next day.
Friday comes and I do a few things before I meet her.. First, I get 
ready by showing up to the meeting area (I don’t go there often) 1 
hour early, to find 3 beer bars where there are counters that you 
can sit NEXT to the chick as opposed to facing her (so I can do 
kino, kissing and other stuff). I find 3 because on Friday, often 
places are full and you have to wait.. as I need 3 hours to do the 
script, and want to be near the end of the script around last train 
(if it is too soon, her state is not horny yet, and she will want 
to go home on last train), so I don’t want to be stuck in a waiting 
line at a beer bar..I want to be at the counter with her already 
inside. So if I find 3 bars, one is bound to have room.
I do that, then go to the meeting place. She shows up, and I take 
her to the first place (lineup!), no problem though, since I was 
prepared, I take her right to the next place, and no line up, we 
get right in.. 
They try to seat us at a table for 2 (bad, I want to be next to her 
to be able to feel her up and kiss her, not facing her with a table 
in the way), so I tell them I want to sit at the counter, they say 
ok, and we are now next to each other at the counter.
Now I do the whole script from where I left off on the phone, exactly 
the same way as I did for Screambabe on Monday. So I resume at ‘A 
(pizza story, getting lost on the train..etc), D(age regress, kiss 
in Sao Paolo bar and 4 questions game), M(the nani nani kiss girl 
story), H (Alle my love, HB Chalotte and her 2 BFs, the chick who 
likes married guys), O (I skipped ourworld actually..just forgot 
it), S (questions game, opener “how many BF’s have you had).
It took about 3 hours to get to stage “S” above, because she would 
talk a lot and change the subject, so I would have to bring it back 
all the time. I also used lots of kino, and like screambabe, and 
other chick I tried it on a few weeks ago, the reverse kino usually 
doesn’t start until a few questions into ‘question game’ at the 
end..HB orange was like this too..she accepted kino from the start 
(light, getting more and more, on her shoulder, leg.etc, near the 
end), but didn’t give any back until stage ‘S’.
Some questions I used in the game were ‘describe your first kiss, 
describe your best kiss (was with her dog she said ;-) ), I did the 
“straberry fields” game I posted this week on ASF, and described 
about how it is the guy’s job to pay attention to the chick at all 
levels, and that you can learn a lot about how a chick is like in 
bed, by how she dances. I then performed the story about HB ass 
saying how it is easy to find a guy to fuck her, but hard to find a 
guy to fuck her well. I tell HB orange that my ex said to me that 
I loved (fucked) her like a latin man. That turned her on, and 
aroused her curiosity..suddenly, her questions got more and more 
sexual during the game.
A few of her questions now and then were non-sexual, but I kept 
on bringing out sexual (sort of) themed questions. I only used 
the questions in the question inventory I posted with that long 
‘maniac plan’ post.
After answering one of her questions I describe about how a man 
and woman should communicate at all levels, she pops out “so describe 
how you foreplay a woman”. I knew I was home free when she asked 
that..her mind was definitely in fuck mode now. I of course, gave 
her a description that any woman would love. The question game 
actually is great, because you can always let the conversation 
drift into normal conversation, and then if things are going the 
wrong way/getting boring, just say “my/your turn for the next 
question”, and get right back onto the sex-accel plan. When I do 
a few questions where I ‘achieved something’ (like doing well at 
work, or ordering a pizza in Japanese, I gesture for a cheek kiss.. 
I get 3 in total during this section of the question game, and we 
are holding hands, as I grabbed it during one of the questions, and 
kept it.. At first she put it down after a while, but I kept taking 
it back when it was my next turn for question, and now she let me 
keep it).
Another thing during the question game is that I did the
'respect Madonna because she is strong, but still very much
a woman, and that I respect her because when she is given a
chance she takes it, and when she wants a man, she is not
afraid to go after him.. how I do not respect women who
try to crush their passions and avoid a guy even though they
want him because they are afraid to look like cheap or slut
or something stupid like that.
I go on to that was why I respected that chick in the Sao Paolo
bar who kissed me on first site.. because she was strong, wanted 
me and was not afraid or too weak to take me'. This talk basically, 
now set the stage for the rest of the evening.

After playing ‘questions’ for about 40 minutes, it is time to do the 
close, and get this chick home to fuck. So I do the close with the 
question game like this:

Maniac: “have you ever kissed a guy on the first date?”
HB Orange: yes
Maniac: “have you ever had sex with a guy on the first date?”
HB Orange: no  (probably she is lying when I see her say it..but that 
 is ok, I know now she can do it by how she said she never does)
Maniac: are you adventurous person (already asked this in step V, so 
 I know she will say yes)
HB orange: yes
Maniac: if your BF wanted to kiss you in a public place, would you be 
HB orange: yes, but I would do it.
Maniac: why did you decide to meet me tonight
HB orange: you seemed interesting and smart
Maniac: do you like me?
HB orange: yes
Maniac: why?
HB orange: smart, not cocky, not like other guys, think about the 
 girl, not himself..blah blah blah
Maniac: this is a bit of an adventurous question, but would you 
 afraid to kiss me here?
HB orange: (blushes)..uh maybe its ok..
Maniac: ok then, lets see, lets try a quick one
Maniac & HB orange: SLOP.. a quick lips kiss.
Maniac:do you like the feeling of kissing?
HB orange: yes
Maniac: did that feel good?
HB orange: yes (blushes)
Maniac: good, lets do another one
Maniac & HB orange: SLOP SLOP.. a longer kiss this time
Maniac: when we get outside, we can do a longer one.
I tell HB orange, that we promised to do salsa lesson tonight, how 
about we go do that now.. She asks me “where”, and I say there is a 
park nearby, lets go there. She says there is no music, how can we 
do it? I reply and tell her that in that case my place is close, and 
the downstairs of my house is arranged like studio, so if she feels
comfortable, she can go there. I tell her nothing will happen, and 
she can have her own room to sleep in..etc.
She then says “I don’t have sex on the first date, and I do not want 
you to have sex with me, because I know you are a man, and what men 
do (anti slut chick logic now activated). While saying this, she is 
holding both my hands, and got her leg up against me.. (for those who 
read my Ms. Kinky lay report last year, you should know exactly what 
is going on here.. chick mouth saying one thing, chick body doing the 
opposite… = maniac will probably get laid tonight).  I tell her I 
understand, and I won’t have sex with her. She asks me again the 
same promise, like 5 times, and makes me promise I wont. I say that 
we have known each other for 3 years now (well, 5 minutes over 3 
years actually ;-) ), and that if I was bad, she would have heard 
something by now about it. She agrees and we go outside.
Once we get out of the place, I take her to a quiet area near the 
station, and do a 3 minute tonguedown. Then we go to the station, 
and head to my place..
We get home, and start the music, and do the ‘salsa’ lesson. The 
first 5 minutes, I am serious about the salsa stuff, and then after 
a set is done, I start to french kiss her again, and she pulls my 
leg to her crotch (we are all still dressed BTW), so we are moving 
to the music while against the wall, and she gets really hot & 
bothered. I take her to the couch to sit down and we kiss some more, 
and she has her hands on my chest. My leg is between hers, and she 
is panting and getting really excited now, we are still french kissing 
Then she starts to undo my pants, and starts to massage my dick and 
pull it to her crotch. I touch her tits, but she reacts bad, like 
ticklish (turns out she is really ticklish everywhere).  I ask her 
if she likes me (reply: yes). I ask her if she wants me (reply: yes). 
I pull off her pants and panties (absolutely no resistance), and give 
her a really good fingering on the couch..she is going fucking crazy. 
I ask her again if she wants me, she says ‘yes’.
I carry her upstairs to my room, and she grabs my dick and tries to 
put it in her cunt. I stop before she does this, and get the condom 
on (safe sex #1), then I fuck her. After I give her a massage, I put 
on another condom, and do her again. She has a very sweet and sexy 
body, and is a good fuck…gets into it.
Then we talk a bit about her ex-BFs and things she found about while 
dating. Some of these are interesting, here are the highlights.
About 10 years ago, in her teens, she was interested in a foreign 
guy, so she decided to fuck her english teacher (who was married). 
She didn’t care he was married though, because she said she was 
young, and didn’t need any of that serious relationship stuff. Just 
she wanted a good time and english practice and was happy to fuck 
for it. She also said, that today there are very many foreign guys 
in Japan (secret is out I guess!), so girls don’t have to make any 
effort to get one anymore, its so easy as there are so many now, but 
that 10 years ago, it was much more rare to get one, so it was kind 
of a luxury item to make your friends jealous.  (Japan isn’t what 
it was anymore, lots of foreigner guys  here now compared to even 
just a few years ago, but Korea and Vietnam, are still wide open 
though.. Maniac)
I kiddingly joked with HB orange about why she made me promise
to not have sex, but then after she decided to 'rape' me! She
then replied "did I ? ?", I didn't do anything, it "just happened" 
naturally! ;-)  Good answer, I will use it myself next time (
funny, how it is possible to learn such good answers to questions 
like this right from the chicks themselves!).
I also asked her why she decided to fuck me. She said that it
sounded (from my stories) that I knew the proper way to
make a woman feel good, which was why she did (moral:
stories, stories stories gentlemen!)
Some funny things she remarked.. when she was younger, she was
into military guys in a big way, fucked like 6 or 7 (probably
more actually ;-)), but she wanted 'new ones', not ones who'd
been here for a while.
Another good one was that she was once seeing this Australian guy, 
and she caught him out because he had nude pictures of another
chick he was fucking lying around his place, which she found.
She then (this is hilarious!) demanded $1000 to "prove he loved her" 
or she'd break up with him! And (even more hilarious!), he PAID! And 
then (it gets even better), she decided to break up with him anyways 
because "she kept thinking of the other girl during sex". And (the 
coup de grace)... she KEPT THE MONEY!! What
a fucking AFC!, if a chick EVER asked me for money, it is the
highway baby! [personally, I think she broke up with him because he 
actually agreed to such a ridiculous request, and she lost all respect 
for him after]. (BTW, I made her pay for our evening before the fuck, 
for all the cancellation and standmeups she did
to me).
Constructive comments/opinions welcome!
Maniac High