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Mystery and others write about successful openers!

From: "Mystery" 
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Subject: Re: Chat suggestions
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 04:58:12 -0700
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talk about esp and its impossibility

talk about how you met a bear while hiking

talk about how you were scared shitless rock climbing when your rope snapped

or the time you visited your friends friend with him and your buddy was
almost beaten to death when the friend he visited had a boyfriend who came
out and there was a 20 minute car chase through lights and you were looking
for the cops but lot the crazed boyfriend before you found cops.

or the time you were in the hospital and it changed the way food tastes.
the birds sound clearer now.

or the time you netbused (hacked) into a bank but chickened out and put the
money into a charity

or talk about the famous person you met

does she believe in ghosts?  why?

you like candles and incense.  what does SHE like?  the music game modified
for all types of objects.

play the question game with her

or hotseat (like question game but more brutal)

talk about the time you bladed down a steep hill and survived.

talk about the time you were on stage




From Wed Apr 12 07:31:37 2000
From: (Nathan SZILARD)
Subject: Re: After the # close

On Mon, 03 Apr 2000 21:26:22 GMT, Rio  wrote:
| I was reading elsewhere on a post, that if you instruct her to sound
| cheerful on the phone when you call when you do a # close.

I tried that, it's not a magic bullet. But it's fun.

I now always write some shit along with my phone #:

They find it very funny and show it to their friends, plus
they remember.

| If you did any anchoring on your voice when you met, now's the time to
| unleash them.


From Wed Apr 12 07:47:28 2000
From: "whoisthis19" 
Subject: Some closes

Hand her the slip of paper and pen and have her write down her number.
When she's hands it back, ask her to put it someplace so you will
remeber to call her.  Last time I did this she put it down my pants and
grabbed my cock.  

Ask a gal to trade shirts.  When she balks, keep pressing in a joking
manner then finally ask to her to go outside to trade shirts.  Nothing
better then getting her outside.

Another one is simply saying its too smokey, noisy, smelly in here. 
Lets go outsde for some air.

Any of you guys got ways of getting chicks to leave with you outside
the club?


Did you sleep with yourself or... did you turn yourself down because
 you was too easy.