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From Wed Apr 12 09:05:27 2000
From: (MGnymph)
Subject: Re: Almost afraid to ask...

>So, you're an 'edge junkie', huh?

Yes, I derive my greatest pleasure from the chase and eventual capture of men I
"can't have" for one reason or another.

>  But first, you have to GO FIRST. What are your end values? "I seduce my
>doctor to get ______________."

I can only say I want to sleep with him...this is the ONLY man I've ever known
who I can simply *think* about and come...don't even have to touch myself.  So
I feel that fucking him would be the ultimate sexual outlet.  I have expressed
this to him.  He seemed uncomfortable when I did and stammered that he was
"flattered."  (We are both married--I wasn't talking about love or
relationships.)  In my next encounter with him he was sure of himself--said his
oath and ethics preclude him from even considering me that way.

>office, which he will refuse. The
>doctor/patient relationship is no small obstacle to overcome.

For sure.  This was his rebuttal upon my initial inquiry.  Do you have any
advice on how to overcome this, all things being said?

> his character will be the obstacle to the very thing you

Very well said and probably very true in this situation.  It's about *him* and
his mind and my need to *have* that. Certainly not just a physical attraction
on my part.

>  While suggesting you go out and snag a few other guys instead will
>probably not appeal to you,

Working on those "consolation prizes" already but Doc remains my one sexual
fixation for now.  

Thanks, Vince

From Wed Apr 12 09:06:04 2000
From: (MGnymph)
Subject: Re: Almost afraid to ask...

>Why do you think surgeons and lawyers are usually reserved for
>attractive women?

I thought everyone knew this.  Doctors and lawyers, so-called "professionals"
are the types of men who can have whomever they want.  On a larger scale, look
at Hollywood. How many times do we see an ugly, rich man with a gorgeous young
woman?  Skanky rock stars with supermodels?  It's the same type of thing on a
smaller scale.  Women, typically, would sacrifice their souls for the love of a
doctor.  I think I speak on behalf of many, considering my social life thus

>If it's that type of male you specifically go after, what is it about a
>surgeon or lawyer that attracts you so much?

I love a brilliant mind.  Even unattractive physically, a man who is ambitious
and smart is a total turnon.  Personality, too.  Knowing I can land a man who
no doubt has his "pick of the litter" makes me feel powerful and sexy.

Thanks for your tips, but I'm happily married.  My husband is the best and
allows me to explore my sexuality--my wants and desires--in an open and honest
relationship.  So finding a man isn't an issue with me--seducing one is.