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"maniac_high"  writes:

>-The NYC technique, and an AFC loses $25.
>First, I went to a bar. I did a NYC style, stand next to the
>chick wiggling her ass, and watch it gyrate. This worked, and
>they PICKED ME UP! But get this! First, while I was watching
>the chick gyrate, some AFC came up to the girls (about 5 chicks),
>and went straight to the ultra tight jeans super thin Korean HB
>and ignored the others obstacles, and then...BOUGHT THEM ALL DRINKS!
>(price $25). Behind his back, they all looked at him like what
>a supplicating loser. I just laughed when I saw the move, and they
>saw me laugh too. After he brought the drinks, he got blown out
>shortly after. Thats when they looked at me watching them gyrate, and
>they brought me in the circle. I instantly went kino with the
>chick that brought me in (not the HB), and paid attention to all
>of them, and then eventually got to the Korean HB and was doing
>the dirty dancing with her on the dance floor.. Price to me!  $0!
>And I got to put my paws all over all the chicks, where as AFC
>just lost $25 and got....NOTHING! 

sweet  :)

PERFECT execution.

hopefully, at some point you SAW... I mean PHYSICALLY SAW WITH YOUR EYES where
their attitude towards you changed.  they were dancing there for a WHILE before
they pulled you in.  at that time, they either weren't concerned with you at
all, or THOUGHT that you were going to approach... which you NEVER DID!  :)  at
some point, one or more of them felt like getting you involved with them.  once
that decision was made, she had to get a concensus from her girlfriends or risk
being chastized by them for fucking up the dancing for all of them.  these
decisions / conversations are held NON-VERBALLY so you have to see their faces
and body language to tell what they're "talking" about.  it is the same thing
as when you are with a wing and you see a girl that looks really fine.  you can
get his attention by looking at him, then nod your head in a direction and your
wing will automatically find the girl you are looking at... AS IF you had said
"hey wingman... if you look in that direction, there is a girl with a nice ass
in blue jeans"  this is the same "conversation" that goes on between the

when you see this happening, you KNOW you are "in".  you will eventually (if
you can't do this already) be able to tell whenever a chick is PHASED by you. 
it's similar to a lie-detector test.  first they ask lots of questions that are
regular so they can judge your basic response.  next, they ask the important
questions and judge the DIFFERENCE in your readings compared to normal.  when
you can SEE these subtle changes in them, you know how well you are doing.  for
instance, if you stay still while she is talking then move closer to her and
she stutters or shifts her body, you can tell how she feels INSIDE about what
you just did.  another example is massaging her shoulders... she will do one of
three things... NOT let you do it to her, LET YOU do it to her, or WANT YOU TO
DO IT TO HER!  the difference between the second and third choices is subtle,
but important.

the same process happens on the dance floor... they either DON'T want you to
dance with them, will LET YOU dance with them or WANT YOU TO DANCE WITH THEM! 
when you get to the third stage, they pull you into the circle and you go kino
with ALL of them (since the GROUP had to OK you nonverbally before ONE of them
was allowed to bring you over) because THEY have selected YOU, and NO
SUPPLICATION occurs because YOU are doing THEM the favor of livening up their
little party with your MERE PRESENCE!  and all of this FUELED by the liquor

sweeeeeeeeet  >:)