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Maniac refines his lay system on two double back to back
nights of first lays.

From: Maniac High 
Newsgroup: Alt.Seduction.Fast
Date: May 7,2000
Subject: Lay Report! Nursebabe takes her medicine!

Lay Report! Nursebabe bends over and takes her medicine!

This is the second part of  yet another  lay report double 
feature, as this morning, after kicking out Karate Babe, I took 
the afternoon off, and then had an evening (and into the next 
morning) with Nursebabe. For those of you who remember, a 
few weeks ago, I posted up a "Challenge Report" regarding 
Nursebabe, a chick I met who was sexy, but not particularly 
in control of her schedule. 

This double feature is interesting to me, because Karatebabe 
and Nursebabe are two very different types of chicks, so each 
required slightly different techniques to bag. Compared to 
Karatebabe, who is very intelligent,  nursebabe isn't 
particularly a bright light, so using the "logical/fear" 
approach I used on karatebabe was unlikely to work on 
nursebabe. Nursebabe is your typical big tits, firm body 
bimbo. Not LTR material, but fun nevertheless. Lets look at 
what I did after that first challenge report to get to the lay..

Here we go:
After the challenge report, I met her again once and she told 
me that there was a party she wanted me to go to at the last 
minute for one of her friends. I wasnt prepared, and got 
jerked into this. That was a fuckup. I never want to go to 
events that have other friends of chicks I am trying to lay, 
because there is a lot of uncontrollable variables (one her 
friends might not like me, and discourage her, or some guy 
may make be look bad, or someone might know me, . or it 
may be boring and I will look bored, it is hard to get the chick 
out of the party without all her friends wanting to come 
along, and then get dragged to a coffeeshop/bar.then her 
friends drag her (to her) home without me. whatever.just 
its an uncontrollable situation, and its bad.. I try to never 
meet a chick under such circumstances). 

Sure enough, that is exactly what happened, she wanted to 
stay with her friends, and then they all wanted to walk back to 
the trainstation to go home together. no way to really 
extract her cleanly. So what I did do, is try to extract her 
(which of course she couldn't, since she was with her 
friends), and then did the "do you really like me routine, I am 
not sure, as you always have to leave early/dont pay attention 
to me" (ie. the same shit chicks do to us). I made her feel 
guilty as shit, and then told her if she wants to see me again, 
then she has to show I am more important by having a free 
evening for only the two of us together, no friends, no going 
home early for 5am shit like that. I just laid the line 
down to her if she wanted to see me again. I told her that I 
wanted to show  my "favorite"  Izakaya (small Japanese 
drinking bar) near my house to her. This is a nice way to get 
her to very close to my place, and allows her to use her "chick 
logic" to say to herself  "I am not going to fuck him, just I am 
going to drinks. oh, but now I am near his house, ..oh, and 
he asked me to go see. oh, ok, ..oh, we are kissing.oh, we 
are petting.oh now I am getting fucked.oh, but I like it,. 
well it wasnt my fault.I didn't do anything and couldnt help just happened".. Isn't chick logic wonderful ;-)

Sure enough, she came up with exactly what I asked for, and 
let me have Saturday (into Sunday) the following week. First 
she was busy in the day, but not the night, but then got the 
day work schedule cancelled. She wanted to meet me in the 
afternoon, but I didn't want to do that, because then you are 
stuck with a chick for 4 hours, and it is hard to get her home 
to fuck in the day. much easier in the evening. So I told her 
that I was already busy in the day (I wasnt really), since she 
said she would be busy in the day, and could meet her at 8pm.

8pm is nice, because it is too late for supper really, so a chick 
cant try to drag you to a restaurant. Also, it is late enough, 
that it implies what is going to happen if she shows up to this 
date. Sure enough, when nursebabe showed up, she brought a 
small backpack with her, like karatechick did the night 
before, implying that she was intending to spend the night 
(and fuck). That just means that I had to not fuck up, and I 
could get the lay (again, like with karatebabe the night 

Before meeting her, I did like with karatebabe, and thought 
the plan for the evening what what I will talk about (3 or 4 
topics), in case I stall, or in case conversations start to go in 
the wrong direction. I find that preparing this ahead of time 
makes all the world of difference. 

I decided the themes for nursebabe would be "language 
barrier, but surprising how we could feel so close/special", 
and "fun doing things together that we like together..referring 
to the past meetings we had". Anything deeper would confuse 
nursebabe I was afraid..

I arrive at the station area few minutes early, but walk around 
in the streets nearby (I will arrive a few minutes late at the 
train station intentionally). I make sure I am calm, and know 
the "themes" to talk about, and review the plan to get her 
over. I also find myself using RJ's famous "I make no excuses 
for my desires as a man" line a couple times, and seeing how 
it makes me really calm, that I dont have to be nervous to 
meet a chick.any chick, including this one., and that it is up 
to the chick to "impress me!", if she wants to have my 
attention, and that includes her having to sleep with me...
I spend about 10 minutes thinking about that while walking 
around nearby.

I show up a couple minutes late at the train station (I do this, 
because, it is anti supplicative, and also it means that I can 
approach the chick, and hug/kiss her, like Taro-san says. If I 
am the one waiting, and she is walking out of the station to 
see me, this is more awkward somehow. so better she be the 
one waiting..).

I meet nursebabe, and hug/kiss her.. No problem, and we take 
hands and start walking. Now one thing I did with the last 
two chicks (HB Vamp, and Karatebabe), is rather than go to 
the house right away (and risk a freakout when I make 
moves), I take them to an "Izakaya" (a tiny drinking bar that 
has light foods too, like yakitori..etc), first, which is near my 
house. This loosens them up, and I can do kino/kissing and 
get them ready to take back to my place. I learned this, 
because HB vamp told me that time she came to my house the 
first time, she wanted me, but we went directly home, and she 
felt "nervous" somehow, like it was too sudden. Now, by 
going to Izakaya (which of course we can sit at the bar, so I 
can sit next to the chick, and kino/kiss her), this lets me go 
from the initial meeting, to kissing and kino (plus 1 drink or 
two to loosen up the chick).now the chick is MUCH MORE 
ready to go home and fuck after all that touching.

Since Nursebabe is a dumb chick, I couldnt really have deep 
conversations with her, and NLP was definitely out of the 
question (doesnt work on dumb people as far as I can tell). So 
I did what smooth does, talk about being friends, and close, 
and pouring on SHITLOADS of kino, my hands on her 
shoulders, then legs, then up thighs more, then holding 
hands. We talked about stupid stuff like her work schedule, 
and how it is so tiring for her, and how it is good to relax 
sometimes and forget all your troubles..etc. ..all the while, 
pouring on the kino..

Then I got her to compliment me on something (studying my 
Japanese hard so I can talk to her (nursebabe cant speak 
english), and then got her to kiss me on the cheek for that, 
then I had her give me a real kiss, which turned into a 
tonguedown.).  I remarked how it was surprising we could 
understand each other so well, even though my Japanese was 
not so great, then went in for another deep kiss to express 

After that, I figured she was ready, so we ordered one last 
drink (we shared, that way if she stalls the drink, I can finish 
it for her, and get her out), drank it and left. Now by this 
point, like karatebabe the night before, she KNEW what was 
coming next, and I didnt even have to ask her to come over, 
she just walked out of the bar, and started heading in the 
direction of the house (versus asking "what next", or head the 
direction of the trainstation). I took her hand, and we walked 
back to the house, stopping to kiss a couple times along the 
way, to make sure she didnt lose the mood.

Once we got to the house, I turned up the lights, and put on 
some pop music album (I found that dim lights and romantic 
music, at first, scares the chick somehow, like happened to 
Ms. Sparkles in that fuckup report from last year). So this is 
casual, and bright. I do however, have the right music already 
setup in the bedroom upstairs (Best of Andre Gangnon 74 
minutes long). 

I gesture nursebabe to the couch (it is only a 2 seater now, as I 
took out the middle section and took it upstairs, so now the 
chick MUST sit close to me), and I start kissing her and 
feeling her up a bit. There is some resistance, so I just ask her 
"do you like me". Of course she says Yes.  Now some 
people might say this is supplication, but I dont think so. 
because, if you did the kissing, kino right, you KNOW what 
the answer will be, and her saying it, confirms it in her mind, 
for what is about to happen next. And also, the chick is also 
thinkingto ask (and often does) the same thing (does the guy 
like me, or does he just want to play me and dump me after). 
By asking her first, this throws her off, and also, "confirms" 
your "sincere" intentions. 

After she said yes, then I moved right to some tit action, and 
had no resistance.. We pet and play for about 5 minutes, and I 
ask her in a soft voice again "you like me", she replies in a 
soft voice, "yes". I say "ok" softly, take her hand and lead her 
upstairs to the tatami mat bedroom.

I turn on the music, soft light, kiss her, and immediately start 
undressing her, in a slow romantic kind of way, while 
touching her all over at the same goes off, bra,, and 
I start massaging/kissing her breasts. Then I lie her gently on 
the mat, pull off the skirt/panties and start kissing 
her/massaging her all over, and get to fingering her. It is easy 
to make her cum, so I have her cum once. Then I put on the 
condom and fuck her, and make her cum again..

We hug and rest (she is shitty at massage, and the "little 
things" that count, but most dumb chicks are actually). Later 
I fuck her again silly, and then we go to sleep.

The next morning, she is a bit chilly, wants to watch TV 
(turned it on even without asking, downstairs), which was a 
bit annoying, I joke with her about TV being more important 
than me, but really, I expect this, as less bright chicks often 
do shit like this without thinking. She says she wants to see 
me again, I say I do too (I would like to get her maybe 2 or 3 
more times), and I send her out.

Constructive comments/opinions welcome, as usual!

Maniac High