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Nightlight introduces 'forest game'!

Subject: Re: More like "4 questions" game?
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2000 19:50:10 GMT

You mention all these, but most of them are not very useful in the
initial meeting because they are too cerebral and too random.  Try ones
that are more viceral.  You are walking in a dark forest.  How do you
feel.  (how she approaches life).  You could to a wall with a door.
What do you do? (how she approaches obsticalls).  You look down and see
a cup on the ground what is it made out of? (how she views wealth).
You come to some water, describe it. (how she views sexuality).
Always end with sexuality because it is  a good topic for PU and
demonstrates you are comfortable with women and people a sexual context.

BookGuy, my comments are based on experience and field testing.  Please
do the same if you reply.

Just be yourself... smooth with interesting questions and interesting