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Here is Ross Jeffries' analysis of his own NLP in his pickup website!

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Greetings, Ladies!

 Now that the "cat" is out of the bag about, I have decided,
in my awesome geneROSSity to explain it, phrase by phrase, so that you
befuddled children may learn to do EVEN better!


Did you ever instantly know you were going to like and trust someone for a
long, long time?

  ( A simple use of languaging to get them to recall a feeling state of
trust so that everything else that follows is accepted and acceptable)

 Maybe you only knew them for a short while but it seemed that you had
known them your whole life, as if  there were a timeless connection
between you. 

  (A more detailed description to deepen the experience)

As you read these words and remember those amazing feelings, 

  (Linking ongoing behavior to feelings I wish them to have)

good to know that sometimes life has a way of making us remember those
things, right prior to discovering that we
 can experience those feelings again...

  ( The fact that she IS remembering these things is PROOF that she is
about to experience it again. She isn't experiencing them because she's
reading the languaging..but because she's about to experience it again! It
isn't a is an OMEN!  A PROOF!)

     With my experience, it's the kind of thing that can't be
forced and no essay or words can create it.

  (Therefore her feeling it is NOT because of the fact she's reading
something LOADED with languaging! It MUST be natural..and therefore, not
to be resisted!)

   Words and appearances are only expressions, the vehicles that contain
the essence that moves us. It can only happen  naturally as the expression
of an energy between two people,

     (Again, it isn't a MANIPULATION but a DISCOVERY!)

 but when it's just like that feeling of
 incredible bonding, when all the barriers melt and drop way, and two
people come together, fused into one spiritual  essence, 

  (more detailed description to deepen the state and the ambiguity of
"come together" begins the process of sexualizing it)

the mingling of energies feeding one to the other, building and increasing
and intensifying, mingling into  an expression of aliveness that words can
initiate but never capture fully.

  (Hmmm..if WORDS can't fully capture it, then the only way for her to get

 It has instead to be indulged inside your
 own imagination...dwelled on, contemplated, experienced, deep, deep inside you.

  ( I want her looping on it....not just reading once and forgetting it...)

  I do not know if you are the kind of person 

  ( A SHE sharp enough...DEEP enough...GOOD enough?)

that can imagine enjoying that that kind connection, with
someone wonderful who deeply moves you. 

(commanding her to imagine it)(and note the ambiguity of "someone
wonderful"..WHICH someone?)

But if you could envision the possibility and feel it opening now before
you, drawing you irresistibly forward, how powerfully could you feel that
urge to read on and learn more?

  (linking the feelings to the behavior I want, which is KEEP READING)

                                            If these words have moved you...

  Then perhaps you are the special, imaginative, fun-loving woman for me
and perhaps we are already on the way

 ( other words, ***I**** am not sure about
***YOU****...***YOU**** must prove yourself to ***ME****)

 to being able to meet and feel a special connection; a connection based
not just on getting what you want, but moving beyond what you want into
what could deeply fulfill you.

  (AHH...this is good: the CONTRAST principle. Introducing the idea that
what she WANTS isn't really what has deeply fulfilled her and
INSTEAD...she must seek something else! Appeals to the unmet need in
virtually EVERY woman! And it is vague enough that SHE will fill in the
blanks and ascribe the answer to that need or needs as being...ME...and
therefore guess who gets to DEFINE THAT FOR HER?  ME!)

 Me...I am open to that special, adventurous, athletic , in-shape woman
who can show me she has a sense of purpose to her life and a sense of
humor and play to her soul. 

(Who can show me....again, SHE must meet MY challenge!)

            A woman, not a girl,

(Hmmm..ANOTHER challenge: are you a girl or are you a WOMAN who can decide
for herself what is attractive? Or must you pick someone the other "girls"
would approve of?)

 who is open to new learning,indeed even thirsts for it, but also has her
own mind. A woman who longs to share with someone special; someone
who will be her friend and lover, partner and adventurer, who will make
each day together seem like the first and each moment together filled with
that sense of a timeless and indescribable connection.

   (deepening and returning to what she will experience with me by further

                                                 Do You Remember??

     Do you remember when you were a little child and you went to bed
expecting tomorrow to be a rainy stormy day? 

(I'm aiming at doing a few things here with this and the next few lines of
languaging: I want to by-pass the cynical adult who may be reading this
and age-regress her to the little girl who can believe in "true love". And
I'm going to use a universal experience to do so.....)

But you woke up the next morning and to your delight and surprise, you
looked out to see a brightly
            shining sun, and not a cloud in the sky? And you realized,
"Hey...this day is MINE to make happen?"

 (Here I help her to recapture that feeling that anything can be
give back the sense of possibility...