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This report is good because of the 'negative' commands
yaritai tells the chick to 'not do' regarding the
clothes. Cool!

From: "yaritai" 
Subject: Recovering A Rejected Kiss (field report)
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 15:59:58 +0900

Hi guys,

I fucked up but looks like I recovered ok. Here's the story.


Met chick at bar a couple of weeks ago. Fluff talk, plus I had social proof
going on. Got PU'd by an 8.5 right in front of her (!). After HB8.5 leaves,
I continue to talk to HBTall (6.5 - 7). She asks me if I have a girlfriend
and I say "yeah, lots! you?" She says that she's envious and that she's got
a bf. I ask her why she's envious, she doesn't really answer clearly, but
basically says that it must be nice to associate with lots of different
people. I ask her if her one bf is enough. She asserts that he is more than
enough. I continue talking about other stuff. After a bit, she gets ready to
leave, and I casually say "hey, would you like to see me again?" She
responds, "yes". She gives me her number.


I tell her that I'm going to make her dinner and to come to my place. She
says that she wouldn't feel comfortable doing that, that it might be
"dangerous" ;-). so I say ok, let's go out, I don't care. We go out for
dinner, talk and set some future expectations that we will see each other
again soon, by mentioning some things that we should do sometime/next time.
After dinner, we go to Karaoke, but I fuck up and didn't get a chance to
kiss her. Plus, she was being quite distant and cold and I didn't want to
force the situation. After karaoke, we head home and I figure, that's ok,
I'll get her next time. Tonight was flirtatious enough to generate interest.
End of the night, when parting, I tell her that I will make dinner for her
next time. She doesn't reject or agree to it.


Setting up the second "date". I'm still not sure I want her, exactly. Not
sure if she's worth the effort, but she's a decent chick. I decide to do a
bit of a takeaway and suggest we go out for dinner instead. Then come back
to my place for desert. We go out for dinner, and come back. She's distant
and really makes me feel like the last thing on her mind is romance. I've
gotta make my move, but just as I'm about to, she says she must go home,
it's late. This came as a surprise as it was only 10:30pm, and it violates
my rule that you should kiss her on your first "date", but I have to work
the next morning too, and I'm figuring I won't get laid tonight anyway, so I
think that's fine. I knew we'd be seeing each other again, 'cause I can tell
that she really likes me. Anyway, I use the abrupt ending to my advantage
(or trying to recover, whichever way you look at it!) and tell her on the
way to the train station, "see? I'm not dangerous. I'm not a little teenage
boy that has no control over his sexuality." She seems actually IMPRESSED by
this, and says that she was surprised that I hadn't tried to jump her. (See?
She was expecting me to and therefore had her defences up.)


During the week, set up a time for me to make her dinner. She tells me in
her email not to "attack" her. I tell her that although I could resist the
one time, I really don't know that I can resist again. I tell her that she
can help me resist though, by not wearing a short skirt, not wearing any
makeup, not putting on perfume, not washing her hair, no jewelry, etc. Then
I definitely won't even WANT to go near her. Sends an email back saying that
she will help me by not doing any of those things. She'll have no makeup,
wear jeans, etc... (This is gold by the way.)

Meet her and guess what? Of course, she's wearing a skirt, makeup, her hair
is done nicely, jewelry, sexy boots, etc. I knew she'd do that.

So, now I know she WANTS it, and I didn't even have to be an AFC to find
out! (Reread the first paragraph if you doubt this.)

Have dinner and at some point where our heads are very close together, I
grab her chin and go for it.
SHE MOVES AWAY AND SAYS 'DAME'!!!  (Japanese lesson: "dame", "da" sounds
like "do" in "dot", and "me" as in "met", means "bad/not right/wrong/no".)


Can't get her to kiss me. OK. That's fine, move on to enjoying the rest of
the evening.

Continue talking and in the middle of her sentence, I grab her hands and
pull her towards me. She says "dame" again. Then I tell her it's not "dame"
and that if she doesn't have to continue if she doesn't like it. That
doesn't work. I then ask her why it's "dame" and she says "just because".
Ok, so there's no specific reason. Great! I can work with this. Then I
continue, but can't get her to kiss me, so I say "oh, I see, you feel guitly
because of your boyfriend", to which she answers "yeah..."

Me: So, are you engaged to him?
Her: No!
Me: Do you want to marry him?
Her: No.
Me: So, it's only guilt, because you WANT to kiss me, don't you? (Ha! I just
got rejected 10 mintues ago!!!)
Her: (softly) I don't know. DAME.
Me: (pulling her closer, she's resisting a bit still) But I know you want to
kiss me. That's how you FEEL, isn't it?
Her: (softly) Don't know.
Me: Tell me that you DON'T want to and I'll stop. (keep pulling her in)
Her: mmm...
Me: You're thinking too much. Stop thinking and FEEL what you WANT. (still
resisting a bit)
Her: mmm...
Me: I know you want me. (NLP?) (very little resistance left)
Her: mmm...
Me: Do what you FEEL is right, not what you THINK is right... (stops

Then we kiss and she reciprocates. She's into it.

But she's still feeling guilty and stops. More of the same, in a nice low,
sexy tone, talking about the fact that she WANTS me, but just feels guilty
because of her bf...

Resume kissing. Do this a few times... By the end of the evening, she's
attacking me, hands roaming, etc.


In the end she didn't cave in because it's her time of the month, but we
have set up to get together again in a couple of weeks (I'm busy during this
time and can't meet her). There's no question about what will happen then,
though I suppose it's possible that she changes her mind. Wait and see.

One important note to remember is that at no time during the evening did I
get upset over anything. Rejection is not always rejection. She had to put
up some barriers to justify cheating on her bf.

Take what you can from this if there is anything of value here folks!