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A conversation with Mystery!

Tips on fieldwork from a pick up artist! on IRC #PUA!


A Conversation with Mystery, a Pick-up Artist (PUA)

Topics Include: 

The Kiss Close
Clubbing alone
Handling guys
Being a story-teller
Preparation and format
Quality vs. quantity

Lego: Hey Mystery, what's your favorite story to close with?  How 
exactly do you transition from the telling of a story to closing?

Mystery: "The Kiss Close" is my favorite routine.  Once you have three 
indicators of interest (she touches you, laughs consistantly at your 
jokes, leans in towards you, smiles a lot and keeps eye contact, resumes 
chat when you force silence, etc) you then phase shift.  You turn 180 
degrees on a dime.  Go from humorous and non-sexual to saying, "Stop.  
Would you like to kiss me?", right out of the blue.  She will say either 
say, "Uh - no",(which is unlikely as you don't bother performing "The 
Kiss Close" until enough indicators are present) or, "I donno" (they 
rarely say, "Yes"). "I donno" means she actually does want to but feels 
embarrassed on how to say "Yes".  So you reply, "Lets find out", then go 
in slowly and kiss her.  It's very simple and very effective.  If she 
says, "Why?", this is also a yes.  Simply reply, "It looked like you had 
something on your mind.  Would you like to kiss me?"  Wait again for 
her response.  If her response is "No" then reply, "Hey I didn't say you 
COULD.  You just had that look in your eye."

Lego: What do you do if you're interrupted? You're telling your target 
a story and she is all into it but some AFC cock-blocking idiot just 
runs up and starts screaming and yelling and you're like, "What the 

Mystery: Simply ask him if you can borrow his pen.  When he gives it to 
you, throw it away as you say, "Fetch."

Wakeboarder: Hahaha.  Nice!

Lego: What if he's bigger than you?

Mystery: I'd instead call him on his disruptive shit and remark, "Dude, 
what are you attempting here?"  Not good enough?  Then say, "Ladies?  
Shall we discover what adventure awaits us in another room?"

Wakeboarder: Man, none of my buds want to go to the club.

Gamer: Screw them then.

Mystery: Go alone.

Wakeboarder: I need to be made fun of for this comment but I feel like 
a weiner if I go to a club myself

Lego: Bro, your trippin'. I go solo many times. It's good actually.  
It's weird if it's a first night but if I've been there before it's cool.

Mystery: Yeah, I understand ... and yet, staying home alone will make 
you feel so much better?  Go out alone, meet some cool dudes when you 
get there (they will become your wingmen there) and then run around 
getting #'s.  Report to your fellow PUAs what happened.  Whatever happened 
to the concept, "The alphamale gets all the women?"  Shit dude, what are 
you, a mommas boy?  Do you need your hand held?  

Lego: How do you strike up conversations with guys?

Mystery: Walk up and say, "Hey dude, question for ya.  Do you know 
where a good place to score is in this city? 'Cause this place looks like a 
cock farm."

Lego: Good!  You should be able to relate to guys to disarm them.  You 
don't compete; you ELIMINATE COMPETETION.

Gamer: LOL.  Dude, the only results I've had were solo.  My friends 
psych me out too much because they never help.  Instead they just complain 
about my taking too much time.  They laugh at me or just generally piss 
me off.

Mystery: I have MUCH better results (and MUCH more fun) playing "The 
Game" alone.  It forces you to approach.  It's a great motivator.

Lego: Damn! I couldn't have put it better myself.

Gamer: Yep.

Mystery: You wont be alone for more than five minutes once you approach 
your first set anyways.  Gamer, I suggest you call them on their shit 
at some point.  Demonstrate your alphamale characteristics.

Lego: How do you continue talking?  I mean, group set dynamics are much 
different in a one one on one approach.

Mystery: Be a story-teller - THAT is the skill of the PUA.  It isn't 
SEDUCING; it's STORY-TELLING.  It is my personal belief that SS patterns 
arent as 'hypnotic' as they are 'entertaining' stories.

Wakeboarder: Sweet

Lego: Actually with the story stuff I SEE WHAT YOU MEAN.  They just 
follow that lead.

Wakeboarder: Well, I need to stop being a sackless wonder and grow some 
fuckin' balls then!  Hmm, story telling ...

Mystery: Here's an example.  "Ever been camping?  Well I was up in a 
forest up north and was hiking with some girlfriends of mine ... and we 
came along some trail and there was shit on the path.  My friends were 
like, "haaaa someone shit in the woods" and I said, "lets get the fuck 
out of here like NOW."  they thought I was just scared of shit and I 
said, "Girls, you dont get it.  This shit is still warm and its not human.  
Its bear shit.  This is a big fucking bear.  Look at the size of that 
turd."  Notice it's not sexual?  Most hot girls gets get "sex-talk" 
right away from AFCs.  NOT talking sex with them makes them question 
whether you are interested in them.  Leave them guessing until you get 
indicators of interest from them.  If they like your great personality 
(confident, humorous, etc) they will give you subtle but distinct clues.

Gamer: How do you flow from story to story?

Mystery: If there is ONE mental state you should force yourself into, 
its TALKATIVE.  Talk your fucking HEAD off.  Just go from one story 
straight into another one like a comedian does.  Ever find yourself excited 
about something and you talk and talk and talk?  THAT is what must 
happen to get a girl.  You have to ENTERTAIN them.  Look talkative yet not 

Gamer: Heh.

Lego: Dude, I had that going last night. You're so right.  That's an 
excellent example dude.  I was telling this story about getting harassed 
by cops or some shit.  It's a cool story but my delivery sucked and I 
was losing one of the two girls I was telling it to.  What if they fail 
to elaborate on your story?  Besides it being a bad story to begin 
with, how can you fix it on the fly?

Mystery: They don't have to interact with it.  Its a good thing to have 
flexible stories to allow for some comment but it's not nessessary.  
It's YOUR job to perform the material.  It's your audiences job to 
listen,laugh and generally be entertained.  That's it.  At the end of 10 
minutes you will see the girls digging you (positive indicators).  You then 
phase shift abruptly into the close.

Lego: HOW DO YOU PHASE SHIFT?  I've been wondering this. While I didn't 
come off as obvious in last nights case and just told her to kiss me (I 
knew she would anyway), this could have been smoother.

Alpha: Lego, you ad libbed the close?  So working on ad libbing is 

Mystery: Ad libbed material is not as accurate in closing as is 
performing the well constructed and field-tested "Kiss Close" routine.  Ad 
libbing is BONUS material but don't COUNT on it.  Have your material, like 
a good comedian, prepared before performing.  This isn't "A Night at 
the Improv" fellas.

Gamer: Heh.

Mystery: All PUs have a format; a beginning, a middle and an end.  If 
you don't know what the next routine is going to be then you may end up 
with an unfortunate pregnant pause which fucks up your pacing.  You may 
end up filling the silence with the deadly, "So ... um ... what do you 
do?"  Preparation saves face.  Afterall, with your particular close, 
she could have pulled away from your trying to kiss her.  Then what?!!  
Instead, consider engaging her in enthusiastic conversation, then go 
directly into the close.  In other words, stop her in mid-sentence and 
with a curious tone, kiss close.

Wakeboarder: cool.  Lego, what indicators clued you in that she wanted 
the kiss?

Alpha: In what way can you be prepared?  If we're talking about 
story-telling in front of a random girl we just met seconds ago in a random 
place ...

Mystery: Like a good comedian, have your material prepared yet when 
onstage be prepared to dynamically omit certain routines and to add others 
on the fly.  Sometimes certain routines fit the situation better than 
others.  Have 3 to 5 alternative openers (as a comedian would) and enjoy 
performing the one you think best fits the situation will get the best 
reaction for the group you are in front of

Alpha: Gotcha now.  Can you give me a brief example of how you go about 

Mystery: Sure.  First, find 3 openers and memorize them.  Write down a 
list of openers (just the headings of each opener to remind you).  
Next, write down some routines (the question game, the music game, the 
photo routine, the bear in the woods story, etc - all on dejanews) and then 
also memorize the kiss close and the # close.  Memorize 3 NEGs too and 
you are good to go.  With the material in your mind, you are prepared 
to work it in the field until you have the timing of the material down 
(again, just like a comedian.)

Alpha: Man, you provide some really eye-opening ideas... (just when I'm 
about to think there's nothing more to learn.

Wakeboarder: So what you're saying is have a routine set up and modify 
it to each situation? Kind of like having a PU template?

Mystery: It's ALL about format.  Know the format and stick to it.  If 
you now what the next step is in the PU, you wont feel scared.  It gets 
fun and you begin to appreciate the strategy behind it all.

Wakeboarder: Yeah like FMAC? That's a simple format.

Mystery: Yes, FMAC.  Each letter in FMAC is an abrupt phase shift.  
"FIND" means having to abruptly disturb your complacency by getting out of 
the house.  It takes effort for many people to do bother getting THIS 
FAR.  "MEET" is a HUGE abrupt change.  "There she is!  3, 2, 1, GO!"  In 
the "ATTRACT" phase, you need to go from the walk up to the TALKATIVE 
performer entertaining story-teller.  You will need A LOT of energy for 
this (enthusiasm is contagious afterall) and for many to go from 
slumping around to being in performer mode is ABRUPT.  Finally you must then 
"CLOSE"; to phase shift from humour to serious is also abrupt.  Each 
phase may FEEL awkward but it looks normal.  When a comedian finishes one 
topic and just goes into an entirely new unrelated topic, the audience 
doesn't care as long as the next topic is entertaining.

Wakeboarder: Very true.

Gamer: Cool.  I'm collecting openers and other routines off the 
layguide right now.

Alpha: Do you believe in the 80/20 'rule'?  Meaning, 80% of the quality 
women are found in 20% of the right places or connections or 

Mystery: The quality of a woman is SO subjective. Quality is difficult 
to QUANTIFY.  80% of QUALITY?  It's pointless trying to mix and match 
these concepts. INSTEAD consider that there are HOTTIES and UGs (YOU get 
to decide based on your personal criteria) and of the HOTTIES, some 
have pleasant personalities and others do not.  You cannot possibly judge 
her personality until she LIKES you.  So go out ... FIND her, MEET her, 
ATTRACT her and THEN decide if you want to CLOSE her AFTER judging her 
personality.  Judging her by the way she treats you on your approach is 
lame because particularly beautiful women all have their bitch shields 
up and running.  They have to.  They aren't planning on fucking every 
guy that says Hi to them.  The only way to get rid of the guys is to 
oftentimes offend them quickly.  It's not personal.  It's merely a learned 
strategy.  So is the "I have a boyfriend excuse, but that's a different 
story.  I also suggest CLOSING everyone just for the education.  You 
don't actually have to CALL the girls of course.  You simply get to 
practice CLOSING too.  Getting a girls number is merely an OPTION.  You 
don't have to follow up on ALL of them you know.

Keen: Heh.

Wakeboarder: Cool, judging the girls only after you have attracted 
them.  Kind of makes you approach too!  You can't say the bull shit line, 
"She's not my type, I can tell", to get you out of approaching.

Alpha: Do you have a web page?

Mystery: No, not currently.  I'm writing a book though called The 
Mystery Method.  Most of my ramblings can be found on the layguide. 

Ascence: Hey, is it true that the older we get the more money/social 
status becomes and issue?

Mystery: No matter what social status you have (or THINK you have), 
it's still something you must convey in the first 25 minutes of meeting 
her.  We ALL start equal BEFORE meeting her; all men.  The issue is, can 
we congruently convey our social status (real or not) in our 
performance?  That's OUR responsibility.  The best way is not to TELL them about 
it but rather to DEMONSTRATE it.  How?  Well, if you talk about having 
girls always falling for you for instance, it's not NEARLY as good as 
actually having a couple hot girls with you saying what a hottie you are 
infront of the target.  This is called PAWNING.

Keen: I'm going to try doing the story-telling that you talked about.  
It's really hard though. I'm a real bad storyteller.  I've been working 
on it today. that's my lesson today.

Wakeboarder: Tell them about that time you saw a fallen over manequin 
in the department store and you tripped over it.  The security guard 
thought you were trying to make it with the manequin and called you a 
little freak.

Gamer: LOL (Laughing Out Loud).

Wakeboarder: One more question for you Mystery.  What's the meaning of 

Mystery: To fuck. :)